and then go slowly digest

April 13 [Sat], 2013, 10:29
, SHEN Yang leisurely joint, has a great influence in the family, but there is not much more than Father way although they knew, after all, the things above in the military and the Heart, SHEN has done the greatest concessions, if they do not make any concessions, SHEN be justified, he angered, for their side, without any benefits, to strive for is liuzhuang. Liu Zhuang know something about, but let him bleeding this is clearly unlikely, anyway he is SHEN above the people, the trajectory of their fortune in addition to the beginning of time playing a walking a fine line other when basically no trace to be found, not without trace his process, but that did not catch any of his handle from which. This is not quite the same as with other enterprises and financial groups, liuzhuang he was not afraid you go check on him, because his administration has quite a big difference with the kind of management of the local Chinese, basically close to modern management, do not look at TV and Media reported above, looks like a lot of companies are like this, but really careful study, that can be done, but here in liuzhuang is generally done this above. Whether you are a man, you can express your views, but do not go gesticulating, liuzhuang can not be used to your problems, but because of the lead and almost transparent management, so that the performance of enterprises booming, coupled the Liuzhuang with SHEN like never stingy Lord, what is equal opportunity, as long as you have the strength to get involved, then you guarantee that you will earn the pots full body bowl, and certainly does not appear any problem. There is a hook that charitable organizations, unofficial organizations, but now useful reputation, these are not showy, but a bona fide charities, as long as you donated so you can be found on their official website you name, and donated the money every minute with in there, and has absolute detail. This even predators, but also some unhappy, unhappy this result is not just trying to find trouble so simple, but in the end is not just losing the one hand, the other side of the Provincial Party Committee, Party leadership, and so expressed strong indignation, but that the signs inside the province, to his discredit, not that discredit to the future of these people? Furthermore liuzhuang standing behind, but SHEN it! This guy is angry, many people followed by bad luck, anyway, in the end is depressed to the confused, good find any, but I have the name of the charity to completely fired. Night, Father I also specifically asked them this thing look out of the Father is also very interested, but avoid interest behind what is not known, the the Liuzhuang answer is very cautious, after all, this is completely different from the situation face-to-face with three little. At least three little before he never will give this pressure can be relaxing to chat with three little, but often say the word,LunarEclipse 2 Shoes, indecisive to think in now inside this occasion, , because he is very clear, I Father value is definitely not his own son so simple. I Father is not less, with the relationship between the three little can be done even if mutual trust is inside their own home safe password is how much he will not hide from three small, but I the Father? Sitting on more than the Liuzhuang them a three time is relatively long, Father I see the for liuzhuang or are interested in this let some people curious at the same time, there is a very weird feeling, you know Liu Zhuang But SHEN irons, I Father suddenly dug up the corner, this is how the same thing, SHEN what will do it what kind of reaction it? Also not to mention, there is really a bit of wait and see. But the next thing, so how much is some Joji mō heads feeling, Liu Yuan, and I heart two little guys to get things set down, and then two guys disappeared, do not know to hide crazy to go to there, the Liuzhuang not the focus of their careers to the capital development still stick to their old base, more than what other big moves, everything is still the same. I Father's action is some big, bold factions cleaning, this also shows the other side of the Father, really to the needs of the time, did not speak any love, the adjustment of the adjustment, the retired retired , some action down, which is a lot of people are watching the jaw-dropping, Father some action down, the whole factions affected, but quite large sphere of influence is also reduced a lot. Is to keep a certain strength, but if you want to re-rise, this is bound to have some difficulty, these are not the most important, it is important the factions what will be handed the hands of who this is a very The critical issue ... Without a reliable, and the ability to highlight, even if I Father integrated factions, factions would this result will not be particularly good. The result is more than the Father is also considering this aspect of things, integration and cleaning to their own satisfaction, in this process, Yang leisurely with was basically money Youlichuli, had also intend to take advantage forward to avoid the chance she has to clear out, but throughout the process, her own some have nothing to say, if they are bent, bound to give a great deal of passive. SHEN is, after all, will not agree to move their liuzhuang the Liuzhuang not as Liu Yuan reasons, put their possessions into more than the name of all, there is no need, and this time if you want to move Yang leisurely If you do not give her to win, then inside the home economy is bound to be affected by destruction xìng, the hall Yang leisurely control for so many years, some relationship substitutions, it is difficult in a short period of time to re-build. On this side of the army, they can go to war, it is because of its own strong forces, even if it is a loss, that is loss, but above the career is not the same, if you really lost, I am afraid it is really difficult to go to stand up, one of the reasons for this is he did not go hands-on. And they have this feeling if they really Yang leisurely hands, SHEN definitely will not watch in the next, not that chún dead tooth Han, both did not have this relationship, but there are such a person to contain himself, he erected in front of a barrier to this is better than standing up for yourself ... this SHEN really too useful, he would not easily give up this natural barrier. If they can really freed up time and space, I myself do not mind to care about something, but do nothing now simply do not have the time and space, the military things have some bruised and battered, the heirs of the factions now still do not have a particularly good choice, also now own suddenly found the original looked solid faction in fact, to some extent surface is riddled with problems. For Father made out of all kinds of Yang leisurely to see them in their own eyes, it is clear in the Father's idea is to put their own abolition out, but SHEN in other considerations need to continue to stay in this position above , whether it is because of interest or other reasons, themselves have to stay here and take a solid nail in the here and now, he had it. At least in a long period of time, the Father is not move, move, then it is bound to cause more than in the career above a certain The move dàng move dàng even make more than in the career was not easy to accumulate above these things up immediately on the ashes of this is definitely not a joke. Even more than in the military forces, will not play any role in