the imperial government emergency

June 22 [Sat], 2013, 15:37
The city of Beijing in Vladivostok more than one thousand kilometers distance, busy people seem to have heard the sound of guns over Vladivostok. Along with the Chinese Imperial Navy made the sea, army landed in Vladivostok news has already been wearing the raise a Babel of criticism of the. As Chinese citizens, no matter men and women, old and young, are looking forward to the empire can regain lost land. Especially the patriot and young people, especially to the imperial government donations, support di * * team recover lost territory. By the end of 1902 by the end of the war, since three months, the Chinese imperial government received from across the country to donate a total of $twenty million dragon coin, even many students don't have the money to donate, asked the school to join the army. In this regard, the imperial government emergency command, he * * team victories, temporarily don't need these student under the age of 18 to join the army, they should work harder to learn, strive for early graduation do contribution for the country. The entire empire, against external threats,Oakley Sunglasses Deviation, the people of the whole country can always abandon each other up,Oakley Monster Dog Sale, consistent foreign. The Forbidden City Hall, the emperor of the Wang Chenhao held last year by the end of the imperial conference. Eyes stared at to the East, Wang Chenhao know that men in front of the mood, if can advance to end the war home to have the Spring Festival will be a good thing. "His majesty,Oakley Sunglasses UK, the majesty of the wise under the leadership of Kami Take, the imperial armed soldiers to fight bravely, has now hundreds of thousands of Russian Far East Division will be surrounded in Nerchinsk, bury and Vladivostok three, the headquarters of the general staff and the front theater headquarters agreed that, before New Year's Eve will capture Vladivostok, as a gift to your new year's gift." Wang Chenhao nodded, he likes to hear those words. But he also knows, the civil and military ministers always has a problem, is to pick up beautiful happy thing to say. Unless you ask him, otherwise they are basically like inaccurate. Thought of here, Wang Chenhao said: "Russia Vladivostok is said to be Hu ā costs billions well-built sturdy fortress, and hundreds of thousands of troops to defend, I'm afraid not be captured the fortress of Ulsan so easily." Courtiers looked at each other, and finally to defense secretary Wang Shizhen. Wang Shizhen then set out to play: "his majesty, Vladivostok is easily defensible, the Russians built a fortress fortifications there, resistance is very strong, our army as far as possible in the new year's Eve to take out the vladivostok." Wang Chenhao a listen to as much as three words, immediately understand Vladivostok is difficult in a short time had a. Although Wang Chenhao believe that the di * * team than when the Russo-Japanese War of the Japanese army more powerful, but the current Hu ā half year also failed to capture Vladivostok, the casualties and huge cost and choose to give up. By comparison, Wang Chenhao also know now Vladivostok because of the rise of the Empire, the fortress defences had been strengthened, far more powerful than the year. In this case, Wang Chenhao also know the pursuit of short time to go the Vladivostok fortress is unrealistic. "Since that is the case, then do not force. If to frontline soldiers too much pressure, would run counter to one's desire, increase our casualties and damage.
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