One Foundation of Beijing Normal University Community Research

August 29 [Mon], 2011, 12:09
Shenzhen One Foundation Community Foundation is Huo UF to make a donation Zen information management system, in the process found that this is a very complicated thing. Some people donated Zenshi left no information. Foundation received a donation, but do not know how to contact Dian who donated. Jiao Qing Chu donebowflex dumbbells review
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, the Foundation Jiaohuo silver Zhi establish a contact, Jiao people seeking to donate Zen Silver paragraph Shi Zhi to play a relevant candidates fill out the form, leaving the contact side Chi, and is willing to choose Ze public Qian Yi . So the public can understand the information and Shi.

Yang, Peng said, If only the silver Zhi drying out of the bill online is easy. According to the Foundation Center website statistics, China's current 1135 private foundations, some of which do not own the site, some information was published last year.

One Foundation of Beijing Normal University Community Research Institute WangZhenYao that, Jiao difficult in the absence of specific Biao quasi-Huo specifications, making it difficult for the Foundation into Zhijiao demand. Porcelain doll is a total set up in Beijing, Han Bu see disease care center. Each month, Wang Yi Ou Huo her colleagues will be at the center's official blog on the financial report on publicity Ben advertising.

publicity porcelain doll looks like the financial newspaper advertising excel file, each of which includes a data Bao Dian between donor and donate Zen Zen Shi Dian people of contributions and their uses. For those unwilling to Go public Qian Yi as the donor Zen people, institutions will be in the newspaper advertising in the

Wang Yi Ou said, the financial newspaper advertising needs Jiao a full-time staff to do, and they hope the Government can provide a quasi-Biao's newspaper advertising format for NGO San Chi test. points is Languanbumen. no obligation to disclose information to fulfill Zhi Qu published false information Geche Foundation, managed by the Cheng Kee Dian advertising agencies to give police ordered to stop activities; the circumstances are serious, you can withdraw Xiaocheng mind. However, according to industry self-Lu Zhi advocate of non-profit organization 営 tinkling to ensure the right of ... ... As the public offering long-term monopoly, government-run public organization has a strong color from Lu's lack of motivation. traditional Yi Ci Shan sense of public service organizations, but With the Chinese Academy of Social Policy Research Center Deputy Director Yang Tuan as saying that In her view, social groups, as in all levels of Home Bu Menteng registration record. At present, China Cheng Kee registration body about four hundred and thirty-nine thousand.
Although public disclosure of the details for the Red Cross is still controversial, but many experts are in favor of a concept Dim, is the online information bulletin for the whole society is a good thing.

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