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March 27 [Wed], 2013, 12:18
Yes, the Yalin let alone look down NERV combatants, they get old and sick indeed some wounding soldiers received a few days training, but these at best, the Yalin really do not know what role they can play. "Do not look down on us,Air Max 2010 II discount, and I do not believe, twenty people can not protect a little girl?" Katsuragi Misato Yalin disdain smile stimulus to, NERV how could there be so bad ah! "Once the other party sent a professional killer or career jīng sharp soldier, then I can only say that your people will die miserable, if those people are like yesterday that two bodyguards standards. Yalin shrugged , though ugly, but he wants to call a spade a spade. "That NERV jīng sharp bodyguards, OK?" Katsuragi Misato looked surprised Yalin, listen to his mean, yesterday he had discovered the existence of two bodyguards, can we say that their strength can not really Yalin looked down on it? "Jīng sharp? Give me a break, even the battlefield have not been to dare to claiming is jīng to sharp?" Yalin sneer a cry, saying they are a professional bodyguard, this is not unreasonable, the key moment will have given their lives for the protection of target, but Too Late It does not necessarily mean the face of the real killer, far worse. "This Katsuragi Misato moment silent, at this point, she did not refute Yalin. In fact, the formation of NERV difficult strategic resources is very little, to seek outside assistance, but also to perfunctory recruits, the even these bodyguards are hired to huā money, simply not official sent. But even with so many difficulties, but the United States actually Katsuragi always believed that as long as the apostle appears that rì is NERV play a role when the combat effectiveness of that time EVA show in the world, everyone will be honest mouth closed strict. Before the arrival of the Apostle. Only withstood the pressure, under all sorts of grievances. Miri ... Do you believe me? "At this point, Yalin suddenly grabbed Katsuragi Misato physique, so she was very surprised. What is it? This is doing? "Of course I believe you, you this ......" Misato Katsuragi talk to stammered, let her whole people are at a loss, the heat coming from Yalin palms. "If you believe in me, starting today, I'm your bodyguard! Your safety I am responsible, do not need others to intervene! The Yalin expression is serious. And sentence by sentence began. "This ..." Yalin, to protect themselves? Katsuragi Misato was very hesitant, this really you? "Do not you believe me? Do you think I would hurt you?" "Of course not ... ......" "Now believe me, then I said" this moment, Yalin suddenly become very strong, because he know, this is a great opportunity if you do not grasp that he really should have been here doing perimeter patrols of no future. No way. You want to close the apostles, and then as a temporary security alone will not work, use the Miri people Sorry. But Yalin is no way, in any case, he must be to the apostles before the advent of precaution necessary, otherwise, he will become very passive. "That I give it a try ..." the Yalin then is so unquestionable, Yalin holding catkin Katsuragi Misato suddenly found that he was like a little woman obedient yourself in the end is how? There are so many strong Yalin is the first time I saw, but it quite charm, she could not help but be attracted. The unconscious agreed. "Very well, I'll wait for your good news, oh." See Yalin's mouth suddenly exposed a Xieyi and attractive smile, which makes just react again sink Katsuragi Misato Katsuragi Misato nodded, a smile how so hook people, ah? Katsuragi Misato bodyguard, huā fee program. But also of Katsuragi Misato will also detailed report submitted to the commander-in-chief of the NERV Gendo Ikari, and strongly expressed their own views. Original report, Gendo Ikari does not agree, after all, Yalin identity is no problem, but the eight blank is worrying, can be this Katsuragi United States, but is a boldly guarantee, if Yalin really problem, she will be solely responsible for, and that makes Gendo Ikari nodded yes. Thus, Yalin officially became the Katsuragi Misato bodyguard, has not only been a the black sè the suit there sunglasses, and even received a P220 pistol. This old-fashioned SIG it? NERV is really poor enough, do not give points better equipment? "How to Yalin, you would put a gun to it?" Look the Yalin been playing in the firearms The Misato Katsuragi suddenly approached and asked