he left the front for the yellow

September 14 [Sat], 2013, 15:26
Ye Zetao strong face , the yellow left front do not have any power of the counter , watching Ye Zetao that look yellow left front flustered , even if the scene did not say , is turned and went out . Huang left front in front of others can play point momentum in Ye Zetao front of him he even talk some unable to speak , was Ye Zetao body weight that is very natural momentum completely breathless. Huang Feng 's left to do some assigned let Ye Zetao Unexpectedly, the left front of the yellow wanted to provoke anger , and then against it, even now see Huang left front receded , Ye Zetao Antan heard, this opportunity is not easy to get , pity ! However, Ye Zetao of these dandy xìng grid also somewhat grasp , face to them is the most important thing, maybe that happened , they would come back face , and say , Jane home may also like reception by the things that matter today , which is also simple family had a chance. Now is not urgent, Ye Zetao need to wait for it. Ye Zetao pity here , he does not know is that he left the front for the yellow thing let his prestige increased again , see Huang Feng Lian Ye Zetao left are afraid , we look to Ye Zetao in the eyes of some inexplicable means more . Ye Zetao very vigorous early legends , but now I find that not vigorous general , people come to occupy the manager a few words very level , and immediately left the weight Huang Feng speechless. At this time is there are a lot of people came up with Ye Zetao introduce themselves with . "Ye brother, what happened ? " Then Liu Zheng they hurried over . Here Ye Zetao being heard and yellow left front right right , they would have just these few people are joking with everybody rushed over . Now people want to have to understand Liu , Liu Ye Zetao is a banner , at least the younger generation a banner , Liu Ye Zetao thing to do. " Nothing to do ! " Ye Zetao seem indifferent . People rush from seeing Liu , Ye Zetao also understand it, right now they have not exclude Liu , and their development , the better , the more emboldened Liu people , this is a win-win situation . " Zhang Feng , how is it ? " Look to Zhang Feng Liu Fan . Looked Ye Zetao a , Zhang Feng had to go through the situation generally speaking again. Zhang Feng to also put it objectively , did not join anything, these things do have a lot of people saw it when he said it in front of everyone talking . Some people do not really understand the situation , all around to see warm , now hear Zhang Feng a say, we come to understand , this is the people on both sides . This is not a trivial thing ah ! Zhang Feng look , you know, Zhang Feng thing but is trivial , and both sides by Zhang Feng thing is nothing more than to make trouble , it is likely that things will develop into a major event. How many people have some excitement . After listening to Liu loudly: "Dog rì of Li Yue, themselves to die , even lifting a reinforcement , Ge Jige , we have hit home , and I went to see that Jane will not dry punch guarding Li Yue ! "It's something more obvious is Li mess out of things, Liu who is not weak now , with the upper stream Liu Dong , compared with Jane home does not fall behind . Since Jane wants something home , Liu people and certainly not able to weak momentum. "Well, this thing , so be it ! " Such things become significant , Liu Dong stream did much good , Ye Zetao in each other without further act, or do not want to blow up . Anyway, the presence of so many people today say Huang left front tutor problem, I believe this thing left for Huang Feng 's father will have some impact . Liu Zheng Ye Zetao few people to hear it, but there scolded a while . Liu Ye Zetao listening to a few people curse , look at the crowd of people , hearts happy , originally looking for opportunities to get angry about, I did not expect Li Yue Coushang come on , hit Li Yue, now reprimanded the yellow left front , even with Jane put the argument came rushing dry , it can be said that a huge harvest . Did not say, Ye Zetao see that there are some chairs , walked over sat down . Ye Zetao also has an idea, he wanted to wait for the arrival of Jane dry punch them , if Jane dry yellow left front punch to succeed , this will come anyway , just to show their generosity , saying that well, in fact , this how Canada Goose Men's Ontario could something inconsequential , dry red is not that simple to come, in which the capital was Liu pressed one , he was coming anyway . Several Liu also sensible, uttered purpose is to lead Jane rushed to dry . Liu Fan Ye Zetao walked sat beside a small channel: "will not come ? " Ye Zetao smiled and said: " a rare opportunity ." Liu Fan on nodded. Liu need a big opportunity to tree Granville , Jane now has rushed out to dry , this power or less, to be a very good opportunity. "Ye brother , you see this thing ? " Zhang Feng Today is the people are offended , tears in his mind was , came Ye Zetao side whispered . For Zhang Feng can in this case also the courage left front shock yellow things