we gave out a jade look inside

August 09 [Fri], 2013, 17:14
() Fat, dropped the cigarette he shivered a few points we "really scary, but it was broken up this place.": "These things almost scared me." Considering several bronze dolls, I my back began to sweat, so intense was his uncle, there are a lot of things. Put these things together with three sons, we are not running a boring little life in the wall of stone?? Around them in front of half an hour, or here,Womens North Face Gore, or else we sat resting dare to do? "My son's third, ah sports Jiaosha?" Laosong very curious son, three people ask, you laughed: "He said that was a gong handed down that move" quack. Stroked its small nail "little two, then skip to the foot of Jade corpse." Oh? "Look Jade's body head bent little guy, made a half-day behavior of the world seems to be quiet, but I have looked very calm." So, uncle you, Oh, that was doing the negotiations and come back, I jerk my dare to burn "If you look at the site harmony, tears came down, I suddenly, brother, oh, I'm not your brother started it? sell bad Meng Oh, this is in front of me in this matter is a shot of the little guy send my body Ma Wan, come back at night Lianxiangxiyu not previously raised his foot. innocent look a little bit, you can not blame the little guy did not even reluctantly, I put it in the bag. "quack. "I? Also, it is a kind of." "Ah, yes granite Comin obviously we despair." Dad sweat from his head to wipe unit: private disciple of trouble today, is a person's finger next to the other six Look situation backfat, "hand me, I hope ancestors bless." "I think I put pressure bottom of things here." Laosong remove ruby ​​sour gourd face, I look good, I had seen so far is not "This is the ancestor, has been forced to Songjahak use this thing, you, you must not care Oh," "Please fill in the shade next to God, please drop Yaoxie fearless humanitarian law, gourd is Zhong Kui, today I will help break the evil materials, "corpse's face, in the past, we gave out a jade look inside the red, red from a gourd, has returned to a miracle, hoist, the lid flew open, Laosong file down the sound, I clearly Like this ghost only seat something that is not within the scope of my service to see. "Old Song, your uncle," I have been looking angrily listen Laosong I quickly explained, "cottage like your rights" gourd, he is useless, stunned, I saw this curse, said: "The Oh, it's not my fault, no matter what I, your Lord, Zhong Kui know what your doing "" We ran into trouble ass "We ground Qixingjian sudden separation of gold, jade body, when it bounced back to the outside, I disappeared , has been in regards to song Laos. Seize large Qixingjian program, or hallway down some, Lao Song, ran past step one, we dare not, "Ran brothers" instead of running sè sheath purple ink. We jade, after his body, went to the front, it seems they are very harmonious, love it all. Although it is a compliment sand background music again, I do not even think you and I rub my Shane this estimate, such a speed, our feet are swift to how fast, of course, has been long-distance running jade corpse behind the joy of facial expressions the practice of the chase and grandson break. It is, if it is not jammed destroyed, I do not need it then? I think, but I have stopped. "Old Song, waiting for me, you Xianpao" is not a way to run the child down, you can up much. Dad yelled, pulling me to go to my side, and immediately saw that, I stopped "? You want to get back what I give you bastard": "do not obey, I will give you beware hit" My father faced with a straight face, "I believe my father, all right, said:" There is no way that I "tell our third son laughed," Now, I believe that all children, run faster, we can not remove the " I nodded, four white sè who cut pieces. "Dad, powerful, but we do? But why do not you grab the devil evil than 1210 years, the things we always do? Do not come out to help some of the things on the line so do not destroy it, but at least,Men's North Face Denali Hoodie Clearance, "Give me some time, and we put people torn in half of the paper, which can limit each person's body paper I run a soul visible." Mercy mercy long road long road, I'm afraid, "kneeling is not always evil one I pointed out Jade's body quickly coming to us," to save you, to send you to reincarnation, and what came back, the packaging Zhou Kun ye "These guys this is not a good thing, people hurried past, you can enter the body does not stand up against the incarnation of jade, changed her face, you go to hell to suffer." me I stand here now, "Zhou Kun hands of evil name, frowned, crying tightly wrapped body jade psoas him: "I'll stop" Jade's body was wrapped estimated feel good spot to stop these things. "success? "Dad is facing high-tech." This seems to be, but not destroyed, these things, wrapped around it, but it will not let you move, as it gradually shaping the 1800 package, "I did it, but it seems that I laugh and said: "This grandson ü arrogance. "Only when there is movement Jade's body, relax in our hearts and it is always his hand," low ...... "I opened his mouth and whispered, I cried. Dead wrapped tightly jade hand some other evil, "court death" Zhou Kun is facing tight. "roar" Jade, unfettered evil hands of evil against arrest seen roaring death without fear continues to attract jade wrapped corpse ghost, I see to some of their Zhou Kun? However, no one believed it has caused a dead hand pulled their souls always. "ah" Evil few flashes constantly chewing them in the past, a large open-mouth of the body, some of the bodies were swallow belly evil Emperor shouted. Us "...... which in the end is what" I saw my mind vaguely bursts of cold jade body, but the soul can try Oh, eat this in the face of We step by step, "reduce" Jade corpse opened his mouth revealing fangs. "you ask me simply take a grenade fight me", "do not go close to hold his father, in despair jade corpse. "The soldiers did not estimate the role of the blood in the cold grenade grenade face a look of horror I took out ready also omitted the appearance of fat," how do we do now? ", Is estimated to have in a hurry:" grandson fighting "estimate Comin Fortunately we've grown here, it seems to be drawing near BU, the end of this thing. Suddenly, my mind was thinking how to deal with the feeling of jade body, someone pulled my ears and I can see, is a small point, standing on the shoulders of his mouth and gently bite my ear, please look at it, I phoned the two little guys times. "you do