In General, the Nike athletic clothing franchise costs vary according to the size of, at 20.5 million Yuan

February 28 [Fri], 2014, 15:01
In General, the Nike athletic clothing franchise costs vary according to the size of, at 20.5 million Yuan. Although higher than domestic sportswear brands to join us, but due to Nike's profits relative to domestic products is much higher and, therefore, is proportional to the. Nike sportswear franchise conditions is relatively barkley posite max In addition to see Nike's potential, if it has a certain management skills and economic power will be able to apply to join the Nike sportswear to become franchisees. Nike sportswear store receipts be? according to the survey, currently an investment of around 300,000 Nike stores, annual revenues of more than 200,000 yuan, also said that at least 2 years can recover costs. When operating properly, most likely will be able to achieve full cost recovery in one year. At present, Nike sportswear franchise is very large, medium and small cities have a Nike Store, their statistics were very good.

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