Liu Da face sink water

January 31 [Thu], 2013, 16:08
"Ha ha, small ah, you seriously, what the master does not master, we are a team, you will be able to learn."Lin Qiang blowing smoke ring road.Thus Air Max ACG, in the money, Zheng Xiulin, Ke Qian Yun and the dustpan and under, Duan Ganglin became a challenge. ".Standing on the side towards the soldiers, strengthening the candidates for the role, Lu Xun excited look cheerful, and other workers have no objection.Only Liu Da face sink water, I do not know what's on his mind.Suddenly, Liu Daming stood up and said nothing, the head also don't return, and step out of the fitter class.Anyone can see, director Liu Daming angry.Who knows, director Liu Daming is angry, because Gengjiang refused Duan Ganglin worship him for the teacher idea to play to the challenge.Strengthening the relationship with Duan Ganglin, Liu Daming does not know?Liu Daming is too clear.Duan Ganglin and Li Shuang, Liu Tianbing h ú n for a period, but Ganglin appeared, Lin Qiang is Ganglin and immediate good.Now, Li Shuang and Liu Tianbing, because of a beat reporters and punishment, because of a beating workers waiting list, he and Liu Daming became deputy director, Lin Qiang and Duan Ganglin better.Now, some Ganglin became powerful apprentice, also became Li Shuang and Liu Tianbing's opponent, this is he and Liu Daming are unwilling to see.All this, is because of the Geng Qiang boy refused Duan Ganglin to worship him as a teacher and cause.Watching Liu Daming turn on one's heel Canada Goose Youth Expedition Parka, Gengjiang surprised for a while, this just understand come over, however, it is too late."Geng, now with the workers work."Ke Qian Geng Qiangyan again on the road.At the same time, Ke Qian sense deputy director at branch secretary Qian Qingyun and equipment J ī Zheng Xiulin.If not they arrived, I'm afraid you today, it is difficult to step down.To the point now, Gengjiang to Leng also could not say what words, wear safety helmet, covered with sweat out M á o attacks, towards all big swing of a pendulum, way: "go to work!"Workers call long a stand up, pick up the tools out of the team, to the three shop to.While the Ganglin, according to him a challenge request, to stay in the team to continue to learn safety knowledge.Why let Duan Ganglin continue to learn safety knowledge, it is a red light group four class safety education.The staff to the company, to accept the safe education in the company, then the subsidiary company, and then is a workshop, the team, known as the "four class safety education".This shows that the red group of safety work is how much.In recent years, although the group in the development of enterprises in the red effect is tremendous, but in safety work has a lot of problems, in 09 years as an example, the whole company appear a total of nine cases of death, serious injury up to thirty-five cases injured countless.These accidents, the company has lost a total of 100 million yuan.Therefore, the company has developed a detailed and rigorous security policies, once the safety problems, a one-vote veto!Duan Ganglin just got fitter group, naturally have to accept the safe education.However, "four class safety education" slogan shouting loudly, specific to the workshop and shift the level, the more they faded, participate in safety education workers, only need to spend a few days in the team, do a few days of health, then fill in the form Ji ā o up, this is completed the safety education.Workshop leaders have gone, Gengjiang Men Canada Goose, challenge and a few male workers have gone.In the team, the remaining four individuals: Duan Ganglin and three single NV workers.The two workshop seemed to NV staff special "attention", especially the beautiful NV workers considerable care, if marry beautiful NV staff, not to mention it.The Liu Daming when the director as never before.Since Liu Daming when the two workshop director for more than a decade, workshop two NV workers became xiangbobo.
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