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January 25 [Sat], 2014, 16:31

Based on his track record, Porto Alegre, AC Milan, 3 scores better than a first year just to win the League zhaqieluoni. 2010-2011 season and in manner, return to Serie a, AC Milan, inter's consecutive championship ended with the city. 2011-2012 season, Porto Alegre, even attempting to Champions League, Serie a, Italy Cup launch an attack on all fronts, Euroleague competition losing to Juventus (Twitter's official website), but there are also many negative factors, such as da Silva (t-d-da Silva da Silva) was injured, Milan, Juve, without war in Europe, to fight Barca (microblog website data), Inns Mentari ghost ball, runner was not an embarrassment. The summer of 2012, Galliani to balance financial sold cloth and da Silva, Porto Alegre, Balotelli midway help, still kill team to the first three, get Champions League places is also a good opener.

If in 2013 summer with a Crown, and a Asia, and a quarter left, alaigelimilan 3 years hardly fait accompli, because too more factors decided has Milan overall declined, must no even took serie a champion of strength--left actually is strong last, is to force quite Galliani, because Allegri clearly Berlusconi does not continued he until 2014 summer of contract, but Allegri for paid bitter cost, Galliani of location also no because he of left and get consolidation. Silvio Berlusconi hates Porto Alegre, has his reasons. Old Bay more like advocates attack and innovation of coach, if a new balance 576 womensname coach only count Shang local kicked law in of leader, old Bay little also not cold, he need Milan continues to played himself of political card, and to do card,, of course on have beautiful a precisely is Qian three a season results are good, get has may get of location, let Porto Alegre, more believe himself of technical tactics system, such as "literary men" never can station in in the axis Shang. Engineering is the basis of midfield, technology flow can be added individually.

To cap it all, the summer of 2013, Garcia and Rafael Benitez a pair of ocean the arrival of handsome apprentice, completely changed the face of Italy. Not good at controlling the ball, does not know how to use a pass overall pursuit of certainty (instead of Italy soccer traditions rely on chance), it would have failed, and failed miserably. 2013-14 season of Serie a, suddenly into has one West super type of Rob points contest, is in two Ocean handsome forced Palace zhixia, Courtney had to in 2:4 lost to Florence (official micro-Bo data) Hou on followed two a season of midfielder gravity kick law for adjustment, only ensure has Juventus of strong, half drive points was over 50 points, this meant is willing to methyl also has may appeared La Liga (micro-Bo topic) type of 100 points champion! Under this background, Porto Alegre, and Mazar that relies on counterattacks, chasing the occasional Italy traditional play, whether it's back 4 or 3 Defender, and compelling than it. AC Milan begged changed, Berlusconi is determined to ahead of drove Allegri, not only involves Club internal power compete for, also originated from he stand Rome, and Naples (official micro-Bo), team brings of stimulus, others won, he bad accept, others won and far than AC Milan kick have more beautiful, old Bell must cannot accept, this is why he fancy Seedorf, because old Bell heart of beautiful football, is Netherlands football Barbara on Galliani launched of first battle, Was an new balance 574 women attack by ANSA launched in early November last year, when she asks "change" more points to Galliani, but fuse do poorly in Milan – and the Porto Alegre class form is selected in the record during the fire.

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