sentence allows the river waves startled

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() One thousand and twenty six chapters who are crazy? Although originally issued Toho ice play and Choi Heng Zhao, also reported to the East Bai triggered a series of events, the East series even hired to steal the moon palace and Choi Zhao Heng, such as non-empty cow that thing is occupied past studies, As early as the two sides fear is fighting to the bitter end and Choi. Is the case, it still is Runan Zhou and Choi brains, and finally come up with Wu Xiaguo South Qingwan of marriage, but Zhao Heng never acknowledged that they have and Choi, not to let people know Hersbit Where, he handle the situation with care universally famous jade piece. But in order to ride the waves beat Jiang Zhou also to test the degree of attention to, do not hesitate to drop out of the fight against Zhao Heng Jiang waves, and Choi was appointed to marry Miss Zhou Shisan, a short sentence allows the river waves startled mind, frozen smile is like stagnant, soon to give birth to the beholder. "Zhao Heng" Jiang waves teeth spit out the word, not only know Zhao Heng Zhou and Choi on the role, but also know that he and Miss Zhou Shisan political marriage, clear out the horrors of intelligence sources Zhao Yu, also bloody Zhao Heng Thunder demonstrate means of a hammer blow in his seven inches. Perhaps in others it seems difficult to shake a Hersbit waves and three Miss Jiang marriage, after all, and Zhou Jiang Zhonghua in the principal's face, but knowing Ru'nan Zhou and Choi hot on river waves, but did not dare Zhao Heng behavior completely absurd not give birth to conclude that the slightest variables. South longevity Peace Prize could not carry the South Tragic marry Wuxia Guo, who can guarantee that no order and Choi Chow married three Miss? He compared the river waves, it has sought to be more concerned about the orthodox Zhou and Choi, so the face of the threat of Zhao Heng Jiang could not stop the waves of wrath. "Southern Miss, I beg you for my country tomorrow announcement." Zhao Heng did not care about the river waves are difficult to hide anger, looked up at the opening of the South Tragic softly: "borrow Chinese national television station sent a message to far abroad Ru'nan Zhou, inform I intend to get through the ages Zhao Heng Yu and Choi, willing to ask this as dowry to marry Miss Zhou Shisan. "South Tragic though I do not know what and Choi, it is unclear what drugs to sell gourd Zhao Heng, but she can clearly see the river has always been confident smile waves break, she smiled and took the topic: "Hang less worry, I'll planned neat, gem gift beauty, how?" Zhao Heng laughed: "Very good." Then he called the eyes look Wuxia Guo's body, the latter holding a knife cold eyes watching two people, Zhao Heng sigh: "Wu less, I explain to you not because I am afraid of you, but do not want you to be shameless little people use. "" I am the patient is also some respect. "" Well, well, you know I'm a patient. "Wuxia Guo haughty not anger swept Zhao Heng South Tragic one, his finger on the Long Knives Gently Maguo, he knew what to do know what will happen, but he was a faint chuckle: "turned out to be patient, it will not break the law to kill knives to injure." slightly startled the crowd as well as his words Jiang waves transform the idea to stop when the body has to Zhao Heng Wu Xiaguo burst shè out a long knife a finger, pointing like a meteor in general Zhao Heng chest, this move fast and fierce, and in the most extreme impact, toward the target site bursts. If you really want to stab in the human body, estimates have put forward a broken sternum Zhao Heng, Zhao Heng Lian hide just did not hide, he looked calm water Wuxia Guo, the next second, around South Tragic explosion shè out stickers the blade to Wuxia Guo bully directly beside a note fist smacked. Wuxia Guo eyes bursting out with a touch of light, long knife in his hands too late to recover, but do not want to use it to hurt South Tragic, then raised his left hand to block South Tragic closed fist, palm Shitailichen middle fist, while in others it secretly cheering, South Tragic they have felt good. Wuxia Guo Zhe Yiquan seemingly hit the palm, but it is a little noise without, South Tragic know what actually hit the air in the absence of any real place, even impossible to leveraging, then see also Wu Xiaguo arm a soft, Southern Qingwan of stature in this moment, have rushed forward Anjiao a cry poor South Tragic receding will kick back straight, Wuxia Guo beat up and not be slow, but has been a beat on her shoulder, South Tragic first feel a Share North Face Scythe Clearance vigorously flooded over, but then found that the force all but disappeared, she subconsciously steaming back a few steps. Mercy? South Tragic also looking back two steps Wuxia Guo, frowned and seemed to understand each other mercy, then tentatively been approached about Zhao Heng gently waving discouraging: "Southern Miss, you are in Hong Kong's injury has not good