Most Pleasant Honeymoon Choice: Top 4 Stunning Castles in Europe

December 24 [Fri], 2010, 16:42

Most of people who have ever gone to Europe have seen various kinds of castles which make you dream for. As a matter of fact, the beauty of castles lie in the mystery and romance within them and, the culture of castles are also a moving poem.Superior and Fashionable thomas sabo on the Cheap Now!

Just imagine for a while. If you can enjoy going through all those mystery castles in your honey moon, how mysterious and romantic the honey moon will be? France's national treasure Castel Novel In 1873, Collette was born in a small village in Burgundy. The free pastoral life just raised a distinguished mind from the outside world. And in 1912, Collette became the hostess of Castle Novel. She just restored the pastoral life of her childhood.Peach Flower Festival Gift Ideas for Father

But there is no longer a remote small village in Burgundy. This place witnessed the wars, religious strifes, love and mysterious legends. The sedimentary history was engraved on the old bluestones. Walking around the garden where has lusn vegetation, you can enjoy the fragrance of magnolia, rose,and ivy, a feeling of quietness and gentleness.

Look into the distance, mist is transpirating between the mountians, hazy and poetry, to the fore is a large expanse of fields and trees. This is the typical French countryside scene in movies. Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle, also known as "Folsom Snow White Castle", is a castal of myth with white walls and blue roof, located in a small town named Fuessen in Bayern German, and was built in 1869. King is a art lover, influenced by opera of Wagner in hie life, he conceived place Snow White once lived in tales.

He invited theatrmaler and stage designer paint the architectural sketch. It is dreamful place. There are many pictures about swan. The castal is surrounded by lakes, beautiful and picturesque, likes a fairyland. It is a symbol of German, and people there is proud of it. Segovia castle in Spain Segovia castle is the Spanish Royal Castle of a long history, located in the west of Segovia, Spain.

After having been reconstructed for centuries, the castle now has been a classical architecture containing both palace architecture and defensive structures. Blue roof is one of the features the castle. It is said that Disney used it as a blueprint to design Snow White's castle.

In any case, the commanding terrain of the castle is the best position for tourists to enjoy the city and the nearby plains scenery of Segovia.