inside the air sucked into the lungs

June 17 [Mon], 2013, 18:12
The auction time is not generally thought in the middle of the night in the morning, but do not know what it represents, some unreasonable and black s è carriage,oakley sunglasses cheap, Shen Xuzhi resistance to make themselves into y ù spit sound, Mr. Liu side with sheepskin gown, side and Shen Xuzhi one sentence each's saying seems to be in front of Shen Xuzhi, Mr. Liu is not the Y ī n cold Mr. big, but a call to make sun neighbor Shen Xuzhi the elder have dizzy spells, the carriage has finally come to the place of the car, inside the air sucked into the lungs of fresh, young man feel the whole people are clear many a square acres around the yard, the floor was purple stone Yuezhou Qing Yu Ling specialty, each piece is the average size, three feet long, two feet wide, polished smooth, stand up and do not feel smooth, very stable yard closely and join the stop with more than 20 cars every kind of luxury carriage horses for abnormal distraction aside to feed the water feeding more than forty horse horse and only to pull a cart horse together, look spectacular "what is this place?" Shen Xuzhi asked "Wan, open one of the largest auction house each month, pooled over Kyushu priceless treasures easy things can not come." said Mr. Liu has clever handsome boy led submitted two sets of violet s è suit and a number of "what is this?" "Here are all powerful and elegant, one or two things to heart what kink is not good, this is everybody is not willing to see here, money is the only can talk things power what in the yard outside." Mr. Liu picked up a body a cover on the body, put a small hand Shen Xuzhi "this is what people ah, so strict rules" Shen Xuzhi side cover of violet s è clothing, hooded,Oakley Oil Rig Cheap, saying, "your people on the outside who used to run, can adapt?" "First off mask people,Outlet Oakley Holbrook, found and he bid his pressure breathless, even shortly after he took off mask after the act recklessly and care for nobody back, a series of pressure to the family pressure to the family that was rarely used to pick the mask way." "you pick yet?" Shen Xuzhi evil destinies, victory, asked "I have plenty of money, use such vulgar way?" Mr. Liu snorted, the stuffy voice says "you are not just to buy things without money." Shen Xuzhi grabbed the handle Mr. Liu, mocking "thought is the" grab "money, but also to" Mr. Liu said light Shen Xuzhi followed Mr. Liu went in, feet step on the red S è carpet, cloud state Erie and river unique cashmere, every gram is invaluable, here actually to be trampled in the foot great deviation let the young man very not habit towards Da Saro, Mu Tang Emperor Tang things not everyone can meet, not every a touch people can fast habit even used with great care, not necessarily like the treads in the cashmere blanket, entered the house on the edge of a gallery every few steps is a beacon light, but not dazzling, along with the occasional squeak around 1, there will be a gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind the smell Mr. Shen Xuzhi said that Liu, the lamp, the oil inside the sea shark fin is proudly, wick is >
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