male captives when my wife and daughter

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Chapter 58 Zhongshan Lang East Guo "Uncle Lee tilt orchid fingers pointed at me, mouth bared teeth throat, no sound, with anger uncontrollably? No, not before Uncle Lee I counts, think of a way the Fudge past. For-like grace under pressure: "Uncle Xiao Zhi Xiao Zhi down on the next three policies, insurable Datang Worries at least a century boundless suffering risked his life to offer today." Leaned over the bow, the first match of the Tang Dynasty Longzhong development of strategic thinking began to appear in a deep breath, "Oh, the old lady" Uncle Lee, good good, worthy of brilliant Uncle Lee know how fresh air, the world is so beautiful. Front of you is a losers do not understand the children, but nonsense do not know my psychological suggestion method played a role, or Uncle Lee's psychological adjustment effect. "Naturally, I am all ears" Uncle Lee expressions although still a little distorted, but finally no longer hideous. I stole wiping a cold sweat: "As to the extreme west of the mainland by a big country, the best policy is a source, is located in the central mainland" Uncle Lee gradually vivid story attracted you said that sitting on millions division Ming Dynasty so with a population of less than one million women Naoto destroyed? "Uncle Lee gasped a cold lump, both eyes blackened, but the historical facts, the bloody historical facts, not I bragging, because ever happened, or now not history, but too true, Uncle Lee also had to so he took a handkerchief to wipe the forehead of perspiration. "Fair niece the best way is what?" Uncle Lee intently stare at me, his hands holding tightly, very solemnly Canada Goose Outlet, maids of honor sister continue fired off letters occasionally looked up, I could see in her eyes that species Ming Wu Jingmang smart woman Datang ye so much pinch? Uncle Lee's forehead streaming with cold sweat, Kouyanwaixie, hand ventilation: Subtracting D destroy families "choke clatter Jiuwan loss fall, Uncle Lee the stroke? "It is this policy Uncle Mo To think that the Qing Empire vicious, the tranquility of the country for hundreds of years this law before Paul" at the moment I expression overcast owl, eyes, awe-inspiring hair green, white teeth hideous discerning incarnation as circled in countless bones owl circled overhead: "we can see why every few decades, the Zhongyuan completed by the time the alien big invasion, why?" Love Sibu Si with me Pishi, love less unabated nothing to do with me, Uncle Lee is not the emperor I is not the prime minister or policy makers, both a bad stomach water idlers blind Total. Uncle Lee squint angle, touch under the chin, eyes bright thief: Population, officers and men of grassland only thanks to a decade of respite to train NC chord with disabilities, but also on behalf of the alien. "Uncle Lee's ability to comprehend it really is not an ordinary strong. Uncle Lee pondered a long while, the hand stopped picking up the maids of honor of the Punch Bowl, since so he took altar wine Mengguan the port wine, stood up to the pacing long while party exclaimed: "This policy is wonderful, Whereas er er, really hurt days and fair niece, quickly talk about Zhongce "" This Zhongce Well "subconsciously want to learn ZHUGE brother touch the beard is not long, I only rubbed his chin moodily wink toward Uncle Lee, it is inscrutable like: "uncle we can see why the Huns were the Wei Han Huo the hussars, such as fear of natural disasters?" Uncle Lee touched his chin for a meditation-like, if Gordon can gaze a little confused. I know this old guy could not answer, satisfaction sipped wine, dry cough and daughter sound: "My uncle was the heard of the Huns Lamentations" "death I Qilian Mountains, domestic animals do not Fan interest rates; missing Yan-Zhi Shan so women without color "Uncle Lee Fok general strength of character is admired for the good things a basketful. Etc. Uncle Lee calm point to sit down and wait for me to speak, this opening: "This is the second choice Well, as long as the proper implementation also allows the barbarian centuries are not in a hurry to set foot in the river by step" Oh? "Uncle Lee surge of interest simply sat next to me: "DEAR Chi meter one hundred worthy room phase inheritor ah room after the family has to butter me up? Not like, look at the people Uncle Lee looked very serious, and this is certainly the truth. The mouth crack for a long time, two large glass of wine poured down close up before. Dry cough twice, serious under the expression: "the second choice is a bit from the hands of the barbarians. Xiaozhi but is Jiehuaxianfo Dole." "Oh?!" Uncle Lee Oh for a long time, or a loss, "Uncle seen every time the barbarian invasion Zhongyuan what? "flattered sip port wine, uncle already hooked, of tantamount life seems nothing big problem. "Which is nothing more than if the missing things Canada Goose Thompson Outlet, gold and silver wealth, salt tea things" Uncle Lee said very detailed, the December total total said a lot of, I could not say in the elements. "Fair niece reselling starting off the child to come out?" Uncle Lee found quite right, very cheerfully smiled a slap shot to my shoulder, this old cargo effort is not small, bust almost fail to materialize, hastened clothes soft Peixiao the: did in fact uncle you have just said except that you did not pay attention to it. "said?" Uncle Lee makes a number: gold, silver woman woman? "pop! Uncle Lee outbreak, struggling to hit the table The on Tangtangshuishui full-jumped, I harm a bone to chew on half scared out "Ha ha ha sorry, the old lady is really excited," DEAR Zhongce will be associated with this population. "Uncle big before, and sure enough a guess on" Mama's face is splashed onto the soup, ass first thrown up I ironically, as long as the uncle did not care about his brother into. "Say it fast fair niece today touches to stir up the spirits of the old lady, and if the fair niece not speak freely with the old lady today, is the room Mrs. person to please, the old lady and never released." Uncle Lee grin even irrigation tankards laughed, rubbing his beard. "Uncle Moji small yin given when fully inform, in fact, this second choice and the best policy is still there fellow workers different song of purpose, this method as early as General Han's Huo are used." "Dare to have with me Datang against the tribes, slaughter its people, won their livestock, absolutely their way out "may be my expression too distorted, Uncle Lee's forehead has Khan drops a cop a bit washed out:" the slaughter of its people, and took away their livestock absolutely the way out there really is good policy also fair niece ah? whether the two policies have hurt days and inhumane? "" Uncle Huns, Turks kill my Han Chinese male captives when my wife and daughter, found that humane? Korea The Tubo accounted territory, takes it from me city, known days, Heaven and misty have no one to depend on, no proof, no data Seoul, Uncle Mo To think Xiaozhi nonsense, Xiao Zhi down story uncle seen Zhongshan Lang East Guo story Women's Aosta? " Zhongshan Lang East Guo? old lady seem to have heard about "Uncle Lee's facial expressions and eyes are very confused, even the maids of honor sister also stopped a pen, Ningmei the same care, thirsty for knowledge's eyes fell on me just right. "Listen Xiaozhi Road to what the significance of the strong of the people all know the story of the kindergarten children, education, no less than the Selected Works of Marx and Lenin, and whatever the outcome is a princes, with such a great political significance fable count do not care about, the mayonnaise a small wine showing a kindly smile, pick up the root bones when the pointer knocked on the table: "the words of the Spring and Autumn when the State of Jin led by Dr. Zhao Jianzi all the followers to Zhongshan go hunting" Tang Church adult fable lesson lecturing the
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