this, do not look just SHEN hastily Cairu military forces comb SHEN backing in official circles above the many and great, However, the military said SHEN to kick out kicked out, SHEN very dissatisfied with very displeased, but did not have much way, this same truth is applicable to more than forces in the career above, if you really There is nothing wrong words, a pack of wolves feeding Tiger, Tiger even powerful, but also Jia Buzhu to a pack of wolves you! After all, the plate so much, can be assigned to the interests of so many, you too much of a piece, it means that other people missing piece, not to mention more than in the the career above forces is very limited, more is evolved from the military, the doomed they must be careful to operate, absolutely can not afford to make any mistakes, at least this time the forces or slightly weak some. This time SHEN was sitting inside the villa, and exchange views with Hart, mainly high-strength mercenary group, they have escaped, and now has basically stabilized, SHEN give goes bearer bank card give their great help, but say they have been away from danger, this is not quite a matter of fact, but for their people, it is the development of the best time, as long as the money is in place on it. To know the high-strength, although we had when just one of the Asia Division one, but that is only one of his work only, before the work so that he has a very strong network of relationships, otherwise relying on the band of professional soldiers, even build up a mercenary group, also might not be the mercenary group to develop capital which is the same thing, but if you can not properly use this capital to, had plenty of Bravo's technology, what use is it? Just a bunch of ordinary man nothing ... Although it is difficult to deal with, but still can control. So after they escaped, and has even set up a mercenary group, SHEN before deciding to start the investment, that money, can not be regarded as investment, can only be regarded as funded. Mr. Hart, do you think this proposal how to comb? "Chen Langyang the the hands of the contract, as well as previous to the material, the material I've seen, I think it can go to try all of a sudden, After all, in the family lacked the forces in this area, our villa abroad after there will still be a great help, after all we have in this regard had lessons. "" But whether their mercenary group will grow up, this also remains to be seen, at least this time they are too weak, we also need to give them escort escort for a period of time, not to let them sink so, after all, such a nurtured forces for both countries , there are still a trace of pain directed this reason, we should let him continue to survive. "Hart old housekeeper also nodded his consent," This matter should be able to settle down, but the specific things after the operation or not necessary lù surface ... the secret will not save too long, but also there is no need to wantonly to publicity, made all over the world is well known, we will have a great impact , and still holds partly concealed such a situation, it makes Anglo-American both have scruples ... but sometimes a little to give them clues, in fact, is also very good. "can be seen from the inside of the words Hart is also somewhat listless bad. Things settle down, the specific operation to Hart, SHEN has no need to worry about, they only need general control of this direction can be above, details of things to the following to do, I am afraid not be long before the brothers who should get a specific message! By that time, the United States, Britain, both even want to kill the gang at large ,oakley outlet sale... it will probably burdened with other pressures, it transom interesting. As for more than the things of the Father who, the SHEN really no mind how they do not want to win the moment of his old length, without any sense ... on the one hand is to win may xìng not great, also prone to many of the cards to storm lù out more harm than good addition is to win but also how? Is sure to be a lose-lose situation, who also speculate less than any benefits ... cheaper others,air jordan outlet, so why bother? But this is not the premise of the Father, who is more than not a few circles ... He was the first to stir up the interests of the two sides battle ... then forced to fight back, as the results will be what ... he do not know, but can imagine the two, it is believed that more than the Father who also understand this result, and aunt Yang Contact and completely as did not see did not hear. SHEN not care about military things, does not mean that other aspects do not care about military things, but let Father I felt a little strange, this guy qiaojiaqu year and did not involve which, even this aspect of the intention, its performance is too weird, so I Father slightly some do not understand. Jia years the total length, even at this time endured not shot with their own pre-judgment is not the same, because at this time, be able to snatch a point is a point, the extra interest is almost white send, no matter how? To draw the line in hand, and then go slowly digest, but qiaojiaqu like everyone else did not do so, but rather refuse back a few steps, Why is this happening? This style yourself to think of a person, SHEN, a lot of time Shen 'wave is cited without hair, so hanging in there, you can not read, but such as he really shot everything in front of him will be Utah If the general Paodingjieniu, casual ease, now qiaojiaqu years gave himself such a feeling before, when really a bit underestimate him, did not think he'd practice does not move as a mountain of. I Father's brow was also followed closely wrinkled up their own many years of experience and experience to inform themselves, this qiaojiaqu year would have spoken SHEN Lian Qian, the grasp of even ultra-literal-minded half, but so long of the time since, he has been in staring at this thing, without any discovery, is it a tacit agreement between two people, which is unlikely, even tacit understanding each other, then the meeting point of their interests in there? It is also because he did not find the meeting point, so I Father also difficult to determine the true relationship between two people, just like troops to fight a battle always need a flash point, and definitely not for no reason on fight, just find the flash point and meeting point, and then the deployment, this will be the formation of the situation to their advantage. Not find a meeting point, your hand inside the soldiers can not put out, he is alone while filling out a force, although they have a suspect, but it is suspected, after all, is not true, if they easily pawn in the hands to put out, then the situation may not own control, so this time, rather endured, absolutely can not have any other action, I believe there will always be Ming Yunkai month. In fact, more than his Father why not see through this thing, the reason is very simple, a thought, the Father conscious unconscious avoidance thing, that is that they have to grow old, or even the next moment will even fall, but the Father is not said that this matter, the following people naturally did not dare to say even this intention are afraid to have any table lù. Is precisely because of this reason, the Father can not find the meeting point between the qiaojiaqu years and SHEN, perhaps the only real down moment when the Father will suddenly realize, but such as the advent of that time, I am afraid too late. (Unfinished be!
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