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> Chapter super bomb chuáng250 past life 'Stars' Fury' players less than 100 people, but only orange bow and arrow of God 'shè to the dawn' successfully opened the second seal, a lot of people with the first seal open, durability problems permanently lost orange bow. the dawn of wWW, QUanbEN, cOM'shè to 'never brought against any person how he was unlocking the second seal, there is no mention of any Raiders official forum, how to lift the seal, can only rely on their own personal mō cable. This time, Li Yi guess really on! In order to increase the durability of the orange bow, to unlock orange bow second seal, Li Yi can think of are tried out, may be the result still nothing, watched lasting and slowly decrease, but nothing can be done. Fortunately, he met Arthur, fortunately, the release of the 12 Knights of the Round Table by Arthur orange bow damage! Li Yi holding the orange bow just walked into mountain dòng, hunting nv God's spirit automatically drifted out. "I sensed the power of the Stars' Fury, young man, you really did not let me down, and really found it." Li Yi raised his hands bow: "But the Bow is now broken." Hunting nv God smile and shake his head : "Stars' Fury hundreds of millions of plus stars jīng, my God footer refining rigidity even the gods together will not be able to destroy it, the Knights of the Round Table Zhanji, how could it hurt?" "You know how the Knights of the Round Table Zhanji?" Li Yiqi Road. "The above Jianhen of the Stars' Fury told me ......" hunting nv God slightly Yi Tan. "The Stars' Fury above seal too much, leading to the real power of this bow can not play, you want fix those Jianhen is easy, holding a bow to kill a man of God." Bite! There is no choice of whether consent Li Yi task bar directly to the task. Task Name: "Kill the man of God" mission requirements: pick up the anger of the gods, to kill a man of God. The difficulty of the task: c, b, a, s level. The task completion reward kidding ...... kill God? This is the 100 previously dry thing? Li Yi stay if wood jī. "I have to slumber, young people, waiting for you to kill a man of God came to me again." Hunting the nv God a wave, the surface of the orange bow thrown colorful light, the durability is deducted instantly back to full again becomes 500 / 500. Hunting nv God's spirit disappeared, how to complete the task, the hint ...... great nv God, not weaken yào water and the like, ah? "Li Yi did not give up one, the results if he collapsed, the use of hunting nv God the extremely faint voice replied: "...... I did not." This is difficult to do ...... usually npc released a super difficult task will give some supplements, such as weakened the water yào, weak light or something like that, as long as the target, instantly reduction targets strength, even if it is a super boss, in a move it, becomes the white name xiǎo strange. Think of the last Mermaid released harmful tasks, but also presented bottle yào agent, this booing, actually nothing. The difficulty of the task: c-class, class b, class A, s level ...... "Li Yi carefully review the mission statement, he did understand, God kill more people should be strong, to complete the task, the higher the reward. "S level, the highest degree of difficulty, do not want my gods mountain the dead king shè, God? Dry ...... gods Hill had opened up, this does not pull? Saying, if she really opened up, I can play too god king? "Although the task is completed reward is three question marks, but Li Yi have guessed, no doubt,Nike Air Max Trainer 1, the task is completed reward is to open the second seal,Air Jordan 12. No wonder so many people can not do the second seal Past and must be allowed to impaired orange bow hunting nv God will come out, in addition to the 'legends stunt' What harm can cause damage to the orange bow? This is simply deceptive ...... Li Yi did not go to the people of God to kill, although he would like to kill, but he was well aware of his current strength, not to mention the real man of God, even the demigods level, he also Do not try to kill. The gap is too great. Li Yi returned to the top of the flame, and the the dwarves mayor dialogue, enter "super bomb chuáng250" a copy. Fire Binger also the bomb chuáng jumping her enlightenment xìng nice to have been able to freely control the jumping direction. The two practiced for a while, think about before with jump stretch chuáng, officially began. Bang bang just up first stretch chuáng, the two men lost his balance, the reason is very simple, two people at the same time in a stretch chuáng, the beat frequency is not the same as the result of inevitable tragedy. Bang bang! Li Yi hurled down, but fortunately, fell back to the starting point, fire Binger hands busy feet luàn to adjust for a long time, and finally control the rhythm. Binger, you jump first, me in the back, the two of us stagger. "" Good! "Re-plan, the fire the Binger head lead the way, Li Yi then to keep up with. Bang bang two one after the other, to control the direction xiǎo heart wing forward, and soon left the starting point. Fire Binger nervous, Li Yi nervous, if this time the fall, 100% met Sting, click