agile, there is no need for his help and for Zhao Heng out of this head. "South Tragic lengthy North Face Outlet Sale smile back down, Wuxia Guo then keep people awake horror trend, waving machetes rushed forward and beheaded like Zhao Heng, but the river waves quickly at first half a beat seized him, and he looked coldly Zhao Heng opening: "Shao, well, here is the state television." Jiang seemed reluctant to ride the waves again angered Zhao Heng, so take conciliatory attitude: "make a big thing for Wu house effect is not good, this rì a note of it in advance, Zhao Heng another day we find justice. "said these words, the river waves look in anger I also quite stuck. Come live with Wuxia Guo himself caught jiān, want to let grudges between Wuxia Guo Zhao Heng with deeper, the best on a dead between two people, but Zhao Heng resorted to the killer so he is difficult to fight, he angered Zhao Heng fear of their own , when the latter really throws Hersbit trouble. "Zhao Heng, your hands really Hersbit?" In the moments before leaving pulling Wuxia Guo Jiang Zhao Heng waves eyes staring at the cold, although the original Toho ice intelligence Zhao Heng hands and Choi, himself and East Taebaek they follow to believe, but the face of Zhao Heng now threatened himself, he would rather it is a bluff. Zhao Heng Yaozhelunyi slowly forward, mouth brought a faint smile: "Jiang waves, do not want to test out the actual situation from my mouth, I can only tell you that tomorrow morning and Choi made the news will spread throughout China recruits and even country world, when you know I have that thing. "" Zhao Heng, you do not go too far in his nǎinǎi. "life is not so smooth river waves encounter much frustration, face their most proud of marriage there are variables to give birth to anger, he was Zhao Heng shouted: "You dirty tricks off of the East line of hundreds jīng English, but also in Hong Kong crippled Long Erh them, do not give my grandfather face." His whole body exudes yīn Cold momentum: "Former child also destroy some rì Wang, so that others do not ghosts not ghosts demonstrations to me, which I can tolerate can take with you afterwards, but you want to destroy my marriage with three young lady, I Jiang potential waves keep you break the death until they die. "" pit bull? "Zhao Heng mouth evoke a touch of a smile, looking at the river waves noncommittal:" momentum seems to have the old East freak look, but do not care about this a little less, I Everything made clear conscience, and you miss with three marriage, it will be vulnerable to sabotage me? "Jiang waves sè slightly pale face, fingers bent up virtually, Zhao Heng did not stop there , a single word against him: "Do not you even emotional blocks and Choi are not as? turned out to be so passionless marriage, why with three small river marry Miss?" "I do not you tube" ride the waves of the river voice shouted: "But I tell you jǐng not destroy." Zhao Heng rocking chair rocking waves in the river in front, fingers Canada Goose Kensington Parka CG55 gently tapping the edge of a chair and said: "I do not manage your thing, that thing Miss Shao-South , how do you manage up? do you like chaos out unitary moths do something, I will get to play with both hands and Choi, take a look at who withstood. "river mouth waves affect:" you "no longer silent Dali Zhao Heng He, fine, clear waved away, Zhao Heng Jiang waves looked back pretty bad mood, loose and tight fists another loose, put a few hard words are my heart, the fleet Wuxia Guo's head getting in the way , a pair of clear eyes flashing light. "Jiang less, Zhao Heng really arrogant." Wuxia Guo calm look like: "with the Russians, should have a duel of the" river waves heard slightly hesitated, which is entirely what you just talked about it, now Wuxia Guo Such a U-turn, said passing touch his heart unhappy, feeling each other some schadenfreude, but then expect the other side is the patient, he can only be suppressed lessons Wuxia Guo words. "Jiang less, the more little find me." Ride the waves in the river exhaled a long breath, the Wuxia Guo and clear thinking blurting: "She is the largest Buddhist temple in the morning and blocked me, she wanted me to help kill you, little river This is a good opportunity to deal with Zhao Heng, a little more if used properly, can borrow Zhao Heng knife away. "Jiang waves look a condensate:" The more little find you? kill me? "Of course he clearly more Who is little, it was Zhao Heng intelligence leader. Wuxia Guo looked calm nod, people simply can not judge his words true and false: "Yes she is willing to marry my concubine, in order to exchange for me to help her kill your chances, I see this is a good opportunity So pretend promised little more, you see how to arrange? "" This is indeed an opportunity. "Jiang waves face first a joy, but it is disturbing to see Wu Xiaguo look. He suddenly found that Wu Xiaguo than any normal as normal. ps: Flowers 1840 to add more, thank you for support. 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