The personal wearing little fox necklace suddenly providential

December 19 [Wed], 2012, 16:00

Lil 'Since the wear wolf cloak of With few month wolf cloak warm in winter and cool in summer, so even if it is a night of cold water, Lill is only wearing a thin jacket, put on monthly wolf cloak on it! The personal wearing little fox necklace suddenly providential grabbed out, with the pinched together with the coat with underwear. . . Providential moment of all the jīng God are concentrated in glaucoma top eyes tightly against magic nucleus, but he did not know enough to own this perspective Lill's Ao people glance! Lil suffered sudden came attacks happened, stayed stunned. Wind. . . Is the wind! Lil 'At this time feel the slightest cool of his own chest, suddenly ashamed, left hand holding his chest, right hand pushes providential later married. I will. Wind element!! That wind element! Ha ha ha ha! do not speak. . . Yuer comfortable lying, head leaning against the providential Tuibian, the tail ran into a lil Tuibian. . . Space, asleep also comfortable! Silence maintained a day, until the sun goes down, the rest began camp. Three tents around the campfire in the middle, so there is no tent providential responsible for the vigil. Compared Yuer prefer to sleep next to the fire and slept in a tent. Expand the soul heaven-sent, the green sè light zì yóu soul into the shuttle, more and more dense, they collide, the friction. Even if the elements of a wind speed slows down, the light is dim, his speed will increase as long as the hit a wind element, light also will be strong, as stronger than his wind element absorbed into the general energy. But if it stops before the energy is not absorbed into the wind element will completely disappear. Good strange wind element ah! Wind elements, are fixed presence of the element of fire, and have not seen until now providential that the element of fire will disappear for no reason. Even water, the element of fire is just laziness, slow is better in the air just as active, but certainly will not disappear. disappeared to produce. wonder! I know! or misunderstood! Now is not feces feces the Wong Nai falls crotch! To blame only themselves to blame was too excited, plus no one knows the things of heaven-sent soul, it is no wonder that Lil 'misunderstanding. . . Hearts injustice ah! Everything to restore calm, only in front of a bonfire lovemaking sounds. Wind element it? We used to rely on the meditation, I the slightly concentrated jīng God is capable of sensing to improve because I wind elemental affinity sake! Lil 'hearts Yi Chan surprise it comes to talk about your induction into the wind element in the end is what? what I do not feel it just feel a chaos even if released Air Magic are also relying on some fuzzy feeling to control but three magician when this feeling seems clear. fusion month nuclear, wind element affinity greatly improved, I now feel that they are of a piece, like the clouds of heaven, but I know that is definitely not the way of the real elements of wind, it may be because I have to affinity is not high enough to see them! feel the wind element, a point, a light providential brother. you can actually see the look of a wind element. amazing! Looking at the a providential firm attitude, Lill still can not accept the fact that Lill, you did not feel the wind element elements suddenly disappear? a wind element, but a fuzzy one, so so we will not sensitive to the disappearance of the individual wind element UGG Bailey Bow Boots! they disappear? The morning sun rising slowly, between heaven and earth light elements over dark elements again. The carriage proceeded for two days, came days tears the foot of the hill. It has not yet felt in the distance, to the true foot of the mountain, the providential before felt days tears Hill's majestic. Huge body thick snow covered, occasionally exposed a little gray a sharp sè the mountain, the mighty wind, snow float, Weishan body cage on a layer of pale white mist, white clouds drifting away from the mountainside, and the snow melt is one. Avenue straight into the mountain range of the days of tears. Along the roadside, there is a large inn near, between merchants pedestrian will rest. Stopped at the inn door, spacious door hung a significant purpose signs blizzard Inn Bingxin glanced at the heaven-sent ! Providential smile noncommittal. Walked into the inn, inside snow polytheism the people know Xuenv Bing Xin, responsible for treasurer quickly meet up, look into extremely respectful. Two hierarch of the guests! You give us to prepare three good rooms, we have to rest for a night, tomorrow on the holy mountain! Give us the way to prepare some food! Good rest for a night, the next day three moving