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> So they dare to make trouble, naturally there are some poor disciples spontaneously organized convoys, stand in the kitchen, and the people who come to make trouble relative held. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm poor disciples realm is generally low, so the contention management often lack of confidence. Later, kitchen unit divisions disciples also joined the convoy to go for a lot of strong guard Tim. Especially Wei old, more directly roll up sleeves, opening a station was dark sector, scared a bunch of people are clamoring for the rest of the fire. Wei big old now but authentic martial, Although he was older, if launched Viagra, these levels of martial disciples really can not handle him. Confrontation between the two sets of troops a few days old, eventually Wan elders to come forward, this will riot situation under control. Later, someone came to regret not show up deeds, saying it is a coward, afraid to take responsibility and so on. No matter how the outside world rumors, shock will, but it is to regret ignoring concentrate on practicing. After such a busy, almost all are aware of the outer peaks disciple Li Weihua and to regret about six months, a time to regret the fame name reputations, spread throughout Qi Feng Ling outside. Of course, rumors of people but it does not matter so kind to give publicity to regret fame, he is only trying to help the move, let everyone know about such a half of existence, then in the case of the eye, so to regret ruin, notoriety. This day, about half a year has finally arrived! Shengsizhizhan to regret and Li Weihua, will be in the school field. This is announced in advance out of the news, but also through the Wan elders consent. At this point it is very morning, sunny, cloudless, bursts of breeze blowing, to appease his disciples hot heart. School OTC crowded, noisy and crowded. School field temporarily erected a radius of several hundred feet in the ring for the regret and Li Weihua battle. After the ring has a large number of seats for VIP needs. In addition, the ring surrounding is also a big draw cordon to prevent people close to the ring to make the dark trick. Morning hours, Wan elders and returned yesterday evening would have been in place ten law enforcement were sitting in the VIP zone. There followed a masked woman, she sat quietly beside Wan elders, elders from time to time on the Wan whispered something. Beneath them, also sat a row of gray dress outside peak sectarian disciples, these disciples are outside the peak of the elite class, but also annually transported into the inner courtyard of the important peak blood. Among them are four big martial arts known as quasi-strong. This four were Dongfeng Zhong Ran, Xifeng of the wall, south peak Liu Zhi,Oakley Sunglasses Polarized, North Peak high-kui, strength are all extraordinary. This four-year promotion is an important compound within the peak level seed. However, because the peak within the compound annual recruit only two disciples of the reason that four of them needed a struggle down. Two small peaks disciple of life and death battle outside, even able to attract so many high-rise came indeed two have the background disciples ah, really tough. Raspberry hearts of his disciples. Ten law enforcement night rush, although physique tough, but are tired of the color reveal faint. For the disciples, it is to regret this life and death battle and Li Weihua private matter, but they, law enforcement, it is this life and death battle Murdoch and Zhao Li Kui Ran contest. Therefore, even if they are very tired, are not absent. Close around noon, his disciples have gradually sit still. Gein They all stood nearly two hour, the two parties but one did not come, it is too big pendulum to keep up appearances? Even Wan some elders frown on Lee Murdoch said coldly: "trail, Li Weihua Zende time it has not yet arrived so?" "Qi Bing Shishu, Shi Zhi returned last night, one night, have not sleep, he hurried to catch an early years, it has not yet met with my family nephew, do not quite understand. "Lee Murdoch a green robe, sitting beneath Wan elders. His color is good, very dry ruddy old head, as if someone stole the rouge-like. Elders dialogue with Wan, his complexion is so frivolous as usual did not dare, a respectful look. "Go as people!" Wan elders faint. "Yes!" Lee whispered Murdoch replied. Busy got up and left, eyes flashing a hint of color insidious. Wan elders attitude how he could not see, two kid did not come, Wan Zhao Kui