The shoes have what knowledge?

October 04 [Thu], 2012, 12:01
Leather shoes, basic maintenance skills

1, after the repurchase of the new shoes, carefully marked with a layer of christian louboutin outlet polish. Because in the production of the production process, since the infrared baking, will lose a small amount of grease and moisture shoes internal oiling Replenishing.

2, a rainy day can not wear shoes: shoes either genuine leather or imitation leather, and are not washed with water (the special waterproof rid), the inner sole of leather shoes stand up to blisters and even seam shoes, water will generating mildew is easily broken. The leather is soaked in water after drying, will lose grease, if you do not pay attention to supplement grease, a long time, the leather fibers become broken fracture. So dealing with wet shoes: to clean up all the mud dirt with a dry cloth to dry the moisture with the the wastepaper group into the shoe, cool, well ventilated place to dry. These will be printed wet spitball put on dry ball of paper and then stuffed inside the shoes continue to be dried in the sun, do not exposure, or on the fireplace baked, the shoes dried, rub on the little chicken oil, then play it again shoe polish up two days before playing again shoe polish can.

The 3 matte leather shoes maintenance: matte leather shoes can not be contaminated with oil or corrosive, can not smear suede shoe powder, in order to avoid contact with water and become sticky. Shoes dust, dirt, and available soft dry hair brush net. For cleaning, you can engage in wet shoes with water, but not too much flooding, and then coated with toothpaste, brush lightly brush a little water to rinse, then dry with a clean shoe brush can. Not brush shoes wet shoes, so as not to leave marks, also can not be in the hot sun exposure. Shoes if oil can be used to evenly brush dipped in petrol, lightly grease shoes at dry naturally volatile. Matte leather shoes to wear after a few years, if the hair degenerating sense, please master cobbler branded shoe polish, blamed for a new look.

4, new shoes prevent the playing of the foot: new shoes once worn, they find that the slight discomfort followed by the catchy, foot blisters. Processing methods: In such cases, wrap available a wet sponge to fight foot blisters after one hour, remove the wet sponge, hand stays a brace, followed by the catchy rub to soften cool, well ventilated place to dry, and then coated with a little raw chicken fat (animal fats) or walnut wipe last fight again shoeshine wear in the feet to naturally stereotypes.

Shoes basic maintenance skills

1 small crack repair shoe upper leather: leather uppers of the shoes if you're not careful cracks scratch hard objects shall promptly be repaired. Repair method: first scratch at the dirt with a soft cloth wipe, then egg evenly coated in the cracks at the, if flip gash epidermis, while the egg is dry Fortunately mouth and gently compaction adhesive, let it dry to form a thin film covering the rift; available in the market, "stick firmly" glue evenly coated on both sides of the rip, over ten minutes to be the glue dry and then align the hole adhesive, painted at the cracks in the wax, ironing with an iron, painted the same color as the leather wipe light syrup, also available egg braced pigments are ground into slurry instead, and finally branded red bottom shoes sale polish, you can restore the original luster.

2, change shoes color wear repairing the old complex new method first with a soft cloth dipped in a 50% concentration of alcohol, wipe shoes surface dirt, then the the leather wipe light syrup brushing uniform of the same color. After repeated brushing with a brush to dry.

3, of temporarily not wear shoes store with the change of seasons, replaced shoes to storage and preservation focus to moisture, mildew and prevent shoes deformation. Seasonal shoes should be promptly and carefully remove dirt, sludge and dust. Uppers cracks to be patched, and then carefully marked with shoe polish. Collection shoe polish can not be painted too much, because the shoes volatile and dry bath, painted too much, and stored over time, they cause the leather dry. Collection preferably coated little soy chicken fat, raw lard or glycerol, leather can remain soft and moist without deformation.
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