body sacred mountain, the treasurer of the three has been sent to the days of tears the foot of the mountain. The foot of the mountain snow is not thick, there are a lot of hardy vegetation and Keke straight and tall pine snow thick Crimping. An artificial cut the rough stone steps leading to the top of the hill. The whole mountain are covered with Julius Julius snow, but the stone steps sweep it clean. Still still feel the foot of the mountain along the stone steps to go up half a day. The days of the Holy Land tears peaks over eight thousand eight hundred meters from the ground! Eight thousand eight hundred. time to ten years in the Blood Sacrifice snow goddess of the leader and two elders up, usually even the guru himself will not be able to privately go up, let alone an outsider! Warcraft which is even more less, the way only occasionally hear some transactions to see some small Warcraft. Optional Cloud City to our snow polytheism choose Cloud City! over half a day is the Wind Shrine and snow Shrine Beyond it, an hour further on, Tianshui Lake and pulpit our guru will teach the altar met you! The stone steps to the top of the erection of a huge stone Cries came the sound of training in the middle square. or snow Shrine become a shrine escort but we practitioners of magic limited wind system and Water Magic, which the more demanding requirements of river systems, able to campaign only zì yóu use the magic of the ice class escort, so long to the Wind Shrine strength is always stronger than we ice shrine that served as leader of most the Wind Shrine elders successor. Even the Wind Shrine elders punishment facing the wall thinking offend adults, even if the adults do not kill them, back to the Church of the leader will be strictly punished Canada Goose Trillium Sale, living death! such a man is worthy of me they regret it? See Bingxin walked, the guard at the entrance taxi guard who quickly came to say hello. Bing Xin, and they did not say the with providential two directly into the village in a better housing being. The providential sitting room, expand the consciousness of the entire selection in Cloud City within the soul. the backbone! Got up early the next day, after breakfast, three people through the selection Cloud City continue to go up. Go on the first day because the altitude is not high, there are a lot of vegetation, so the wind is not great. But choose Cloud City Beyond it go, basically there is no vegetation, the wind is also larger than the following many roared rolled up scattered snow blowing trio covered are. Providential and Lil carefully walked everywhere the white snow flying far from the road to see more of this is unclear. Gone most of the day Mu contingent looked up and saw two magnificent main hall the young sè the roofs white sè of wall not far from the snow into the door standing block tall archway above were written Wind Shrine, snow Shrine! 10 white guards standing in the door of each body upright without by the roar of the snow. Lil stroked whole wind scattered hair Providential snow directly into the shrine with Bing Xin. Yuer from providential shoulder jumping down Jiling shook the share of full body snow. Magic lamp is shining, the snow Shrine is very bright and warm, and outside the grand different the inside dress jīng fine. Magic lamp furnishings, carpet laying, tables and chairs furnishings are very particular about. Lake across a cove, where snow polytheistic worship. Into the cove here is surprisingly calm and warm, and the wind whistled outside simply two distinct environments. The cove of growth a lot of pine, vines, and there is no wind and snow pressure top looks green one. praise one. , can tell me what? Providential around and Lil 'look, feeling feel the magic elements thin poor Why? Lil 'intentions of feeling, trying to gather wind element, but the efforts of half a day and did not gather the wind element, even the defensive shield are not put out our historical records the Caixing into the pulpit before our snow polytheism establish, and the newly formed when the four elements are not Mens North Face Polo Cheap. Nature in the terrain or other reasons, certain elements thin some kind of strong elements is a normal thing, but not a place like here, the four elements are thin to death if Bing Xin said is true, and years ago this was not like this, but suddenly become such that more is incredible. Providential looked down, I saw more than twenty in the distance coming. A nice browed old man is headed. The old man followed behind five impressively, including the wind temple elders, and the snow temple elders. The the wind temple elders next station is the wind so Pu'er great magician.
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