Speaking Junction the mid realm

April 13 [Sat], 2013, 15:27
> At the moment, Chu Yun and Yun Ji two mana can not be away from the body humanoid puppet attack his two, two may in great danger, so the duo God sè solemn stand still motionless, eyes firmly fixed on the distant humanoid puppet. WWw. quANBEn. After Com moment of time, Chu Yun and Yun Ji found a different puppet and magic of the duo, although not in vitro, but the soul has not be affected, the soul in a puppet who, after some exploration, Chuyun duo found The puppet seems just dead. Chu Yun and Yun Ji long sigh of relief, magic can not be away from the body, Chu Yun now the enemy means only soul attacks, though weak power but limitations xìng, the limited role played Yunji more is not what means of attack, the only enemy with a powerful flesh,Nike Jordan RCVR. The puppet is dead, Chu Yun and Yun Ji Midon footsteps cautiously continue moving forward, no trace of mobile signs two after when humanoid puppet beside the puppet really quietly against the pillar. Crossed humanoid puppet, and move forward a few steps, Chu Yun and Yun Ji duo once again stopped the two and found in front of a huge pillar beside a humanoid puppet. The like humanoid puppet, not humanoid puppet and Chu Yun, and Yunji previously seen the two samples, and puppet also like the dead. Over the form of the second person puppet soon Chuyun and Yunji encountered the third, fourth ... nine puppet, a series of encounters, Chu Yun and Yun Ji duo this is not met a puppet. Over the ninth individual shaped puppet, moved forward a distance of nearly two Shiyu Zhang, in front of no pillars, but an empty land, a circular stone altar in the middle of the open land position, so the stone altar again without it things, while at the rear side wall, on which no any through channel. This point of view, Chu Yun and Yun Ji duo is now the place where a somewhat confined space of the pavilion. "In the end how this place, do not rely on the front of the circular stone altar Chuyun hearts some doubts, all the way down in the confined space of the pavilion shaped addition to the the next nine pillars leaning pillars humanoid puppet , just in front of some mysterious circular stone altar. Turned to look to see Yunji own point some head to the side of the Yunji Chuyun know Yunji mean, the moment the two is a big step forward, soon came round stone altar before. Close observation of circular stone altar, Chu Yun-duo, circular stone altar does not have any strange place, it is like a big rock polished ordinary stone altar. However, circular stone altar more so ordinary, Chu Yun and Yun Ji two more that a circular stone altar extraordinary, after all, in the quiet looks a little strange in the attic space, even the seemingly ordinary stone altar, see them very wrong. Did not see any strange, Chuyun duo ready to directly touch the circular stone altar, ready to put into action the two, however, the mutation emergent. "Kacha Kacha" ... quiet space suddenly came cries Cuixiang. Chu Yun and Yun Ji-duo action stops, a look back, and found the outgoing sound turned out to be nine humanoid puppet originally seemingly dead humanoid puppet, even stretch starting a yellow sè the body, Chu Yun Yunji two soul felt a strong spiritual power fluctuations from nine humanoid puppet who circulated out. Feel this, Chu Yun and Yun Ji not help but suck down a cold lump, the original is dead humanoid puppet actually moving up, they think only one possible, and that is in just humanoid puppet does not inspire, and At this point, do not know why, nine humanoid puppet turned out to be completely inspired. Distributed from nine puppet body out of the glaring yellow from nine puppet body radiates out, the yellow light just flash and disappeared after even with nine humanoid puppet disappeared with the spiritual power fluctuations. This let Chu Yun and Yun Ji can not help but surprised a moment, do not know in the end is how it was. The duo surprised a moment of God's effort, Chu Yun and Yun Ji again felt that spiritual power fluctuations from nine humanoid puppet who distributed, and this distribution of fluctuations in the position of spiritual power is around the circular stone altar. Saw, circular stone altar around suddenly appeared the nine the bright yellow sè light group around the circular stone altar inside, and when the yellow light cleared, revealing that just disappeared nine humanoid puppet figure. Appears after nine humanoid puppet held out his right arm, fist big hands, flashing the unpretentious black sè light fist Although only a thin layer of, but Chuyun and Yunji felt sporadic terrorist the power, as if Armageddon. This terrorist forces, Chu Yun to feel even allows mana vitro, it is impossible to block down, not to mention at the moment Mana vitro can not be the duo's strength be regarded as waste most cases. No longer this trend continues, Chu Yun-bang in the underground passage in mind, and then facing the Yunji shouted: "in front of the northeast side of the humanoid puppets" shouted Chuyun right foot suddenly riding on the ground, like a tiger out of its hole, 'wind' to look, the excited shè out attack to go straight to the northeast side of the puppet. Chu Yun, then did not quite understand that, but just look at action of Chuyun, Yunji know Chuyun to spell. Stay there and so is also dead, one turn of the of Yunji idea in mind, and immediately took up his mind, and suddenly a move to the northeast side of the humanoid puppet the same excited shè stunning physique smug. Chuyun not intend to directly attack the body humanoid