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August 09 [Fri], 2013, 16:37
(); 191st chapter: Niutoushan note (seven) hard work pays off, Tang Feng had a tremendous effort, finally will flower from the grave tricked out. In fact, he can use a more direct way, but, then, will be more to stimulate the nerve flower. Back to camp, Tang Feng side of the best food out to entertain the flower, the other side has quietly from the salute one dream took a full set of clothes. Including underwear and bra. Delicious, delicious...... I eat very ugly, however, his face was filled with endless satisfaction. The red haired monster, is a pig, and was probably a pet pig, the head with a pregnant cat like. However, Tang Feng observation for a long time, but did not see from its body a little vitality. It can't be? But now the summer, how will this red pig body does not decay? Tang Feng think impassability, so be ready clothes out, staring at the flowers smile, the flower, the powder skirt se good-looking? Love beautiful heart, the person all has. Even the flower is no exception. The powder se skirt but single Menghua one thousand eight hundred bought from the store, it is very detailed, and the material is pure silk. One dream is to buy the main reason for it, because it is not only if the yarn in general, very feeling, feels and looks, can pass through the layer of yarn, see the inside of the meat is not much, if any powder. She is supposed to use it, to the temptation of Tang Feng fan, the unchangeable. But never thought, he was offered the Buddha to direct the flowers. More let a single dream is speechless, have their own Jing prepared lace panties with tight chest bra took out together. But when Li Tao and Su tiger face, the estimation of single dreams may directly move greatly, with Tang Feng the thief steal clothes a theory. Beautiful, too beautiful! Flower a silly face. Here you are. Tang Feng is very generous. Really? I can not believe said some. Of course it is! This is not the Tang Feng said, is a single dream about. However, wear it before, let's go take a bath? Take a shower? Huahua touched his head just said. After a bath, you can wear a skirt. A single dream lure like said. I wanted to think, then many place head, way: red hair, let's go take a shower, wash finished, you North Face Outlet can wear a skirt, Hei hei...... Finally, I began to giggle. Remember, don't touch the waxy layer on her back. Tang Feng came to a single dream beside quietly remind like said. So a single dream took the flower not far to the stream, take a shower. About an hour, when the flower appears again in the Tang Feng, Su Hu, in front of North Face Backpacks Sale Li Tao three, could not help but three people are terrified. This is directly from an ugly duckling into a swan. Previous flower body of dark, even double. The peak is a piece of black. Women's North Face WaterProof Just like the ancient savage. The hair is dirty to the extreme. Now, dressed in a pink flower se dress, bare white thin leg, a smiling mouth there are two obvious dimple. The original dirty acme Jiduo flower hair was tied up. Like the world of fairy like. However, when Tang Feng looked down.
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