regiment rose to commander

June 10 [Mon], 2013, 9:45

company commander, battalion, regiment rose to commander, 22-year-old wasnike huarache free 2012 men's running shoes
promoted to commander, as Mao Zedong, Zhu De, under the command of the famous warrior. Granted the rank of 1955, the 48-year-old Marshal Lin Biao in the top ten ranked third, behind Zhu De, Peng, becoming the youngest republic Marshal.How the rise of Lin Biao in Jinggangshan it After the failure of the Nanchang Uprising, Lin Biao with the troops south of Guangdong, where he served as the twenty-fifth division seventy-three group seven commander. When the troops arrived Raoping, the main forces of the rebel army that defeat in Chaozhou, Chaozhou will break out together from the few troops withdraw Guangdong. Forces in the isolated and trek in increasing difficulties, reprobates who have walked out, there are renegade, generals later recalled, according to Su Yu, Lin Biao is a wanted to run but did not run into a deserter.The way it is. When the troops to Dayu (now Big I) county, the ranks of the largest number of people clamor to return to Hunan, Hunan, Lin Biao

about some of the Whampoa Military Academy graduate junior officers together to find Chen Yi, which means that to find another way to leave the army, but also to persuade Chen Yi to go with them. Chen Yi said: I do not go, now I'm holding a gun, you nike lunarglide 4 mens cheap
can kill the gentry, I left the team, the gentry will kill me, so I can not go.Lin Biao and the few waverers to leave the army, go in the direction toward the Mei Guan. But in the mountains, they were reactionary militia raids kill, Lin Biao together with those few people who leave lost contact, a man crept forward. Road, a kind mountain told him that plum off the road along the narrow, checkpoints landlord door to door group guard was packed, as long as the encounter speaking in foreign accents, ranging from property search to beat them, while in beheaded. In desperate circumstances, Lin Biao had to return troops. Back to the troops after the review of Lin Biao to Chen Yi said: Now people outside pockets received beatings, and sometimes kill, I still come back to the ranks. Chen Yi said:

You do not go now like, I welcome back, Or put your seven even grasp it. Jiangnan small landowners, in fact vulnerable groups. Words almost a fairy tale. But this is a historical fact. Past historians have seen this problem, but because of the country's political nike roshe run women sale
needs because ideology, or do not say anything, or avoided. For example, we often read in some historical works like this: the feudal society will be a huge burden on the peasants war. Words that are also good. But such a statement, it is easy to cover up
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