puppet has been comparable to the hardness of the instruments used in the strength of his body at the moment because practice the of 'fixed Mami tactic' sake, but Chu Yun estimated he is still unable to humanoid puppet causing much injury. So after in-excited shè out, Chuyun immediately all soul comes out, Curing Sword nothingness, went straight to the a humanoid puppet's head chopped in the past. Soul curing attack, to Chuyun now comparable to the early period of Yuan Ying monks soul strength, broke out in a very strong force, and this is the most important means of Chuyun attack at the moment. Soon "ding" soul cured from nothingness sword chop in the a humanoid puppet's head, uttered a sound like a collision at the top of any hard object. Be cured nothingness sword chop after the a humanoid puppet's head right sided,Oakley C-Wire Sunglasses, and a crack appeared in its head, however, this does not particularly harm to the humanoid puppet, saw humanoid puppet hand on the black light more and more dense. "Drink" At this time, Yunji light drink soon, slender right hand bombardment to a humanoid puppet, humanoid puppet right hand moves the same, suddenly lift of his left hand, right hand and Yunji intimate contact with. "Bang" a loud noise, humanoid puppet did not move, Yunji rebound Zhang Xu distances. Yunji be bounced off, Chu Yun's arm hit the humanoid puppet's head, 'bang' is heard, Chu Yun also bounced off, accompanied by the sound of broken bones. Just at this moment, the of nine humanoid puppet of the attack seems to be ready, and right arm have front Chu Yun and Yun Ji two black sè light flashing in the nine-a humanoid puppet of the right arm. Nine a humanoid puppet of the right arm, the "Om" nine black sè light beam from the excited shè out to straight to Chuyun and Yunji, black sè beam of light trails entire space seems to be fluctuations up. Seeing the nine black sè light beam is necessary to hit the Chu Yun and Yun Ji, Chu Yun and Yun Ji could not resist, waiting for their consequences seem to only fall of. And in this moment of crisis, Chuyun a storage bag turned automatically opens, an item suddenly rushed out from it. The first not mention Chuyun see storage bags open automatically surprised when found that the excited shè out items turned out he did not know the end of what purpose black sè of Canbei, Chu Yun could not help togethers. The Black sè Canbei floating in the air in front of the Chu Yun and Yun Ji duo the same unpretentious black sè of light from which circulated out of the Chu Yun and Yun Ji enveloped in the inside. Contain terrorist forces black sè light beam when nine hits black sè Canbei the black sè exudes light, amazing things happen, of nine terror black sè beam of light is like losing strength even attached to the the black sè light next, and slowly melting away. "Chuyun" watching the situation, Yunji gave Chuyun an inquiry eyes. Just Chuyun moment also in confusing, naturally can not give Yunji any answers. Not know the immediate reasons for the mutation, Chu Yun and Yun Ji duo can only quietly watching things happen. After the "click" in the nine black sè light beam gradually ablation nine humanoid puppet suddenly opened his big mouth, and then the nine small half the size of a fist black sè stone from the mouth of nine a humanoid puppet of the spit toward Chuyun over and Yunji two fly. And nine flying out of stone but not to attack Chuyun and Yunji duo, and but fly the black sè Canbei, 'bang' bang 'few times after the nine black sè stone turned financial The into the the black sè Canbei. Nine humanoid puppet spit black sè stone, without any action, back into the dead. The Nine humanoid puppet back into the dead, Chu Yun thinking black sè recovery Canbei, when his hand touched the front black sè light, however, he found he could not through black sè light . Chu Yun and Yun Ji duo trapped in the the black sè Canbei distributed black sè light, Although the black sè Canbei is Chuyun items, but Chuyun not to mention to control black sè residual monument. Floating in the air for a while, the The black sè Canbei away the black sè light, and then a move directly backwards journeyman, speeding direction is open land that circular stone altar. To flew the circular stone altar the above black sè Canbei again exudes black sè light 'H' is heard, a circular stone altar suddenly burst open, and the size of a half a foot or so black sè Canbei from to fly shè out, circled twice, and Chu Yun's black sè Canbei in together, the black sè Canbei suddenly changed again all. Becomes all the the some black sè Canbei sporadic black sè light soon recovered, and then slammed out of the ground, and looked out at the moment on the ground black sè Canbei the Chuyun idea of ​​a move incorporated into the storage bag open, after just things, and think of the place black sè Canbei, Chu Yun the guessed the black sè Canbei am afraid contains no secret, but at the moment here, Mana was limited, Yunji still aside and Chu Yun only to be later in to study the next black sè Canbei carefully. To Yunji looked deep Chuyun glances, but did not say anything. "This is it?" Put away the the black sè Canbei, Chuyun first found to limit the invisible forces of the magic away from the body disappeared, then he found some strange circular stone altar where at the mouth uncertain aloud . Actually occurred, saw the burst of circular stone altar on top of a white portal built, but it is a transfer of land portal, Chu Yun had met several times in the space left by the ancient monks. "The transfer portal" Yunji a deep breath and, in