If you can dream

March 18 [Wed], 2015, 17:24
Once, I heard the most happiness words are - honey, today we go to eat? After dinner we why go? How can we spend this weekend?
Once upon a time, I try to pursue; Once, I love eternally; Once, I cry for love; Once upon a time, love has become a ruin.
Remember the best ever is to love you, I learned how to shed tears let me. Is this your first taste of what it was like the sadness. Have a static language, greed your body only a trace of tenderness. Autumn rain caresses window, only one thousand lines of tears. Only shadow form a single, I desire to go to?
Night is static 諡, idealism. The setting sun, light leave lonely shadow wait for of the window. Windy and rainy night, dream, continuously pronounce your name, engrave knife will you forever engraved heart, afraid of one day will forget you. The dream is always separation, become desolate forever. The heart, lost is your body, your fragrance joy in the bottom of my heart for ever. I won't sad lonely, even if the blink, you are still my wife. Scooped up a bunch of yellow sand, the wind Yang, Yang is missing, falling is separation. Tears from old grave new ridge, blending underground; I know your mind, I strong as ever.
Touch your coffin, for you, with my hands clean pen, write down through the one thousand Jude, I sad and attachment. You is I this life the only thoughts on schedule. Love requires courage, scar is one more point, is less lonely. Open a roll of the ancient classics, softly sing, v. do in windy and rainy sorrow; Understand me, will be sorry for me a runny nose. My heart sad goodbyes, like an oil lamp before the statue of volumes, stay with you all the buried underground. It to the secular agent from deep of my heart, for you capture QingDeng warm, stripping ChangSi separation.
Dreams have you beauty, that is the spirit of the dead broadly deed, is a pity you my heart. I always not put you, but borrow XuanGuang gas, heaven and earth to round light qi, let you I will never be separated. Wounds I don't promise, but to give up, just love you this life, sometimes-complex mix-and-match I have you, enough. How god has no intention, only leaving me under the month, can only miss you quietly. If god give me an undead of paper, I will write on the paper with your name, without hesitation, not hesitate. I hope our story continues, not march of flowers, only see, could not guess the ending; If really a miracle, I'd rather you don't meet me, about the outcome, not sad, only joy. (article reading web: www.sanwen.net)
August monsoon accompanied by xi resembles the falling rain, drop my heart bit by bit. I kept asking myself, if you anesthesia my mood, let me unable to extricate themselves, situation not from already can't forget you. Raindrops occupied my mind, a little bit on the ripples in the heart, I see the rain crying helpless you, let my memory in your voice. At this point, the images of the deep in the bottom of my heart heart, also can only Buddhism dim and heart injury. If silence, and you also understand my heart. Fireworks easy cold, falling much world. I can only put the filar silk whereas love, placed the depths of the soul, to a missing period. Moon light and small mouth, the cloud wave separation, the stars in the sky eye v. affection, it's like I love you. This life only want to keep each other, watching the sunset clouds scud across the tides.
When one day has become of all the good memories, rusting time, silently count the earth forever. Stripping the complexity of the earth, the heart is quiet, no longer obsessed with persistent one thing at a time, and the rest is in his heart that are cool.
Out of the window, lighting, swaying cars on the highway train.out the, and I just sit down, depending on the window of guihai cantata, night sing; Alone and lonely in the most authentic person you are staying in. Sea breeze, canthus is unknown liquid this moisture, this has nothing to do with temperament, not heartache, just a quiet corner, silent wake up call. This kind of mood only at night will have, a lot of, didn't want to say, just using the strength of 7 on the surface of the injustice and sentimentally attached to you. I was alone lonely, just like your name engraved in the bottom of my heart, don't want to tell, don't want to mention, just want to quietly remember how good you are to me. Just, some things need time to get free - sensitized to the world, I don't want to know how to spend the day henceforth, wanted to send at the moment your heart forever, love is not genuine, not artificial, like the blue sky white clouds moved from my head.
Ask the afterlife, you and I also can match together. Good stone engraved tonight, just together, not to sunset dusk ChaoChao. The afterlife, still see today. Vaguely, tianya, who seems like yesterday. Sad, heartbroken people in the end of the world less frequency life add a few minutes of happy feeling. Drink meng old woman soup, just years later do you still remember that once the true; Although love always drifting sinking, but as long as you happy is my most real love. Even if I don't who you, miss moments, I must remember that a little tenderness in your eyes, if yes, I am always looking for, for all eternity. Like my heart, you love, life and death dependency.
Escape from the world, abandon the busy world of mortals. The heavy mood, floating through youth, experience the world vicissitudes of life, the stamp of the forehead moment full of youth, stained with sophisticated ethics in his eyes. I am not for your singing and dancing, noble and pure, to ask oblivion in this life. If you can't dream for huan geometry, life is short; to spend that time was finished. Famous sightseeing Yin passed, the attachment. The stillness of the night memorial, the noise of the day in the past, the truth of life are cut into my heart.
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