Longines, Gentle Posture and Individuality

December 23 [Thu], 2010, 15:48

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A legend was born.

In 1832, the Auguste Agassi came to a small watch shop where located in a small village Suoyimiya in Jurassic regional in Switzerland to learn selling and manufacturing watches. With the growing technical improvement and mature busibess environment, he took over the shop shortly after that and renamed it as Agassiz & Compagnie. Rapidly, he has established a sale network, covering some far markets, the Atlantic area included.

In 1852, Agassi was forced to give u work due to illness, and his nephew Ernest Francillon began to operate the company. At that time the company was operating as the family pattern, just like the labour union in Jurassic rgeion which doing piecework, all the procedure were working at home by artisan. In 1862, Fulanxiang added his name to the name of the company. As a visionary watchmaker, Fulanxiang started to think how to improve the productions of the watches. In addition, he abandoned the traditional methods of production and introduced a new way.

A new production process

In 1867, Onist flanxiang built a plant on the right embankment in Suze and he used river water to provide electricity, where were called Les Longines. He migrated all the processes of family workshop to the new factory, breaking the traditional Swiss watch industry practices, established a new production process. At the same time France decided to adopt mechanical production processes in order to enhance the stability and quality of watches. He also hired a yong male relative of Jacques David to help him design various of tools and machinery to improve the production engineering. Longines factory was already at a leading position in the local, if possible, it will try to use machinery.

Internationally renowned

Over the years, Longines watches not only won the grand prize at the International Exposition, at the same time had access to numerous quality recognition awards. For example, in 1867, the first mechanism of watch of the first production in the new plant that quickly won the bronze medal in Paris Universal Exposition. In 1873, the company won Medal for Excellence Award in Vienna; In 1876 Longines Clock won quality award in Philadelphia Fair. In addition, the Longines in Paris in 1878 and 1880 in Melbourne, France separately won gold medal for quality watch. While in the aesthetic design, it had won Baden-Baden Gold Poses praise for many times, the Longines clock got a high reputation internationally as its grace style and manufacture tenet, which achieved a great legend story.

Since its inception, Longines has always embraced international perspection, up to now, Longines has swept more than 130 countries. Since its inception, Longines has always embraced international perspection, up to now, Longines has swept more than 130 countries.