Abroad diary of Asia: Japan tieweide-ball the first China debut

November 04 [Mon], 2013, 11:38
Beardsley after the Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson salivating, but in 1987 in Newcastle for 3 million pounds price it sold to Everton, Manchester United tried to sign the England international, but ultimately failed. At that point, a call from Leeds Chairman Bill Fotherby has completely changed the history of English football, precisely this calling led to Cantona joined Old Trafford, followed by a red dynasty was built up, Manchester United subsequently established in the Premier League's dominance. Now it looks like the echoes of the events was incredible.

Juventus signed Tevez from Manchester City this summer, David Trezeguet believes that Carlos Tevez will be the key to Juve's game against Real Madrid: "the acquisition of Tevez is perfect, he describes the arrival of Champions has begun to return to Juventus. Carlos Tevez and Gonzalo higuain are top striker, but Tevez is more suitable for Juve, I often thought, if it was me and Carlos Alberto Tevez partner, how wonderful it will be. But Juve now has a little Trent, he and Carlos Tevez combination easily reminds me of when me and del Piero combination. The number 10th? Curriculum vitae of Carlos Tevez prove he's worthy of the 10th. Del Piero also had Michel Platini before, everything would turn over a new leaf. "Andrea Pirlo and two veteran still is Buffon Juventus and Italy national team indispensable absolutely regular, two are not ideal. David Trezeguet says: "Andrea Pirlo was the best player, I was sorry not to be with him to stand, No. 300 goal or I can move in a few years to come. Andrea Pirlo's physical condition is very good, totally can also play the last few seasons, Ewing should keep him. Buffon has been questioned? Although he is no longer young, but in place of the goalkeeper, he is still a world class, I have not spoken to him on the phone, but returned to Juve,nike kd vi for sale I will first say hello to him. ”

10th in the Premiership, arsenal home 2-0 Lectra Liverpool, the home team's Japan midfielder gongshi failed to make a big list. Sunderland away 0-1 defeat against Hull City, Korea sent midfielder Makoto goes into roster did not debut, while his compatriot Chi Dongyuan failed to make a big list. Manchester United away 3-1 down Fulham, the home team Japan ACE Kagawa replacement Division debut, played the full match of the second half. Southampton 1-1 Stoke City away from home, visiting team Japan player Ji Tianma, Li Zhongcheng failed to enter the list. 1-0 arena, Cardiff City beat Swansea, the home team Korea avant Jin Fugui in the 88th-minute substitute to take the stage. Bundesliga, 11th round, 1-2 Frankfurt home defeat against Wolfsburg, the home team Japan attacking midfielder dry your entry list did not debut, team Korea midfielder philosophy due to injury failed to make a big list of HIV/AIDS. Stuttgart away 1-6 by Dortmund to wipe out visitors ' Japan Defender Sakai Gould's first full. 0-3 lost to Freiburg Nuremberg arena, start 11 round case (7-4), the home team Japan double star Makoto Hasebe and Qing Wu Hongsi both starters play the full match. 0-2 lost to Borussia moenchengladbach Hamburg arena, Chinese players Lin Zhijian enter home team roster did not debut. Schalke beat Hertha road 2-0, team Japan Defender Uchida Atsushi who first played the full match-home team Japan midfielder Hosogai MoE continues to play from the 55th minute to get a yellow card, was substituted in 87 minutes.
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