Shun Zhang support was brought

September 13 [Fri], 2013, 17:04
Seagrass with long office will suddenly notice convening , in addition to three Standing Committee , there is not another four Standing Committee , deputy magistrate , plus getting laughs and some people suddenly put small crowded . Four deputy governor , there is a non- party deputy governor , called the National true, this man is entirely a nice guy, when it was from a high Zhen-Shan , deputy magistrate , there are now also a deputy governor , deputy governor in which seniority is very old , there is a female deputy governor xìng , called Xu Xiuying , this woman usually also do not speak to that for a set of agricultural technology , is an expert -based deputy head , the two men seriously speaking , in every second meeting , in addition to relate to their work , they do not blend into the matter in . There are also two deputy magistrate will active number , the one that is Wu Xiaoping , another one called the high share of gold, this high share gold in the city or some relationship , is said to have been party Shun Zhang support was brought to the people, is this just to grass sea ​​. Ye Zetao came in, saw Goodwell has arrived , the two shook hands after the other deputy governor who also scrambling to come up with Ye Zetao handshake. Ye Zetao with the deputy governor who shook hands with the future, they look to other department heads who nodded . Ye Zetao is really a lot of people , especially to see the Spring Township one day a phase change, he had prestige among the masses were set up , the cadres are also convinced him to leadership. Ye Zetao so approachable, it is even more aroused our favor, the conference room to the emergence of a lively scene . Goodwell sitting around , Ye Zetao small channel: " how suddenly informed the meeting ? " "Who knows , he might want to get something ? " Boardroom too many people , they did not say, are sitting there Sun Gang quietly waiting for the arrival . As a magistrate, Sun Gang spectrum or to the pendulum , the general meeting will be stepping on the hour he entered , this is no exception . Seeing it is almost time when Sun Gang walked in front , his secretary carrying his stuff in the Outlet North Face back along with it toward this meeting room came. Eyes looked at everyone 's face , smiling with Sun Gang Gao Wei shook hands and said: " come back ? ' " Is also just arrived . " Reach out and North Face Gore Tex Sale shake to Ye Zetao said:" Just arrived , right ? " " Received notification rushed over . " Ye Zetao also smile. Sun Gang, deputy governor and with several shook hands . Shook hands later, Sun Gang sat down in the past . In everyone's eyes scanned the one who , Sun Gang 's good mood , the kind of control over all the pleasure in my heart. "Today we called to have some things to talk about, seagrass County has a new team in place for some time almost all of the run-in , and to know the development of provincial and municipal levels seagrass leaders are important , in order to the seagrass County do a good job , we have to put all our energy on work . " here a pound the table , Sun Gang loudly: " Some of our comrades to now there is no work on the heart since 〗 〖 by the undisciplined , especially some of the department's main leaders simply do not mind the work , regardless of the tube , do not grasp the grip , the long run , our work is bound to be constrained county , today conference , the most important one is to reorganize the county work style issues ! " summoned to everyone , the study of this thing ! Goodwell it looked Ye Zetao an idea maybe today they have an ulterior motive Sun Gang would look too hard to say ! To improve the look to be wary . Sun Gang , then the same is a shock for the participants , Sun Gang has not seen any major action, it hands today ? Sun Gang getting more and more vigorously, put a table and looks straight ring style from the work of various departments talk , talk about a lot of content. Sun Gang Ye Zetao beginning or endorse the argument is indeed a work style to quickly reverse the problem . However, with the Sun Gang 's speech , the situation began to change , Sun Gang pointing the finger of blame on to a few Ye Zetao people, more rich people is directed at Sun . Very eager to be knocked off the Sun Min rich ! Sun Gang Ye Zetao have been able to feel that God eagerness . Paused, Sun Gang rich people look to the Sun , said: "Our government is very problematic thing to do , the saying goes, is a raging soldiers , the flaming nest , your office related to the county's development plan , the number of pairs of eyes look at you , you look at your work done is really a mess . did not give to the rich people 's face, which began to curse them . SUN rich people 's hearts is full of not convinced that all along, even Cui Yongzhi out the things that Zhaowei Jiang out of things when he is still very serious work, the government did not like the work of the Office , said Sun Gang as a big problem, today Sun Gang obviously take this opportunity to move himself . how to do ? Sun rich people 's eyes to look to the Ye Zetao , he knew only Ye Zetao can now guarding himself. Ye Zetao certainly understand the idea of ​​Sun Gang , and today he is to Li Wei , the Sun and rich people ruined , which also erected in disguise his own prestige. first tentative ! this is the idea of ​​Goodwell today Sun Gang, this is not the prestige