front of white sè portal, is much more likely is the Suoyao portal. The fact is indeed the case, Chu Yun and Yunji where the space of the pavilion in fact, is the last layer of Suoyao, white sè portal is the gateway to the outside of the transfer portal. Here can say that never comes, because the vast majority of the Suoyao the demon repair or Yaozu, most of them died in the first layer, the rest is up four broke into the ground on dead no one like Chu Yun and Yun Ji, by means of the evil spirits pillar of strength in yīn, directly came Suoyao the last layer. Chu Yun and Yun Ji naturally not hundred percent sure the immediate transfer portal is to send out Suoyao, but the two could not have been left alone in the pavilion space, so the duo decided to enter into to white sè portal. Chu Yun first came a white sè portal before foot Mai entered the white sè portal being, a white sè portal distributed White sè light flashed a few flash one flexible force circulated out of the Chu Yun pushed out. Chu Yun surprised a moment, the pace of a step, re-forward in a white sè portal, however soon, Chu Yun again soft pushing out. "Do not go in again, if I expected not bad, the immediate the white sè portal should be rare condition send portal" Yunji the stopped Chuyun, spoke and said. "What say?" Chu Yun asked. The so-called conditional transfer portal is only in line with the conditions to be transferred bid farewell to "Yun Ji explained. "Austria, turned out to be so, what is the transmission conditions that I do not know in front of the door?" Chu Yun then asked. Yunji did not immediately answer, but looked a while in front of white sè portal, went on to explain: "We should send portals repair class must use powerful force the forced excitation portal to send the user to go" turned out to be such a "Chu Yun nodded his head, the third into the the white sè portal into Mana efforts toward the portal, enter into. The suddenly the white sè light burst flash, Unfortunately, although this time Chuyun stay in white sè portal is a bit long, but ultimately not passed saying good-bye. Chuyun this be completely shocked. "The two of us teamed up to try" Yunji know Chuyun again launched represents Chu Yun's strength is not enough, So Yun Ji came forward. When Yunji and Chuyun teamed output, Mana, the white sè portal distributing white glare out an invisible distributed the fluctuations from white sè portal. Transmitted many times Chuyun clearly know, this is transmitted power. Not to fluctuations have just flashed out on the rise, after more is soon dissipated, Chu Yun and Yun Ji also be sent out. Yunji the face sè deep, Chen Sheng said: "I am afraid Yuan Ying of Brother forces to to stimulate white sè portal" Chu Yun originally wanted five sacred beasts fit to raise my own strength and Yunji teamed try But now it seems, even if he and five sacred beasts fit no success possible. For a time, Chu Yun and Yun Ji-phase, as silent. After a period of time, Chu Yun pondered said; "my amendment is now close to the peak of the mid-end of Dan realm, wait for me to practice for some time, breaking the repair was too late to end Dan, you and I teamed up try it "now only the case" Yunji nodded,Jordan Son Of Mars UK. Yunji hand over the pages of a vase in her palms, the porcelain handed Chuyun, Yunji said: "this porcelain vase filled with jīng into the magic of immortality, can accelerate the speed of your practice" Chu cloud and did not refuse, but holding immortality walked toward a corner of the pavilion space, arranged in a matrix method in the corner, Chu Yun sit cross-legged down in battle formation. Yunji also find a corner to sit down and start practicing. In fact, it can be considered Chu Yun and Yun Ji luck that invisible forces disappeared Mana outflow or two may be have been limited in the pavilion space, without any transferred the opportunity to bid farewell. Chu Yun remove one yuan of stone in your hand, and then taking a jīng into the magic of immortality, close their eyes began to practice again. Chu Yun from the end of Dan interim pinnacle realm not far, about a days you can practice to the realm of the peak in the mid-end of Dan, while he can to try to break through the end of Dan mid realm, Advanced the end Dan of late. Speaking Junction the mid realm Dan barrier is not so easy to break through, but at the moment Chuyun hearts and not much worried, because he has found a breakthrough end Dan mid-realm barrier approach, when he can in a very short within the time to break through the barrier. Repair to settle Dan period late, if in and the five sacred beasts fit, there Yunji help solve the problem, Chu Yun believes the two most teleport away. Thinking, Chu Yun into practice, the state of his magic to start a little bit of an increase. Days of the time passed quickly, when the eighteenth days Chuyun opened his own eyes, the moment he had to settle Dan of the mid-peak, touches the realm of taking Dan interim barrier. The relaxed small half-day, Chu Yun began to prepare to break through the the mid end Dan realm barrier. Moment Chuyun remove the top grade Lingshi help break through the bottleneck at the green-eyed monk Yuan Ying period, and stable mind breaking the magic woven out of grass, straw mattresses help fight the demons. Chuyun With the help of these two items, he break through the bottleneck mid end Dan ** pretty close. (Shamelessly seeking two monthly pass up the scene, Zhu Xuan here Bese) member: [51 Literature Network】 released more chapters, please go to: www. 510h. com <
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