Mission 4. Tube way Torpedo.

December 06 [Tue], 2011, 17:35
Assignment: to eliminate general, rather than the hostage involved in the basement.

The mission begins in the sewers. Once you dragged using rifle forum, you throw it (at the arsenal, may possibly certainly). Go to nearest hatch and put from top. Hide behind the green boxes and prepare the noose possibly the gun making use of silencer. Spending budget management patrol runescape gold comes back, strangle / kill him. In order to him in to the garage, change clothes and increase an AK. Exit the garage and contemplate left you equipment. Consequently, climb about the truck and crouch. The moment the truck stops, remove, turn right and walk compared to the cab car (hope to stay as remote by way of guard). Get into the door within the right and walk within the elevator. About the elevator down to begin basement.
Once elevator stops, get off and walk below the corridor. Turn right and continue straight. Get into the room concerning the left, hits the mark is computers sit soldiers (avoid the officer right at the main entrance). Briskly home buyers room and look for yourself wearing a server. Shoot the server via a pistol obtaining a silencer - the camera being a lot more a hurdle, youre able to run around and kill you no words to pronounce. Leave the server and turn right. Go along the hallway in the room along with your image of two gold stars close to the doors too as the word "command". Enter and change clothes in a clothes on his buying runescape gold bed. Now within the room where you will have to lay a bomb versus the wall. Just go and go to the elevators meaning cost-free basement.
In basement, have nearby the interrogation room, near the one for you is mostly a general and hostage. You'll have to open the lock, so watch out that not noticed the guards. Now when was inside, acquiring a pistol by a silencer to shoot the final by its glass. Then enter the room and consume the runescape safe powerleveling knife in the corpse including a gun. Go behind a hostage and continue the elevator upstairs. Go to room the place where you need to have lay a bomb. Knock down the wall and prepare to use, in other words urine (ahead of into the spotlight, find the shortest tactic to the exit). After you've run until now to salvage the entrance marked "Exit", the mission is finished.
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