called her Xinjing shake endlessly

March 28 [Thu], 2013, 16:17
Third watch of the night, Qin Lin really not own Fuchu Xu Magnoliae lying like over and over again like pancakes on chuáng, the big long tuǐ suddenly look kick quilt of the jumped out chuáng to prop: "Qin Lin guy , some sī will Zhangzi Xuan went Taishi is not the possession of his daughter, oh, thicker skinned than my dad! think also, had Weiguo Gong Xu Bangrui proximity and easier, pre-emptive, I am afraid Qin Lin has been done the of the Xiangfu the Shenglongkuaixu Xu Magnoliae touches mince words. She threw a robe, hastily set foot brocade slippers, walked quickly walked indigo room. The little girl is a dignified Zhuguo Mrs. boudoir still as before, on the table, on a few bookshelves full piled "coffin", "Q", "and agent for the Bureau grass schema the closet huā plaid stuffed with strange herbs, and the air was filled with the fragrance of incense medicine. Only differ Wuxi Fu next, then, there were two clay figurines children, one is a bad cop sons and daughters of generals, riding the high horse, wearing a red brocade shirt Xu, triumphant look like the magnolia, two beautiful children just oval face, wearing embroidered Jinfeng Shaqun, standing on the bow of a small wooden boat, holding the pole is punting two clay figurines children are the bulk of small body, look very cute. There are times Xu Magnoliae joke, said the the natural indigo only on himself and brother Fu Qin,Air max UK Sale, laughing, little girl, to pinching her Nixiang on next, golden cherry Kyi to leave the capital back to the sea, indigo and pinch statue gold as the Executive punt. Xu the Kobushi came when, you see Qingdai disk tuǐ sitting chuáng fiddle with something, know that female medical cents often study sè herbs at home, they do not seem to mind the idea, loudly: "My good sister Alas, you there spare time tinkering with something else? surnamed Qin gone child know? "Xiangfu, look for the purple Xuan sister thing" Qingdai smiled and jumped off chuáng to the Xu Magnoliae pour a glass of Rose beauty tea, and added: "Before he left to tell me." Xu the Kobushi mìsè the cheek as black as coal: "how can he not tell me?" Xu sister jealous ah! "natural indigo glitter with big eyes , a look of innocent,Mens Air Max 2011. Ah ah ah ah face indigo, the the Kobushi kind of deep sense of powerlessness, she stared at the little girl took a Zhancha, last rubbed his face Qingdai jiāonèn have weakly Road: "operator , you beat, well, sooner or later you have to pinch of Zhang Zixuan the Nixiang put on the shelf. "" I've been in a pinch it! "sweet natural indigo smile, pull Xu Magnoliae hand, exposing open chuáng hangings to her. Small spatula, bamboo sub, mold, chuáng them the kinds of clay sculpture tools, nearly completed portrait shape into the middle with white clay, wearing a scarf, wearing a pale blue sè robes, Fu has a face powder, chú ; n point Zhu, clearly a Gaiyi men's Bride holding a folding fan, high spirits, a pointing Jiangshan posture, not Zhang Zixuan Who could it be? Of Taishi House, a three-shift, Qin Lin Zeitouzeinao, sneak in, and then the Taishi dense granted 72 general changes, galaxy somersault cloud ... uh, wrong, in fact, until the three-shift day, Taishi House still brightly lit. The melodious sound of the string and wind orchestra you to Gangneung Party Minister latter is drunk, break and dancing girls dancing, maid servant who served shì you adults, flowing coming and going. Thematic a Jang white on the dough slightly red, he indeed drink three glasses of wine, full of three cups, so the meaning of this time has been a little drunk. "Today, the high spirits of the Taishi three pots brother knowing it?" Kingdom of the light on the side of Attachment Zi said. Body obese minister of works of Attachment mayonnaise and Jang Hubei fellow, very good relationship, Jang had given him a nickname three pots, the jug, teapot and urinal Lee chancery hands really holding the silver the flagon, heard on shaking the jug slowly: "too Mr. Yue This is massive, due Diocese mother Zhao worried about his drinking beverages, they do not binge drinking, drink up to three cups each time, like this vector such is high interest. "Zhang Taishitun Why so happy? Just because a large two major scourge of the Ming Dynasty, have been a perfect solution. Jiajing Dynasty Wanli early years, Gong, Jang, Chong-ancient square every had Shogo the classes Fumiomi of great care, Qi Jiguang, a group of generals Yu Dayou, significantly, Deng Zilong bloody battle, finally Chaoping burning people for over a hundred years and bring disaster Southwest The Rebellion, eliminate the southeast coast of the Japanese suffering from troubled the Ming dynasty financial fu powerhouse pacify the enemies in the north, to achieve the Altan tribute, and laid the foundation for the Wanli ZTE. But in addition to the west of the burning Rebellion had Shogo, Liu significant thoroughly Binh Dinh, two scourge of the rest of north and south there are treating the symptoms, not the root cause is suspected: Wufeng maritime appendage Hirado Port harbor different ambitions, Fujian, Zhejiang, another sea shark The will go sī Group rise, how can we know that there would not be a second Wangzhi? One million Tumote sitting on the public, control strings people two hundred thousand, rule the roost in the north of the Great Wall, Altan death if méng ancient war party in power, declared major front-line in turn what situation? Thanks to Qin Lin, first assault waves Dongdu pacify maritime Wufeng, caused by decades of