must be photographed.These things

February 05 [Tue], 2013, 15:13
Hear the words of Nie Zhenbang, the relaxed mood and calm attitude, once peace but also some admire, it is family ah, the conservation of tolerance, not the ordinary people can compare.All this time, also can be so indifferent.This is not a general coarse nerve.The heart sighs, once peace is slow track: "Zhenbang comrades ah canada goose parka outlet, recently, the Japanese people's things, there had been too much is known to the world.Now, the pressure of public opinion have aligned our Sichuan Province Canada Goose Women Mystique Parka, at you.You should also have a bottom."Paused, once peace continued: "after all, this time, you're just acting governor.I'm afraid, domestic there will be some people have an ulterior motive, take this to the article, to hold you.At that time, your situation is not good."These words, once peace is from the bottom of my heart.Although, after taking office and Nie Zhenbang, he had the little intersection.But, after all, there are still some affection on the inside.Whether Nie Zhenbang can withstand, without much loss of their.However, from the heart, once peace or don't want Nie Zhenbang to be removed.At the moment, Nie Zhenbang is some moved, once peace this person, although in the personality strong point, however, it is not just for one person.Indeed, in Sichuan Province, once peace is really a qualification.On the contrary, from the ruling, once peace is also a good officer.Well, nobody's perfect.Some defects of character, it doesn't mean anything.And now, once peace is called for his seat, it makes Nie Zhenbang some moved.System, not only the intrigues of the.Then, Nie Zhenbang also appears very sincere and modest way: "once the Secretary, thank you.This thing of Mitsui Corp, please have the Secretary assured.I have been here, ready to fight back, but, on tomorrow, the provincial government held a press conference, this time, certainly can let Japan, disgraced."Nie Zhenbang's tone, sporadic revealed the strong momentum and confidence, let the phone Ceng Taiping some surprise.Laonie this son, had the understanding is not much.However, something about Nie Zhenbang, but he also heard of many.From laonie career, laonie promotion, every step of the boy's evidence.Thought of here, once peace also smiles: "Zhenbang comrades, have confidence.I believe, this kind of thing, you still don't have any problems.There is a need to provincial output, you ask, in this matter, my attitude is very firm."And Ceng Taiping also exchanged a few words, Nie Zhenbang this just hung up the phone, immediately, opposite the sofa around: "Lao Fang, you to arrange, contact the Tianfu by journalists, he said, tomorrow at nine o'clock in the morning, held a news conference this time investment event in the provincial government news center.In addition, arrange personnel to go to Sichuan tv.The last, the video data follow go to the Red Star factory take over."This is a video, one of which is Nie Zhenbang's killer.The governor held on-site office will be, this is the provincial leadership activities have been set, is arranged with attendant reporter tracking record.At that time, the TV reporter in the four corners of the conference room is arranged with a camera, Nie Zhenbang believed, at the time, Rda Nobu a pedestrian arrogant arrogant attitude, must be photographed.These things, in the press conference tomorrow, will be one of the favorable counterattack weapons.......After, have been informed by the Secretary-General of the provincial government temporarily Canada Goose Langford Parka Cheap, stationed in the Tianfu city waiting for first-hand news reporters are go into action without delay.The very next day morning, Sichuan Province, the provincial government office compound.At the moment, the provincial hall two floor of the news center also is ready.At seven o'clock in the morning not to.From all over the country, the major television stations, radio stations and national media reporters have arrived here.
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