with a smile, not to mention a the black sè suit and eye wear sunglasses the Yalin really quite handsome, with ordinary bodyguards wearing in Yalin body, chosen to give a unique taste, temperament is not unusual to have. "Of course not previously played,air jordan clearance sale." The hands of P220 turn a gun huā, comes to play with guns really few people Yalin opponent, although there have been useless for a long time, but this is of Yalin is totally not a problem. "Ah, you have to be careful, do not let the gun went off by accident." Yalin not know is how to encounter the gun, but Katsuragi United States, but do not want too much questioning, after all, she was as guarantor, also told Yalin became a Rope grasshopper Yalin if I have a problem, absolutely not run her! "Rest assured, henceforth the Miri security full power to be responsible for slightly Yalin smiled own bodyguard career seems to begin it. "Well, then they would ask you to exhibitions." Katsuragi Misato expression is some frustration, she really did not know so Yalin own bodyguard what is right or wrong. Bodyguard, said White, but will have to sign a confidentiality agreement, and enter NERV presence of internal That is, from today, Yalin NERV members of the internal one,Nike Jordan Superfly, although some sloppy can Who he is Yalin it. "I'll take you to visit within the next base." Sighed Even now regret it too late, and in this world where there is regret eat ah, forget forget what happened afterwards really do not want to think about, hoping that their select Yes. "Well, after visiting the base, and we go home to celebrate." Able to visit the entire NERV, which makes Yalin very excited, of course, Yalin heart to understand something secret that he is simply not entitled to know the even visited only by Miri told myself, where is the place to contact and activities. "Celebrating? But I quite expect." Think of last night's delicious Katsuragi Misato feel some wet mouth, it was really eager to home, by contrast, visited the base has become there no thing. Dinner temptation not because Yalin, all in all, visit the the Yalin underground base and did not last too long, Katsuragi Misato simply told Yalin her daily work, but also when there is no need Yalin followed do not know, like confidential operational meetings, Yalin nature is not entitled to participate. Nodded, Yalin said they have in mind, and he credited the entire base environment position a clear, it would be his professional instincts. "So is all these and so you officially start work, and then a little bit familiar with good simple introduction, Katsuragi Misato ready quickly with Yalin home, she can not wait to have some for a delicious dinner a. Miri, how do you not go? There it is ... "do not leave and so the Misato Katsuragi took Yalin, crashed, two near the door suddenly opened, and out of cubicles, wearing a white sè coat, has a golden sè short hair, beautiful faces, wearing glasses, his eyes a tear mole, Yalin first glance to recognize her identity. See Katsuragi Misato turned out not to leave the white coat beauty seemed very surprised, but when she saw around Katsuragi Misato Yalin, but suddenly froze in the spot. The "You ...... Yalin?" White coat beauty face full of disbelief, although a suit and wearing dark glasses, but the other one will know Yalin identity. "Long time no see, Ritsuko Yalin really did not expect that the other side could be so fast recognized since recognized, then say hello natural inevitable. Yes, at this time standing the Yalin before, and that is one of the year's best buddies foursome, now, as a lesson of the Chief of the the NERV Department of Technology Development Division staff, the person in charge of the EVA development plan - Akagi Ritsuko! Speaking of this Akagi Ritsuko in EVA plot, is a tragic figure, though is a brilliant scientist, but her fate is so people get, even in the final outcome, she was also Gendo Ikari ruthless shot and killed shè, Yalin into chaos, and whether to change her fate? Indeed Long time no see ... eight years, you really went to where to go? "Akagi Ritsuko steps approached, it is clear that once again see Yalin so she was very excited to see than even Katsuragi Misato Yalin when To excited on a bit, this is how it happened? Well happened a lot of things well, so ... "Yalin expression a little embarrassed, Ritsuko you next to me the distance is not it a little bit too close? Miri, but still watching it. (To be continued
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