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October 30 [Wed], 2013, 15:17
Portugal Football Federation President Gamez also commented on the matter, his "boss" Blatter was "shocked" and "angry" is of Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal does not respect. "No matter from what perspective, even if it is public, Brent, as Chairman of the FIFA, he told Portugal football flag players's comments are not acceptable. To inculcate the idea, the FIFA President, that is, our Ronaldo, rather than another player. We can to FIFA a letter asking him to explain his true purpose. No matter what is the purpose of the interpretation he, we will be asking him to apologize. , "Gamez said. The 70th minute, Martino, with Andres Iniesta replaced little law. This battle, little efficiency goal helped FC Barcelona win, he was satisfied with the team's performance after the game: "played very well, very tight. Barca should control the game, and we did it. In some games we poor Palace foot, but today we have achieved a goal. Barca played a complete game, on the road to the Championship, we got 3 points. ”

Before the Roman Abramovich into Chelsea, especially after Arsene Wenger became arsenal Manager, arsenal is the Chelsea Star. From November 1998 to April 2004, the period of 6.5 years Arsenal have not lost to city rivals. In April 2004, nike blazer mid uk Chelsea eliminated arsenal in the Champions League by nerey, suffered defeat at home seemed to be a watershed, when Claudio Ranieri at Chelsea's few highlights. The summer of 2004, Mourinho carried came to the Premiership champions aura [Twitter], Mu Shi began swept English Premier League Chelsea's journey, afterglow at the time arsenal's unbeaten reign in, Mourinho and Wenger's first two games do not have the cheapest, 2004-05, two wars. Highbury opener has become a classic incident, Henry came back two goals, Arsenal's lead was leveled twice twice, UPS and downs are often known by memory.

SINA sports, who is currently the hottest striker in the Serie a game? Not a Mario Balotelli or Tevez, but Inter Milan [microblogging] Palacio. This Argentina shot record and 1 assists this game, he played in 11 games for Inter Milan this season, he scored 12 goals, scored 8 goals an assist 4 balls, efficient amazing, on average, are able to create more than 1 goal per game! Real Madrid fans can accuse Blatter in various ways, and behind Cristiano Ronaldo. It is reported that Real Madrid fans had to urgently convene a meeting of the Association, prepared in midweek against Sevilla in the solidarity of Cristiano Ronaldo against Blatter. Each home game, Real Madrid fans will in game began Hou of 7th minutes singing tribute to they died of 7th, ARES juanito, this on Seville, they prepared in 7th minutes with Ares treatment to treats Ronaldo, they will sang quite Ronaldo of songs, then subsection 8 minutes opened scolded Blatter, and in 9th and subsection 10 minutes again sang Ronaldo songs, to this to expression they of huge discontent.