Russia to market in india on inflation will get one hundred million dollars delivery delay the frigates

July 08 [Fri], 2011, 14:32
According for the Indian connect "July 5 times to report, in GeErShenKeFu encountering" admiral, "aircraft carrier using the delay in delivery ideal following the Indian navy will blow, should not be no lengthier withstand a Russia's breach. Russia a senior official explained yesterday, seal the navy ordered three boats improved "tal tile" course (Talwar, also translation "val" course in Tulsa) frigates time of delivery using the really first ship can be place off. And just as events in accordance using the produced in 2006 signed agreement provisions, seal the navy has purchased three boats improved "tal tile" course frigates, which need to become the really first ship in 2011 delivery.
Although Russia are not however official observe in composing for the Indian side, but Russian defense products export dealer officials have made it clear that need to become arranged using the Indian part really first ship "tal tile" course warships delivery time.
But India's ministry of defense, an official said, the Indian part so much even now haven't obtained any applicable frigate will delay delivery using the official notification. He said: "we are presently in Russia within a supervision and made the working group, the ship to process and can likely be accountable for Russian diplomacy."
Although for the really first ship to produce the navy seal tal tile "frigates" have begun mooring test, but Russian officials explained the ship presently cannot delivery. within the condition of the necessary factor is likely produced from Russian ship place forward new needs using the cost. accountable for constructing these frigates Russia "amber" shipyard experienced made it clear that, because of one's effect of inflation, the Indian part need to pay for out the command people $100 million.
Russia as well as in india in 2006 signed a $1.6 billion really worth of profits contract, ships by kaliningrad "amber" shipyard for India's navy built three boats improved model 11356 "tal tile" course of missile frigate. The three frigates are will likely be outfitted with 8 items "blah moss" missiles.
Russia model 11356 frigates possessing a displacement is 4000 tons, the captain 124.5 m, 15.2 meters wide, 4.2 meters, the largest draught level rate 32 section. this kind of warships outfitted by 8 items and seal joint development of two "blah moss supersonic anti-ship missiles and twenty-four items using the vertical unveil software applications of russian-made" no wind "air defense missile.
In addition, model 11356 frigate also outfitted possessing a 130 mm diameter front door of automated gunfire, two Bridges "Johnny cash," with blunders using the refreshing air defense system, one body anti-submarine helicopters and DuoGe 533 mm torpedo tubes.
At present, the Indian navy happen to be outfitted with "tal tile" number (INS Talwar F40), "terry, mosul" number (INS Trishul, F43) and "tower" number (INS Tabar barr, F44) three model 11356 frigate, ship respectively in 2000-2004 many years to build. The three frigates to all using the machines is russian-made three M-54 E model anti-ship missiles. (bear)
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