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> One hundred and thirtieth chapters impossible! Impossible! "Sa" Di heard, Ma Nan Lu Yan spotted display their supernatural powers, gathered infuriating the opportunity to play Xiao Qu, instant control Lie Ming sword attack, headed towards Ma Nan neck point. 9Vk. Since the Lie Ming sword billowing hot real fire, real fire that the temperature of the space around the burned even distorted, strong Ming sword at this point it is turned into a Avision, runs through Ma Nan located. "Sword of the rainbow!" To see the fierce Ming sword piercing hit, then it is with the slightest blur, let Ma Nan could not help but exclaim, the eyes flashed a little surprised by God sè. But that surprised God sè also only fleeting, and then her face suddenly showing sarcasm sè, sneered, "medium goods Fu Bao, Sword of the rainbow, but so what!" "Ah ?! "Ma Nan sneer speech, Lu Yan could not help but look at the pupil tightening again. He saw the eyes of disdain Ma Nan sè, he saw the eyes of contempt Ma Nan sè. But at this moment, Lu Yan can not have the slightest hesitation, continue to use infuriating pushed, the idea of ​​God with a huge drive sword, suddenly fierce sword-ming speed somewhat. "Shua!" A piercing voice appeared Ranariddh Jian Jian Ming could not help but elongated blur behind a little, enough to rise to three feet long. Invisible to the naked eye speed, almost blink of an eye Lie Ming Ma Nan sword had flown around half a foot office, at this time Lu Yan is pinched the cold sweat, his heart secretly pray for the success of this assault. "Boom!" "Pop!" Continuous two loud bangs introduced to Lu Yan ears, the concept of God in Lu Yan, he is observed that the specific reasons given two loud bangs. First bang, is driven by strong Lu Yan Ming sword stab to Ma Nan around, and Ma Nan suddenly appeared in front of Hutizhenqi sound generated by the collision. Although Ma Nan is air repair, but the repair does not mean that there is no close air defense means, to know saver of gas repair Hutizhenqi, it can be no less than jīng repair no imaginary strength of Hutizhenqi . When Lie Ming sword with infinite power and influence, bumping into Ma Nan Hutizhenqi, issued a "Boom" sound when. At the time, Lu Yan had already guessed the outcome, and that the results with what he thought. Lie still no final sword pierced Ma Ming Nan Hutizhenqi, and that "pop" sound, it is Lvyan Lie Ming sword retreat,Oakley Sunglasses Radar, because there is no piercing Ma Nan Hutizhenqi anti shè aside arising sound. Looked to Ma Nan Hutizhenqi collision out of the strong anti-shè Ming sword just inserted in the front of their own, so the scene so that the heart suddenly cold half of Lu Yan, and even the people are stunned in there, even the gas comprehension gas had stopped output, making Lie Ming sword above the flame continuously subsided, turned into a fiery Yufu, heavy falls on the ground. "Pata" "Pata" That is Fu Bao strong sounding Yufu drop the sounds on the ground, and each draw such a sound, seems like a giant hammer, heavy on the heart beat in Lvyan. Heavy feeling kind of pain, so Lu Yan felt even breathing becomes much more difficult, the eyes gradually faded glory, became sadly lost sè. "Oh Oh! Lvyan, I said, alone, your ability, but also not hurt me!" Seen as a blow defeat Lu Yan became so look, Ma Nan chuckle loudly said. Said here, Ma Nan slightly paused, see their Hutizhenqi slightest crack appeared, could not help but narrowed his eyes, continued, "Sword of the rainbow, I really did not think you even still practicing green Lotus jianjue! "" No wonder wonder "Continuous said two" wonder ", then Ma Nan gently waved, since her crack suddenly appeared on Hutizhenqi disappear, then she spoke and said," It's no wonder, with Qi Yan no imaginary realm period, you will be lost in the mid-body repair this silver hands, did not expect you, who is also two kinds of exercises! "" But With Sword of rainbow light sword Italian but not hurt me! unless you like the smell, like priests Qingfeng able magic mist violet! "Said here, Ma Nan no longer go on, but the operation infuriating and shoved deep breath. Yu Xiao holding her hands once again rushed to his mouth, Yingtaoxiaokou slightly open, has played a hands playing Yu Xiao, is echoed in the study on three bursts of four weeks, until the incoming Lu Yan ears. "** Song!" Song, the name suggests, this song can influence others sanity, make each other after hearing this song, completely controlled by the person playing the song order. As time Ma Nan Qu deal then go play ** weevil door Lvyan a crowd like that Zhouzai Qing, Yang Ping and Liu Jiesan people hear the song after being fully confused mind, let Ma Nan control . Qu Xiao hear bursts of incoming own ears, because the attack had failed, but slightly haggard Lu Yan suddenly be awakened. Since his spirit among emerging a sound, that sound extremely sweet, like a small LORI Xiaoxiao sounds and senior sister apprentice Lu Yan Song Lulu is like the sound, so can not tell Lu Yan. No matter who it was just the sound of that voice sounded in Lvyan spirit, constantly ordered him to raise his hands, pinch to his neck. But in Lvyan Gang will stretch out their hands, pinch to his neck, when suddenly he moves suddenly stopped, had some confusion in his eyes again to restore the previous look, it is a great pleasure to see to the horses where Nan direction. "Ah? How