then sent for the elders to let regret, but let him go get Weihua, is clearly biased to regret! Favoring what is the use? Life and death battle, if both sides are living circumstances, no one can call a halt, let alone elders, even if it is not OK to peak primary pro! As long as Chinese children will be played well some will regret severely torn to death, to the time you can see how the shield? Lee Murdoch walking YY, as if to do so, his heart in order to be comfortable. "A small contingent to the kid does, he called up to go, let these elders hanging in here, he is also really great care." Wan elders then turn right ZhaoKui said. "Yes!" Zhao Kui then crashed withdraw. "Wan uncle, brothers and their children will be Liu caught cold yet?" Wan elders around that masked woman asked. Wan elders smile: "How can so easy to make out the top ten law enforcement can not find traces of willow cryotron this kid is and then as careful ah, hey, but this time he is really too much, the main peak is impossible let him. "" Wan uncle What did you say? "masked woman asked. "I did not." Wan elders shook his head and said: "Miss May children, your body is still very weak, when the amount of rest fishes." Hanyue seemed like did not hear his words, murmured: "That's my ' moon 'Would not it be no longer looking back? "" Moon child Miss Mo to worry, another day older Futuo edged recast is an old friend to give you. "Wan elders comforted. Leng Leng Hanyue but a look, as if the elders did not listen to ten thousand words. "Look, Li Weihua come!" Do not know what people gasp, and everyone looked up and looked and saw was outside the school field trip to several people, the man was led by Li Weihua! Li Weihua a gray town at this time outside of the peak days were disciples robe, long hair, star eyebrow sword head, carrying a sword, quite some chivalry of the gas. Just puts his murderous looks like the image was originally captured the hearts of thousands of girls to undermine clean. Naturally followed in its wake a group of evil associates, are also coming to cheer him. Lee Murdoch is also on his side. Li Weihua a pedestrian way, that kind of invisible pressure that it would be crowded around one thousand disciples have opened, let out a spacious road to. Subject to the ring edge, Lee Murdoch whispered in the ear of Li Weihua doing the final exhortations, and then went to the VIP area. His son Hupenggouyou also gang-place standing, farewell he came to power. It looks as though he is welcome to receive an award, rather than life and death battle. "Disciple Li Weihua, seen Wan elders, ladies and law enforcement,Oakley Jupiter Squared, oh, Miss May children, I wish Miss panacea month child early promotion Wuhun division." VIP area on the TV drama Baoquan Li Weihua said. His voice was loud, imposing refined, gentle, the idea is quite romantic scholar-thirds of the state. "Free gift of." Wan Road Presbyterian deadpan. "Xie Wan elders." Li Weihua Yubi, they stood in the ring, no longer has any action. Looks very rules. His demeanor is so natural to win a lot of good impression disciples, have applauded him up. Of course,oakley sunglasses cheap, the number of child care have occupied half. "Some of the worst of circumstances, which actually has been approaching martial Weihua five products to regret today I'm afraid there is a battle!" Wan Li Weihua elders looked self-confident, quite worried road. "Ah, that is very dangerous to regret it not?" Hanyue asked cautiously. Although Li Weihua shoot her horses, but she is the daughter of the main peak, weekdays flattering blessing in a few people, so do not feel so while Li Weihua impression. "Indeed." Wan elders somber: "The trail this time be considered under the original capital!" "Wan uncle, Li Wei Hua Huisheng do you think of this?" Hanyue asked. Wan elders pondered for a while, but it is not sure and said: "do not know, and so came to the boy again." Hanyue bite the bullet and said: "Well, if it lost to regret, Wan uncle can come to the rescue him? "" Why, Miss May children, so that is not your character, oh. "Wan elders quips. Hanyue pouting and said: "Wan uncle is not to teach people, drip grace given when Yongquan do? '" Rational! Rational! "Wan elders laughed. "Wan uncle you quickly say ah, if lost to regret that you will come to the rescue you?" Hanyue asked. Wan elders awe: "No! Denominations are that any person can not prevent individual life and death battle. Cases have patriarchal family rules, rules can not be bad." <
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