fight back, cadres who successfully implemented significant changes occur . lightly made ​​a cry, Ye Zetao the cup to the table on a shelf that sound is a bit big , look over to see everyone 's eyes , Ye Zetao look to Sun Gang said: "Sun magistrate, I say a few words. " There is no such consent Sun Gang , Ye Zetao and he said :" Sun magistrate criticism , and its aim is of course hope that all departments are able to unify the work of the heart , there's something I want to say about the government to do the work is good the Government Office has two consecutive years was named Li advanced collective , since it is an advanced collective , it shows the government 's job is to do excellent , the last to the city , Mayor Zhang Wenxiang specifically on our county government office recognition of work carried out , comrades ah , I hope in the next step in the work we have carried out self-test , to the Government Office of learning, and also take a few advanced back. " Sun Gang That seat is entirely refute words , there is no rebuttal to the Sun Gang face , to put it is so reasonable. Gao Wei immediately pick words and said: " Ye County in saying that we do any things have facts and truth, your truth is what ? Is recognized by the masses , so that levels of satisfaction , in this regard , Sun Min Fu comrades behaved very good ! " Ye Zetao also said: " Two days ago Sun Spring Township Mayor also spoke to the government to do the work of great strength for the government to do to add fresh blood , in so heavy work pressure, Sun Min Fu comrades can withstand pressure work , I think , which explains the dedication of Comrade Sun rich people , some of our departments that exist in the case of loose style of work is a problem , we hope to implement the requirements SUN county down, back problems, county Lane will be dealt with severely ! "Here, Ye Bantao nodded toward the Sun Gang said: " Sun said county proceed . " Said ass ! Ye Zetao and high- Wei Sun in the middle force tǐng rich people , which is entirely in the face playing Sun Gang , SUN Gang angry one time really is find North Face Ribbon Outlet some words . Seriously though , said Ye Zetao thing is justified , Sun Min Fu Ren Government Office a few years , every year is the advanced course , this kind of relationship has advanced more is on the inside . However, since people put Li advanced Dounong back, and then criticize their own style of work , it is not playing Li 's face, which is to say the assessment of advanced chaos inside the city ? participants who are not scared of light , today this thing really made ​​us one time some can not easily speak to the entire Sun Sun Gang rich people , and rich people borrow things to bring Sun open learning . has not waiting for this knife down, Ye Zetao and joint check Goodwell already is , we do not revisit the rules of officialdom ! really is such a thing some meaning , Sun Gang impossible to talk to superiors complained , if you really looking for a higher level , which indicates that he did not control the government 's ability , especially the two standing objection, it further indicates that his kind of arbitrariness and lack of unity members of the team of Sun Gang , deputy governor of the eyes to see Wu Xiaoping , you saw that Wu Xiaoping was there a daze . Gao Wei Wu Xiaoping saw Sun Gang look to the eyes, mind a move, said: "I just talked county Sun discipline problems and work style issues , this matter I think, or who have a special task is , I suggest Xiaoping, deputy governor arrested this thing , this thing is not a sector and the two sectors things that do not do a mess Da Banzai ! " Ye Zetao nodded:" Comrade Xiaoping was the best candidate for the job by his task well . " Goodwell will look to several other deputy governor . Everyone thought this would headache , grasping the work actually has a lot of difficulty, a good grasp did not score at all, grasp well, the board to pay the work will surely be caught this person . Wu Xiaoping trying turned down , the deputy governor of Gao Zhan Jin , and he said : "I agree with this , that a man came about these things , there came Comrade Xiaoping , believe the whole County face will be a big change. "At this time , Sun is the most rich people 〗 〖 Xing Fen , invested in the Ye Zetao one really is correct , the critical time Ye Zetao withstood ! Sun is the idea that rich people , some other cadres who also had an impact in terms of ideology , Since this time the Sun Gang showed strong , and made everyone thinks Sun Gang and Ye Zetao struggle , Ye Zetao did not have any strength to fight back , and now looks Sun Gang is not looking so bad ! maybe Sun Gang in the sea really is no match for Ye Zetao leather also hard to say ! people's mentality is changing , Sun Gang , after all, with little experience in politics , he always thought he was governor , when speaking in such a meeting , no one would dare to openly oppose the following today, suddenly come up with this , or be two county Committee in opposition , and made only a theory Sun Gang stuck in there, half are unable to speak , as if to see everyone mocking eyes, Sun Gang could bear , pointing Ye Zetao a pound the table and said: " Ye Zetao , you want to do ? " Ye Zetao leisurely said: " This is a business meeting , we can smooth the yù Introduction Well ! " " You ...... " Sun Gang to have a runaway impulses. ! .
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