could!" Lu Yan actually seen ** song already been affected, we must follow his orders to suicides, no one thought could have regained conscious when Lu Yan. Ma Nan Road, the heart at first startled cry, and then she immediately stepped up infuriating output, allowing more powerful ** song, I did not realize that after hearing the Lu Yan,oakley for cheap, but it is still not the slightest movements. "Impossible! This can not be!" Yu Xiao Meng to take away his lips, Ma Nan Lu Yan looked incredible in the direction where, eyes full of shock sè. How she did not think that their own practice for many years ** song, Lu Yan did not have any effect on even confuse his sanity, so he can not do a little haggard. "Well, it estimates how Ma Nan did not think I had broken spirit paintings, this illusion did not work for me!" Heart so underground passage out, Lu Yan slightly crisp clean feel a bit scattered body of toxins found in crisp clear scattered efficacy has passed, and now he has been able to control their own bodies, Lu Yan could not help but let my heart more joy together. But at this time of crisis,Oakley Sunglasses Store, he has not yet lifted, naturally not act rashly with himself, played escape plan. But at this moment, to see their ** Ma Nan Lu Yan Qu right does not work, she once again put Xingaoqiao Yu Xiao Zhu on his own lips, sneered, "Lu Yan! Do not think you are transported from Well, from the impact of music on my ** secretly proud! Next, I'll let you try my scattered soul music's powerful! "" casual soul music? "muttered repeated Ma Nan words, although Lu Yan I do not know what effect this loose soul music, but in the face of attacks Ma Nan, but he did not dare have the slightest neglect. That is, at this time, Xiao Sheng Lu Yan re-introduction of the ears, but this time with the earlier study on three different but, once again introduced to Lu Yan bursts study on three ears, let him one time can not actually own body activities . "This," so abnormal to happen to them, naturally feel a little let Lu Yan surprised. Then, it is constantly echoed in the study on three cubicles, penetrating Lu Yan's body, straight into his spirit lies, so that the night of the territory Lu Yan strong spirit, not from the slight trembling, barely even had to take off out of the body formed OBE state. And when, after Lu Yan felt so abnormal, but also among the immediate control of perverted attributed flesh. Control perverted OBE homing, this is Lu Yan realm of the spirit in the break when painting skills proficiency, then they must OBE Lu Yan controlling spirit, where it can be scattered Ma Nan soul music influence, did not the slightest Isolated OBE meaning. However, to secure control of Lu Yan perverted, does not mean that the other person is the same. In Lvyan perception, when Ma Nan scattered soul Qu Gang sounded at the moment, has died Shenyang, Shen Ping, Han, these three individuals already be dissipated soul, suddenly appeared in the room, go to Lu Rock observation concept of God. I saw three of soul from body out of which the soul of Shenyang already jīng Lian Ping, but the Spirit of the Qin and Han was compared to two people, but it is a lot of thin, apparently because of differences in the level of repair is caused by . In three out of soul from body after it bursts like a study on three turned invisible knife, like the soul goes as far as three direct strangulation, even reincarnation so that they no longer have a chance. "It's casual soul music, actually just make others perverted OBE, better turned invisible sword, strangling people's spirit!" So surprised to see the scene in Lu Yan's eyes, natural make his heart shocked. At this same time he also glad, glad he is the soul of the identity of repair, if not his spirit has steadily reached the realm of night, estimated that his spirit now also generally such as Shenyang and the others were scattered horse Nan injured soul music , wits also perhaps! A complete blow loose soul music finished, consume a Zhancha whole time during this time, although seeing Ma Nan Lu Yan stiff, unable to move, but Lu Yan's spirit has not the slightest meaning OBE , let Ma Nan getting scared, even after playing a complete, Ma Nan Yu Xiao down the haggard eyes, the mouth has also been muttered, "Impossible, impossible This is impossible!" "how could someone heard my scattered soul music, are not subject to some impact!" "how could someone heard my scattered soul music, are not subject to some impact!!" Obviously Ma Nan had never questioned the power of his song Hsiao But the fact is placed in front of her, but she did not believe can not help. That Lvyan by her study on three attacks, but did not suffer the slightest harm, not even perverted the meaning of OBE, how to make her heart is not surprised, how can she was not shocked. And it is at this time, Lu Yan Qing crisp body bulk drug is completely over, losing the shackles Ma Nan Xiao Sheng, Lu Yan Meng about his feet, low body picked up off the ground Fu Bao Lie Ming, chuckle forward to Ma Nan said, "this world, nothing is impossible, but you did not come across the thing, it is impossible to feel nothing." "But," said, his face suddenly exposed Lu Yan smile, Lianlu tease meaning, Ma Nan smiled and said: "But you just blow the song sounds good, does not blow if more time how?!" Baidu search Read the latest and most complete novels <
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