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April 30 [Wed], 2014, 10:27
About what size shoe would a 7 year old girl wear

My step daughter is coming to visit for the summer, and i want to have some things ready for her when she gets here.In clothes, i just got size 7s.But does anyone have a guess at what size shoe she would wear?What size shoe does your 7 year old daughter wear?I know it wont be exact, but if im going to get some flip flops or something.

Anyway, i think shes on the smaller side of average, i would say she weighs about 45 lbs.Shes just slightly smaller than my 7 year old son, and he is 50 lbs and wears a size 1 shoe, but i think girls feet tend to be smaller.Any ideas would be wonderful!Thanks.Oh, and please dont say to louboutinpascherfemme call and ask her mother.Its a miracle that she is letting her come down here, but the woman never answers her phone and wouldnt be to excited to call me back.

Thanks for the input already.I would like to at least have 1 pair of shoes for her when she gets here, because her mother is sending her down with nothing, and i wouldnt be suprised at all if she sent her down with no shoes, shes done it before.I plan on taking her shopping once she is here, but i dont want to have to run out the minute she gets here if she has no shoes.

Its nice that your trying to have things ready for her.I try some flip flops your sons size or my granddaughters favorite, those ugly crocs with a back strap.You can use w/o the strap if they to small.

My granddaughter has huge feet so i can guess the right size for you.Mine is almost 11 and wearing womens size 9 shoes.

She wore a 2 or so at 7.Good luck.

My oldest grand was tiny and wore size 5 clothes for 3 years.She was about the size of your 7 y/o christian louboutin chaussures femme and had little feet.

I know what you mean about calling her mom.I had to deal with that for years.The hardest part about getting married to a man withan ex and kids is not the kids at all.Its having an ex wife you never expected to have.Who would have thought you have an ex wife, huh?She is just as much your problem as your husbands, right?Does she make your daughter feel like she should hate you because you not her"Real mommy"?

Mine did but it was worth the pain.My two kids by marriage are my kids in every way but blood.They never called me mom but they do introduce me as thier mother.Plus i got to have lots more grand kids that way.Those kids are also my grands in every way.

Good luck, mom 2.You get it right and your step daughter will grow up to remember with love all you have done for her.If you get flip flops, you can always find some pretty cheap pairs, so i would suggest getting two different sizes:2 13 or 13 1 or 1 2.I don know the exact sizes the darned things come in. (Still need to go summer shoe shopping for my girls lol), but if you get one that a little too big she can grow into them, christian louboutin homme pas cher and if one pair is too small, you are only out a couple of bucks.

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