The Great Time About Children Education

December 24 [Fri], 2010, 16:39

The effect is different in the different time or opportunity using the same way when educating the children, sometimes it is entirely opposed. Mary-Kate Olsen Keep an Eye on thomas sabo The following is the best time to educate children suggested by experts, and the parents have it try.Summer’s Most Suitable tiffany and co Street Style

  • When new semester begins, new year and new semester begin, and children enter a new learning environment.

  • The parents should be improve the occasion and can win in the first the battle at this time, because the children have a new consciousness and a new capability at the time. When the children enjoy the triumph as a result of success, if parents could lodge idiographic request on the basis of congratulation and encouragement, they will get the satisfied effect.

  • When children get the results, you encourage child simultaneously make child see his own deficiency, so encourage child further.

  • The children will be grateful and be easy to accept the warn of parents if the parents initiative help the children to explain in the attitudes of calm, tolerance and compassion when the children suffer form the injustice.

  • The parents should talk their children`s strong point with teacher when he visits, meanwhile, put forward the shortage of children in a hopeful tone, it is inadvisable to purely indict.

  • When children meet with difficulties or failure, parents should not reprimand them, but confirm their progress, give advice on their weakness and help them out of difficult situations.

  • When children make a big mistake, they are in urgent need of their parents` understanding, sympathy and caring. In most cases, teaching with skill and patience could reach the purpose of enlightening the benighted.

  • When children are taking on the interest in something, parents should actively support and encourage them. They are supposed to promote the kids with interest, encouraging them to seek knowledge and look deeper into certain stuff.

  • It is the good opportunity to educate the children to observe discipline, win honour for the collectivity and cultivate collective sense when there is a greater collective activity.

  • When others achieve good results, children always make uo their minds" I also will achieve success".

  • The parents should catch this opportunity, give the children proper target and request, and turn their temporary enthusiasm into the permanent action. We should to help them to find out the causes and analyse the hazards, as well as to "make a few simple rules" when they make a fault, so that they can correct the fault if they knew it and form a good habit. In general, chidren like hearing compliments in stead of making a bd show when visiting others or being visited.

  • So here, you should take notice on protecting the children's self-esteem, not talking their shortcoming before the guest, more recommending the merit and strong point of your children, and probably proposing the hope. The birthday is the most memorable and pleasant day for the children. When you prepare birthday gifts and delicious food for them, remember to give your words. It can be written or verbal. But make sure it is able to let them understand something.