on the dead, in the consideration of this copy of the death and death in a conventional copy, will be out of the experience. Air countless chest suspension cào for sharp master players will move forward at the same time, danced Abstract chest, chest picked the more, the better the rewards clearance. Li Yi and fire Binger is the first time I played this copy, just to master how to jump, so their tactics, he kept ahead, never deliberately eat chest like, as long as the clearance As for the rating, perfectly indifferent . Bang! Bang! Duo jump forward about more than 50 meters in front appear the two elastic chuáng, on both sides of the wall, each with an organ, only open at the same time, to move forward. Binger, left my right. "" Good. "Bang! Bang! Two xiǎo heart control the direction, split up. Bang bang bang bang you, me, and two rounds of the jump, press for a long time, the results still did not adjust well-paced, not at the same time by the authorities, in front of the channel would not have opened. "You slow down ..." "Come on, Oh ......" the first time with the mistakes, Li Yi in faster results out of balance, came down straight fall to Sting, fire Binger was not spared , the fall stretch chuáng take-off crooked directly jump. All off ...... "you just jump slowly ......" "You seem too fast, if a little slow on the frequency." Ran the soul back duo sitting the stretch chuáng starting point for discussion on up. Pioneers new copy of not experienced several death Lilian, how may grow? ...... Two masters are dead out of discussion for a long time, to start again, this time, Li Yi first fire Binger in, one after marching forward. The duo is playing skilled, it only took 2 minutes, jump just destroy mission location. "3,2,1!" Li Yi shouting slogans, the frequency quickly adjusted over the same time press the authorities, Ga creak loud noise, in front of the channel open. Before you jump forward, the stretch chuáng all become mobile,Air Max Wright Shoes, jump if you do not properly calculate the time difference, it is absolutely tragic. Bang bang! Fire Binger and Li Yi looked at each other one, has hit the road. Li Yi is still in front, although he was also the first time I played this copy, but his past life have seen many experts clearance video, more familiar with the route than the fire Binger. The front is not on a road, the stretch chuáng spread out into a five-way, which direction is the right, no doubt, is a test. Head in the dense chest turned a blind eye to the two, in fact, even if they have the heart did not have that ability, the first time I played this copy, just do not die clearance ... appeared in front of the Double authorities, this metamorphosis, because the constantly moving stretch chuáng in, not only the parties to find a good frequency, but also pay attention to the location and timing of the take-off. "3,2,1!" Bang bang! Luck half, half of technology, Li Yi and fire Binger pressed at the same time in moving organs above, successfully opened the front channel. "Too!" Yet, in front of more perverted it. "Really is more perverted, the two did not jump forward a few steps, stretch chuáng appeared in front of a sliding left and right sides of the wall have an organ, difficult jump at the same time, at the same time open department. "My good tension ......" fire Binger jump gasping, not on the go. "Never mind, let's efforts to put a little xiǎo, chuáng together on the line." Bang! Bang! Mr. Li Yi chuáng to find a good balance, let the fire Binger on. "Boom!" Fire Binger jumped up, Li Yi immediately jump cloak 'flight' stunt in the air, control the falling speed. Two people at a stretch chuáng above, the biggest difficulty is a bad rhythm uniform, you take off I fall, you play me I play, the result was always out of balance. Although "super bomb chuáng250" 5 copies, but since this copy was discovered, never appeared in five immortality clearance. The reason is simple, the harder it is to fit more to the last, in particular, to the final stage, you want to have jump will not only move forward at the same time, unless people are robots, unified action, or a person out of control, and the remaining four should not even think about live. Li Yi and fire Binger at the same time take-off and landing at the same time, the rhythm is quite good, and moved to the center position when elastic chuáng fast, Li Yi shouted slogans and fire Binger danced mō to the authorities. Chi Chi - Ga Ga Gara ... channel open, the open space of 100 meters in front of the factory, a dwarf craftsmen cào vertical with a height of ten meters of the giant robot walked up and down. He is a copy of the final boss, dwarves large artisans card! "Alerts, alarms, intruder broke into an intruder." Large craftsmen multi-card giant robot around an alarm, immediately alerted the multi-card. "Black steel, turned on the defense program, destroy the invaders." ...... Defense program ... start to accept instruction. "Word by word by the giant robot electronic sounds finished, Li Yi and fire Binger behind me a loud noise. Two back, see the stretch behind chuáng continue to collapse ............ <
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