but soon they saw flower splash

August 02 [Fri], 2013, 17:44
Kenshin annoyed Qiaoxiang air chaos of the heart, although determined to fight, but the fear of two woman strength, but it is too timid, eyes uphold the flickering. "Well, one half!" Xuanming finally began, immediately deformity strange sword aloft, he yù towards that chaotic heart Cleave down. Kim sè face became pale and suddenly Jizhongshengzhi, shouted: "We teamed chaotic heart crushed, otherwise, we will get nothing!" Remark, all eyes suddenly light up, though the sword Heart is obviously a scumbag, but he raised it is in extremely attractive. Understanding of the current exception have shot more than a dozen road light from the ground toward the chaos of the heart fiercely excited shè the past! Xuanming frowned deformity strange sword pendulum, then yù stand in front of that channel attack, suddenly it was a flower splash tears to pull back. "You're not court death it? Such attacks how can you resist?" Flower splash tears slightly open road, immediately took Xuanming arm backwards every now and then. Xuanming unwilling eyes flash of sè, infuriating everyone together that huge shock waves finally hit severely the heart of the body above the chaos. "Om -" Chaos Heart uttered violent shaking hum the sound of a burst of colorful light is flickering. "Again, completely defeated it!" Kim eyes suddenly flashed ecstasy, gave their own injury, shaking Jian Qi piercing out again. At the same time, Feng Xiao, Duan cold, Lu Qing Kang shade and also have stopped healing, after all, bring back some if not overwhelmed by the chaos of the heart, must be returned to the martial art will be chastised. Had just a bit more powerful than an infuriating waves rippling out here, just like a bright meteor across, severely hit the heart of the body above the chaos. "Boom -" just like normal while a stellar explosion, deafening bang bang spread among the entire space. Meanwhile, the chaotic heart of multicolored light, but also have the opening to burst, chaotic heart, completely broken, numerous road small electric light outward shè out, everyone knows that this is necessarily the heart of chaos fragments. Who wants to waste time, have the chaos of the heart toward the catechesis sprang! At this time, the space around a violent distortions occur suddenly, immediately, everyone strikes body instantly lost consciousness, this feeling is fleeting. Wait until recovered, the surrounding environment has undergone a sea change. In front of everyone, a shortage Shrine bigger than a full twice as great palace stands in front of everyone, everywhere inside the pavilion, towering magnificence, like ancient ruins in general. An ancient atmosphere suddenly rushed over towards the crowd, the palace of the plaque, the words two flamboyant gilt characters "Tianfu"! "Tianfu?" Everyone can not help seeing have taken aback a bit of shock and loss. Flower splash tears but also with all the men also Zhudao together, of course, is pulled away from the palace if over, and ten cents doors and Wild Shrine, the same is true, the respective martial disciples gathered into one. "This should be the heart of chaos when broken, are bursting out of the illusion, that the palace seemingly temptation, which must be extremely dangerous, and, catechesis of chaos in which the heart is." Flower splash tears slightly open road. If you leave the palace is also frowned, he strongly endorses flower splash tears, then this space is somewhat unstable, apparently chaotic vitality of the heart,Womens North Face Gore, and not to maximize these fantasy. "Joan, then how should we do?" Zhudao also a disciple asked. Flower splash tears brow fretting, let the hearts can not help but glance away from the palace if this small little girls so jīng that luckily she behaved like that Jiaohan simple, it is in is not easy. Flower splash tears slightly and said: "Let us not move, see how others deal with, we do not worry!" