How to buy gold and jade necklace

January 17 [Fri], 2014, 14:12
How to buy gold necklace

Gold jewelry, identify quality inspection and identification

Tiffany outlet gold jewelry sold on the market, most equipped with quality inspection agency inspection identifies. Identify clearly marked jewelry gold content and weight. GB11887-2002 national standard provides the purity of gold and gold alloy scope see table:

Second, identify the jewelry mark

Jewelry mark is printed on the jewelry identification. Its content shall include: factory code, materials, purity. For example: x, 990, x-Au990, x-pure gold and so on.

When using different materials or different when the purity of precious metal jewelry, and purity of materials shall be indicated separately.

When jewelry too small too small causes, such as when you cannot print in mind, containing mark should be accompanied by identification of the content.

Three, buy jewelry should pay attention to its quality

Jewelry surface bright and clean, no sign of significant processing, sharp corners without burrs, do not prick not shaving. Appearance defects such as air holes, not inclusion. Casting jewelry free of cracks and visible defects; welding firm no apparent Burr; Bangle Bracelet-axis straight; column does not spin when the chain bracelets, necklaces, chain and buckle size matching; length of stud pins, ear wall elastic moderate.

IV compound weigh in time (only for jewelry settled in weight)

Tiffany Bracelet Online Store said: when you purchase jewelry settled in weight, compound weight verification.

Gold jewelry weight tolerance: ± 0.01 g/piece.

V, ask for sales documents

When buying gold jewelry, you should ask seller for sales documents.

Sales document must indicate: name jewelry, gold content, weight (only for jewelry settled in weight), and date of purchase and sale of seal. Six, we recommend that you to the formal, the business reputation of the shopping mall to buy, while gold jewelry should be equipped with a State-approved inspection body weight and precious metal content of certificates issued by check, which can reduce the risk of your shopping.

How to buy jade necklace

Due to wear thin in the summer is a good time for ladies and women wearing a jade necklace, our national common necklace is made from Crystal, jade, Dunstan jade, and Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses, jade and agate and other raw materials produced. Necklace containing the necklace around the neck, also known as the short necklaces, hanging outside the shirt collar and chest chest-long chain, also known as the long necklace. How to buy jade necklace?
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