are satisfied , Ye Zetao smile: " Which one is not the capital of the capital, who would take how are you ? " Said this, Ye Zetao is demonstrated one kind of very strong sense of confidence . Zhang Feng Ye Zetao see what it looks like , that can be considered a panic mood calmer . Ye Zetao stood toward some come to understand the Suqian tone looked on Zhang Feng said: "I think she is not fit to stay in show business ! " This is a very beautiful girl makes them good thing , the more famous story , her circle of people will be more , Ye Zetao have some worried about her things. Think of Suqian shadow thing when Ye Zetao also lamented the Suqian shadow luck , there are two VIP consecutive fancy her daughter became recognized , but for so long I do not know Suqian film what it was like ! Zhang Feng North Face Denali Hoodie Sale had a headache with this matter , for which she was a girl, even if they are being played with him did not dry line , this is the shadow of the little sister ah that Suqian , which protect the great pressure ! "Ye brother say yes ! " " What is she ? " Liu Fan also noted that Ye Zetao tone for Suqian concern whispered . " Shadows of the young girl ." Ye Zetao did not deceive him, and said so a . Liu Fan 's eyes a condensate , they looked in the past toward Suqian tone . This look only to find Suqian Suqian video with sound really looked like . Originally Ye Zetao in protecting their own small Yimei ah ! Liu recently how many people can be considered that the Ye Zetao relationship with Suqian shadow , to say the least , are the sons and daughters of dry Huyan Bo proud of the things worth Ye Zetao shot protection, where to put these things to say too plausible. " I went to see how to do simple dry punch ! " If you want to understand later, Liu Fan has a kind of a big fight on the impulse , this matter relates to the Bo family Huyan proud , very interesting ! Liu is also one of the few people then sit understand the situation, this girl is the daughter Huyan Bo proud sister , and this is Huyan Bo proud family , Jane dry punch they even let Huyan Bo proud female xì ; ng accompany them merry , put where the party is unreasonable , this may also Huyan Bo proud to take Canada Goose Toronto this incident Biao about it ! Liu saw several children understand their intention , Ye Zetao also chuckle endless, Huyan Bo proud to step down , and was looking for an opportunity to send Biao about, so let us be overlooked in him, it is difficult to find an opportunity , and now what I do is to create an opportunity Huyan Bo proud . This rare opportunity ! Beckoned , Ye Zetao on Suqian tone: "Little Sue it, you come sit down ." Suqian sound today to see things that she had never seen before , the arrival of people are VIP existence her mood is uneasy . The most important thing is to see Ye Zetao for her love, hearts for Ye Zetao it is filled with a reverence. Hear Ye Zetao called her in the past , Suqian sound totally do not know how do we go , and the hearts already happy , but it is somewhat timidly walked past. " Shao good ! " Suqian sound very respectfully Ye Zetao said. "You play the movie is very good , I also like to watch ." Ye Zetao this on their own small Yimei showed a warm look. " Shao flattering, but I'm learning ." "This circle was too complicated, you must be mentally prepared job today, I could protect got you, after it ? " Ye Zetao reminded again. Suqian sound not stupid , things today are also able to understand that Huang Feng intentionally left called his past , nothing is to accompany the son of man having fun . This kind of thing happens inside the circle too much, listen to hear too many things . Now hear this one say when Ye Zetao , Suqian sound the first time found himself this show business like too overly idealistic. See Suqian where contemplative tone , Ye Zetao look to Zhang Feng said: "You have done very well in life have to do this , the stronger it must be strong ! " Zhang Feng busy, said : "There are leaves brother as I decide , I a relief ! "He actually still thinking about the situation after it happened , even the Huang family who do not speak, does not mean they do not make trouble for himself , after which the company had opened , in the end how to do it ? Ye Zetao completely Ming Bai Zhangfeng idea, but it also does not explain . The yellow left front jumped out Huyan proud Bo does not get angry on the fills , a shout to the top of somebody under knife, the Huang family Father is a deputy minister , he can no longer stay in both hard to say who the child . Ye Zetao understand that better , this matter is also optimistic estimate Haoyu secretary , and get rid of a deputy minister , may be put to a number obedient . "Ye brother, I tell you a thing ." Said Zhang Feng Ye Zetao whispered . Zhang Feng looked , Ye Zetao asked: " come with me to the bathroom now ." Ye Zetao stood up when Zhang Feng to that assistant so that the eye sè, two of them accompanied Ye Zetao away toward the direction of the toilet .
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