Today I want to say to myself

December 06 [Tue], 2011, 12:25
Today I want to say to myself, True Religion jeans I finally opened one after another knot. No longer afraid to face anything, including myself, glad I can say that I find myself.
Xu Ya I was two, two Ah Xu is me!

In fact, I am very eager when a poet, a great poet, a dirge can have all the sorrow that melted the tip to drop edges of the poet and poetry, as poetry can clear up the lonely, can describe the sorrow into words. At least, as I will not single worthy and who is no appeal of that sadness.

So, I fell in love with the text, fell in love with poetry.True Religion womens jeans Learn poet Yin unbridled wind line, learn poet rhetorical ... ...

Although I am not a qualified poet, my writing bleak pale. Maybe I never was a great poet, but I have been working. I try to learn the words to the entertainment lonely; I try to learn the use of poetry to Embrace the night; I try to, until I learned to use words to express themselves, to express life. I've set the goal low, just do a simple poet, which set out to express the sorrow Embrace the hearts of sorrow is young ... ...

Just want to find a general way to express ...

B) the text, the fate of _ mind / heart, if not end, where are the homeless

Have heard so many words: "Mind if no destination, where are the homeless." This sentence confused me once, what is fate? Who is my end?

Wandering mind always ups and downs, such as swaying sea which leaves duckweed, this station has not had time to stop, right again with the worth of melancholy, leaves to stray ... can not take root. Who is more feelings and melancholy? Wandering alone again in the fall of the edge, and my heart so looking forward to a worry that I will care about me, but again, I'll wait to, or disappointment. So, True Religion mens jeans I finally get used to, accustomed to waiting for a lonely, sad habit of a person, accustomed to cold Red ...
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