The Correct Methods To Care Your Hair After A Perm

December 23 [Thu], 2010, 15:52

First of all, we should take of the maintenance of permed hair: perm would make hair lost protein and water, so it need special care. How to Buy Dad the Perfect Gift for Mid-summer Day

Hair care misunderstanding 1: say perm hair hurt, then the first time in the hot oil directly to baked good. What’s New? New Arrivals of tiffany and co Are Published in Milwaukee In fact, the hair spa after perm should be necessary. But it should not do so quickly. Because the inside structure of hair is not so stable, and the effect of hair spa would not be very well. In the day of perm do not force combing, within three days, best not to shampoo or use curling irons, or else will not only affect the effect of the perm but also cause the great damage to hair.

The perm hair should not be washed everyday, it also has its own washing techniques. First, maix the water with shampoo and then water on the hair with a sprinkler, then gently massage the hair root and finally wash the hair from the hair root thoroughly. Perm maintenance tips: 1. not immediately comb after perm, 2. within three days not to shampoo, 3. when shampooing with shampoo adding water direct wash. The wrong way to maintain the permed hair: 2 if did not perm well, perm the hair again in short interval.

Dyeing hair is like perm will cause large damage to hair, and requires you to make regular visits to a professional salon to do care and baking oil, the frequency is preferably twice a month, so your hair will stay healthy. I believe the maintenance of your hair should also have some understanding, but you may lose sight of one thing, its close partner, but the hair: that`s the comb! Combing the hair not only can clean the head, but also can massage the head effectively. The prerequisites for choosing combs are fine in quality and comfortable in use, moreover, combs for different hair patterns are also different.

The broad comb with thick teeth is suitable for straight hair. It can get the hair together and smoothen it. The flat comb with loose comb teeth is suitable for curly hair as it can not only protect the weak permed curly hair but also keep the hair shaggy. To comb the permed hair, you'd better learn to use hand: open your hand down the front head then put down alone the back neck. Alone with the shaking by hand in hair, it would make the whole feeling for hair flowing at east.

correct brushing tips: 1. do not turn the hair drier full blast. 2. apply some conditioners before drying or brushing to avoid generating static electricity by comb and hair. 3. clear up the comb frequently. It is really healthy when you get black and shining hair. Remember, to do from every detail, yo may get your beautiful and healthy hair in near future.