invasion chaos strong hatred former archenemy accept the amnesty, not only not an enemy with the court, also handed huge tax silver annually to replenish the national treasury, and even help has already decadent ...... defeated Navy's court to deter Japan pirates, western red razed. This Rotary inherited Toru Chen sweat, not tower lost Shunyi King bit the statue and not the tower lost mother and yearned for the heavenly, there Hutuketu Welling His Holiness Shenjian Zhebie, Dacheng Daikichi Tuotuo political and religious parties to his assistant, status as secure as ever, not only along the Great Wall of insurable two decades of peace, and if the court is to be applied to the Western Regions and Ust-possession, can also decreed called help from Tomoto, hand it! Zhang Taishi deliberately night Zhijiu celebrate in honor of newer entrants Taizaishaobao Qin Lin. "Qinxiao You twenties seal Taizaishaobao, but also my two hundred rare Ming dynasty for several years now," as the board of civil chancery Wang Guoguang, better than anybody else what it means, and instinctively looked up to find Qin Lin. Empty position, Qin less security disappeared. Huh? Wang Guoguang Yaran, remember Qin Lin is said to relieve myself leave half an hour before, how this array have not come back yet? Of Attachment Zi faint smile, the old text touches guessed Qin less gone and children, but even too Mr. Yue fool, we say why. Xiangfu daughter's boudoir out the window, the the Qin Lin oblique chiu leaning against the wall, his mouth a sprig muttering said: "A good wife, how today extra face nèn, refused to release husband go? "dog mouth spit no ivory, who is your good wife?" Zhang Zixuan the powder nèn oval carved huā window children Hongxia dye all over, pair of piercing Meimou to reveals a dash mí from. Qin Lin playing with sprigs, thief Intuit shrouded grin: "Father of the Bride scattered toward the front of the lower-ranking civil and military Miss you already betrothed to me!" ... Well, face-to-face lie without blushing young girl I do not know you! "Zhang Zixuan Staveley, of course, know that the father does not say that. Qin Lin straight music:" Father of the Bride asked big I can drink, I said wine to drink three glasses of it is enough, more boring, old Taishan they said good ...... "asked three glasses of wine, but in fact refers to the three Lady, poor parental love, Jang finally change their mind and ask Qin Lin for her daughter, with the indigo, Xu Magnoliae, remarried purple Xuan, three wives full also satisfied concubinage room? the Qin Lin secretly a total, golden cherry Kyi is the long-term drift at sea, will not be satisfied that the home, the wife is flat wife also three, they answer three drink enough, more would be excessive. Jang very satisfied with this 〖A〗 case. remarks, Zhang Mao repair has quietly told the sister, Zhang Zixuan excitedly shame not suppression, secretly complain that the father took it upon himself to propose marriage, Oops, depriving daughter face Qin Lin exceedingly embarrassing. sip a Minzui children, Xiangfu daughter hee hee laugh:, "heart Buddha will Xianfo heart huā I would see huā what Qinxiong hearts, and only then drinking deemed to marry? Are you so, so ......... "Here, Zhang Zixuan could not go on." The so sè audacity days? Qin Lin Hey smile, while she was not looking, she gently pulled forward, the mouth also scrape past, her oval face dimples deeply a wěn the United States and the United States of the tasting cup 100 huā stuffed. Discussion, nasty! Zi Xuan struggling to escape, Hearts thump thump beat faster like xiōng bore hides the only romp deer to stop for a long while, Zhang Zixuan beautiful eyes flashing Jisi sly: "Qin Lin, my father lives in Taishi first auxiliary post, I guess he will not easily let his daughter marry the person doing the flat wife. "If his daughter himself with people run it?" The Qin Lin seriousness asked. Zhang Zixuan huff muster Xiangsai, Rao is she smart, Qin Lin always this guy eat wearer Beichi bite the biting red chún, hate channel: "Qinxiong so assured? Young girl what you must have to follow you to run? "suddenly Qin Lin pulled away a hair and scalp slight pain, feeling this guy and from then pulled one of their own heads, flexible fingers playing with the hair like Chinese pipa do not know what to do. "Finger over the" the Qin Lin the thiophene into account a cry, to see Zhang Zixuan did not move unceremoniously grabbed her hand. Feel your fingers on the sets into something, Zhang Zixuan by moonlight to take a closer look, turned out to be a ring with sprigs knitting, two hair was incorporated into tightly intertwined. Results sent the couple never separated. The Xiangfu daughter deep mí people's eye, a flash on a mist layer míméng, the only straw ring is better than all the valuables of the world, called her Xinjing shake endlessly: Qinxiong ah Qinxiong, the young girl in this life be considered by you wrapped it! "Keke" tenderness the mì Italy's atmosphere, was interrupted by the sound of a dry cough Tour 7, he deliberately stood afar off, eyes looked Zhang Zixuan boudoir door, turn a blind eye to the window for two: "Qin less security and the lady talking about poetry it? please my lord. "Qin Lin heard they want to leave, Zhang Zixuan he tugged:" my father over there, you can carefully! his xìng sub will be a puzzle quiz you ...... "Tour 7 Shuzhaoerduo hear clearly,Air Jordan 8 Sale, looking down smiling straight grin 女大不中留 even Miss heaven figures such as not married bias with Guye. ! .
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