I saw you going in that house in Beaudry Street

July 20 [Sat], 2013, 10:13

"Yes, I know," Clyde repeated. "I saw you going in that house in Beaudry Street one morning as I was goingalong there," he announced calmly enough now. "And I saw Esta looking out of the window afterwards, too. So Iwent in after you left.""How long ago was that?" she asked, more to gain time than anything else.

  "Oh, about five or six weeks ago, I think. I been around to see her a coupla times since then, only Esta didn'twant me to say anything about that either.""Tst! Tst! Tst!" clicked Mrs. Griffiths, with her tongue. "Then you know what the trouble is.""Yes," replied Clyde.

  "Well, what is to be will be," she said resignedly. "You Air Jordan XX8 For Sale haven't mentioned it to Frank or Julia, have you?""No," replied Clyde, thoughtfully, thinking of what a failure his mother had made of her attempt to be secretive.

  She was no one to deceive any one, or his father, either. He thought himself far, far shrewder.

  "Well, you mustn't," cautioned his mother solemnly. "It isn't best for them to know, I think. It's bad enough as itis this way," she added with a kind of wry twist to her mouth, the while Clyde thought of himself and Hortense.

  "And to think," she added, after a moment, her eyes filling with a sad, all-enveloping gray mist, "she should havebrought all this on herself and on us. And when we have so little to do with, as it is. Jordan 4 For Sale And after all the instructionshe has had--the training. 'The way of the transgressor--'"She shook her head and put her two large hands together and gripped them firmly, while Clyde stared, thinkingof the situation and all that it might mean to him.

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