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May 25 [Sat], 2013, 16:13
> At the moment people house, there have been numerous Wenguanwujiang and sizes princes began fled. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM Shun Wang watching these Zuoniaoshousan civil and military officials, as well as the size of those princes, could not help but feel sank, sighed: "Imagine when starting from children, we humans have been corrupted into what it is today, righteous where, although the pieces, but also when courage, never retreat. "Shun Wang mouth suddenly shouts, Conspire, showing the palm side of the stone tablets of stone Birds, carved on stone tablets accounted Park pattern, although the shape of ordinary , but it exudes the energy of terror. Conspire a prop, Pai suddenly sprang up, and instantly pierce the hall, the number of road Draconic magic touch to this shipai a few meters to have crashes. Listen Wang Zhen drink, Pai doubled in one fell swoop, a roar, the most heavily the Basilica of Hong Ta, which has two silver dragon scream, and instantly his head smashed into meat. "Heaven Pai?" Hualong Fu intended to kill the eyes flashed "Heaven Brand", and immediately have an inconsistent record, showing Shun Wang Qing Ding immediately recognized it was taken out of the holy vessels CY tripod, it turned into small hill like a huge volley hit, the Zhao Xiang Shun Wang, again is a fire Ding, Ding Lei have been resorted to her. Ding jet flames of fire, hew a Road Ding Lei Lei, a flash asked Pai Wang Yu Wangding and instantaneous collision, the power of terror broke out, instantly destroying hall. Stone declared, Tianmei Feng, Zhanman dodge snow, who have, for the dispute, Stone declared and do not want to intervene, although he promised to help her jiuding wooden Paint Hualong Fu people, but people will do Hualong Fu is half man and half dragon, many Western men Maronite, cook her if it is really the Lord of mankind, it is accounted for strange comparison, Stone declared but they do agree that the princess did Jin Xia Wang. For this little girl, Stone declared or very good impression. A scuffle, Shun Wang and Hualong Fu people have been shot, scene upgrade, the whole house of people are turning to ashes. You know people are Hualong Fu Shun Wang and complete state of the strong third-order one, the gods under with their strongest move Chuan Shun Yu Hallows' Day Brand ", attached bombardment, a piece of land and crack , Bang Baoxiang prevalent. Hualong Fu man without the slightest fear, tripod in hand at the moment she was five, the five exhaustively resorted tripod, I saw blue burn pot tripod, fire, thunder Ding, Ding Lou appeared one by one, when the air float, five tripod ask resonate the sound of exploding them heard, five Ding resonance, power doubled, Shun Wang actually getting strive. "Shun Wang, you would have damn,Oakley Radar Outlet, this world did not need you, you still go die soon -" Hualong Fu human laughter, and finally manifest true shape, into seven or eight meter-long silver dragon , Breath Dragon's Breath, Summon Draconic magic, then servitude five tripod, digital Fan means Stone declared well look in the eyes, I found myself always despise this Hualong Fu, but her strength, even to the extreme terror. Hualong Fu-human, half-human, half dragon, can use Dragon Magic Draconic top of terror, but also make the move Hallows, the two forces also resorted general, the power of shocking, Stone declared Dzogchen seen strong among only most are actually afraid of her terror. Shun Wang Pai just by one day, and finally why he did not, surrounded by those ministers and dysfunction, all fled to escape the bulk, spurting champion also fled, but rather constantly rebuke King Wu of Zhou, Feng Li proposition, against a silver dragon, just dangerous situation has been formed, the situation is not good. Seeing Hualong Fu who has control of the situation, the air is full of proud of her laughter! When suddenly a cry of "ha ha" Langxiao sounded, the air suddenly fly out of a black whip. (16 novel network computer station .16. N) whip a fall, heavy pumping in which a tripod among youth. This whip into flashing a channel spell, the power can not imagine Green tripod is whip a hit, even slightly Crash bang, much to eat out, heavy bombers at kilometer away, will hit another hall collapsed, Numerous ladies startle startled guards called. Qing Ding flying out of five Ding-one battle was broken, Shun Wang heard shouts, holding down a day Pai pressure, which will engrave hard pressed into the earth among the tripod. Suddenly, Hualong Fu a surprise: "bloomer? &qu;" Hey, Hualong Fu people, Shun Wang Mingjun are saints, and his decision to natural right, XIA Qi testament both been identified ** Xiawang , what kind of strength you still fight? While you are on Yu's wife, but you will eventually not all human beings, such establish ** Xiawang things, you still have the tactful fishes. "Emptiness, a white robe old Qi suddenly appeared in his mouth Hey smile, Chung hands, the hands of the fight Kamimuchi flick,UK Nike Air Jordan, suddenly turning to a long-Da Bumi giant whip-like Oolong, volley hit again next. Boom "fire burst flash, which in turn draw fire tripod fly. Shun Wang was this the help, lift your spirits, both of whom are third-order department who satisfactorily strong, plus hands Hallows, especially playing Kamimuchi Hallows bloomer, claims can be connected to the holy gods are playing device, the power can not imagine a blow under, then attached to Yu Wangding knock. Hualong Fu people very angry, Xiao heard, five tripod was broken, her Draconic magic dragon eventually compare the real monarch, who was both a successful third-order strong joint attack, and immediately lost, surrounded by a silver dragon, although much, but it can not reach a satisfactory level of people,Air Jordan Flight 9 UK Sale, could not get started. "Bloomer, even you against me?" Hualong Fu people nuji, sounds very gloomy, it seems infinitely strong pressing anger, how to not think of her, even weeks bloomer will lay hold on the country, the original shoo, but suddenly become the situation reversed in the situation is not good. Wait until people think looking Hualong Fu Shi Xuan help solve the problem, they found that early Stone declared with Chuan Mei Feng and Qin Shi Guo Kang few people walk away. Qin Kang children to establish vassal state to Stone declared the name of the country name, it will be treated as a monarch Stone declared, at the moment when ye have found Stone declared, all joy, Qin Kang child who is not a fool, natural stone can be seen that the present declaration and two women all around him unfathomable, has reached an incredible level. For this power struggle, Stone declared not interested, do not want to help prospective, so after a moment, he Wada America wind two women ready to leave, Qin Kang catch up, keep the mouth call lord. Tian Mei wind smile: "They are what you have said to the government met in those who do? Stone declared Enliaoyisheng, Qin Kang has respectfully stepped forward and said:" lord, we all miss you, and I'm the girl also back, do not you miss us, do not want to go back to swallow her a what? Stone declared hesitated and said: "I'm the girl?" Quickly thought up: "You said Lin Ching Ching?! ~! .. <
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