Liu Fuzhi, the center of the Cultural Revolution

December 25 [Tue], 2012, 13:54

Liu Fuzhi, the center of the Cultural Revolution, he served as Minister of Justice, the Supreme People's Procuratorate Attorney. In 1983, the nationwide "strike hard",
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Deng Xiaoping when he was summoned to the instructions of the Minister of Public Security Liu Fu conversation, in both urban and rural resolutely.

Ministry of Public Security Vice Minister Yan Youmin after the Cultural Revolution, he served as secretary of the Secretariat of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Shanghai

Law is also strict competent. Order out of chaos, the building of democracy and the rule of law, effective.

After the Cultural Revolution, founded the State Council, the Ministry of National Security, Lingyun first Minister.

Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Minister Lv Jianguang its former Ren Wangfang to capture prisoners Beijing from Hangzhou, Gang of Four still in when released from

prison. After, Lu either party secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Wang. Smashing of the Gang of Four, Lv Jianguang transferred to the Central Vice

Minister of the Ministry of Public Security. Fang Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee in the eighties of the last century, any escalation state councilor and minister

of public security, armed police first political commissar of the armed police party first secretary.
China's long-term investment and exports of high-growth, now encountered a bottleneck for development. Externally, weak exports, trade friction intensified. Many

commodities, including oil, iron ore, soybeans, cotton, increasing dependence on foreign influence the degree of national security. Internally, the distortions in

economic structures and inefficient investment, asset bubbles and cause serious pollution. Stimulate factors driving GDP and then the traditional strategy is outdated, nike free run 2 womens sale

because the deformity of the urban and industrial structure, resulting in near-zero marginal efficiency of investment. Economic theory suggests that, in order to

improve the efficiency of investment, and the direction of the investment must be turned to the marginal efficiency of the department and industry. In China, this is

the service sector and agriculture. The purposes of regional economic development, the development must focus on rural areas. Only re-recognize the importance of the

rural areas, to understand why must walk the road of encircling the cities, China's sustainable development of high speed there is hope. The Bowen is divided into

three parts, serious discussion of why the next round of economic and social development, the only way to be 'practicing internal strength, to re-take the rural road

encircling the cities' development ideas. I hope the Government to formulate a new development strategy, the future development of China and helpful.
Recently, Li Keqiang said urbanization has much to offer, there is much room for development in China. I went to the domestic also heard many officials and scholars
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are talking about the role of urbanization, urbanization, China's future development excitation point.
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