not want to leave you capture your jade corpse" I put a little on the small size of the ground, smiled, pointed to the back of the corridor: "You could survive now, you can in a hurry," so I you can have a few friends, you live a little bit, you can not you count one, to accompany us, you're dead. "quack" shouted Lee flow is small, to see Jade's body down, whatever, jumped into the former jade pieces, my bodies in the past, jade, small bodies in the feet arrest bitter bite I reached the man. Refer trapped in a "bite you in the ass, so your uncle grass go," I quickly sè red eyes: "You touch it an attempt small emerald corpse? "Yin Ling's heart is broken." Sons and three sleeves rolled up, said here: "character draw arm, by the power supply itself ancestors, you can get rid of evil spirits around the shade." I picked up the cigarette smoke laughed. " It is learned that this is more powerful trick ":" I learned a lot, will not become law. "We, however, I think that if it is, we can ask God to deal with it, and their grandchildren are too intense. Not afraid to fight the specter, it is not afraid of guns, it would not be able to find a solution to pack them, but fortunately, there is a sub-three, the trick of those things, or you might want to sit where we are. Yawn greet our soldiers, we nodded, "Cumming, let us continue to go tomorrow, really tired. Overnight here for you," and closed his eyes lying on the porch in the afternoon, a group of my grandson Daredevil began to dream of the Duke TE, soft little feet. Is that you? Suddenly a little cold, do you think we raid the unit from the bottom, in the same way open freezer. "This is how the" cry expressing six fingers suddenly, puzzle it jumped from the ground up: "suddenly become cold, how so good only" ambient air become more powerful, we stood up and looked carefully look around. You can feel the air around, we resolutely turn our hearts. "Everyone should not only carefully estimated moth single thing." Cranky father told us: "Xiao, Qixingjian you put the song to me, it depends on the latter." Would Qixingjian squatting and the only song from a Old bag, bright green sè gap brick floor suddenly, your reassignment. This seems to have been the voice of the Chu Hou shock began to shake "Left" Ju Hou, immediately began flipping the entire brick walkway. Oh, please carefully "We obviously crashing down huge black hole, that group sè green light shine in our floor tiles have embarked on some steps," You hurt before the retreat of mischief father yelling for us, bang - bang . Father cried handheld Qixingjian mouth, I have a small Rokko Shenzhou VI, my sword to protect his soul, in a clear patriarch world's three major sports universe evil ghost evil laugh Jinfeng said after a sudden steep as ancestors three Author: Zhu Regulations ", the original evil is not a supernatural phenomenon, I can not say, there I am her father violently tiles, we think, Dad insertion Qixingjian yes, put a sudden effort, it is true. Daddy , answer the phone, we are a bit late, for fear of a few steps before standing behind her father, his eyes firmly, "Come on," standing behind me. "fixed group green sè. "What the heck" look grumpy dad, getting closer and closer, we gave the green light: "Look at what to say, do not act rashly our company" Green sè Qixingjian strong, about 23 meters away, we seem to know from where it stopped. Green sè map, looks very pessimistic, facing each person in our face. Our hearts, what is it, a green sè the parcel, and our hearts begin to stop the drum in front of the green sè, we want to know such things you reveal what the vision began to dissipate. "My parents ancestors, oh, not a puppet of the oldest bronze rods" This is to see something like this, tears came out almost Laosong. I stood bronze doll you see in front of us, but not the same doll, it lingered in the body jasper, continues to advance in the human body in shining armor, it was like a light sparkling, green sè. People "Jade corpse" fat, crying saw something that looks like this, for example, was surprised to hiding his face: "I did not expect was a legend, it is really" "Please do not worry about what to think about how fast the dog feces Jade's body let "GI pistol, diarrhea Jade's body a little burst, I did not play it sparks the jade body is completely shot for this thing, it is shuttling some of the bullets. I just came to him, crying like a child package doll scene three "You can try to resolve the matter of the three children,": "This is something my father said," You listen to me, he said, ready to shoot before head a little, trying to raise his hand to stop him: "may be followed by an almost contact Kai doll body would do such a thing, try the ass" to me is that it allows us to bless thy disciples Comin You want talent, and look forward to you play DOTA? Oh, I want to die and it is normal jade corpse, I in the same way on the outside of a sense of humor. Insert Qixingjian the ground began to shake, his mouth roar, "roar" Jade corpse, saw this, he is carrying forward mode step dad almost cried: "All hands and freeze rǔ Oh Shea doing" , if such a thing is working, rather than forming Qixingjian sè light gold gold jade body and bind a bit you can skip to burst open, jade corpse daisy crossed, in this golden thread explosion "grandfather Professional Oh, not jade body, my grandfather still does not work professional you "direction Laosong, beat her ass jade corpse: you" look at your clothes, who taught these copies, we lost a lot Oh, Rao me now, who does not grade work life too many times, we usually will be higher a mediocre hand special "Unfortunately, the concubine, but because I want to jump to kill us, you'll Lang ruthless, jade corpse After hearing a solid Jisi Laosong dog feces. Now what circumstances? Only dead in love to let go now, tug of war, eager to stand behind her father to give him fuel for the body you want to skip some of our other jade. "Quack." Little Tanchunaodai beyond jade body from my pocket called twice. Jade's body last step jump, jump. So I came back, grabbed it, this little guy ", it does not waste the small of my father" that made Jade's body is a small nod to his feet. "You have a way?", In fact, it does not understand my answer,Men's North Face Fleece Clearance, it did not answer me. Hammer jump, jump to the front of Jade's body from my hand. Corpse Jade "?" Oh, look at small point on the ground, stunned estimated thought, what is this?
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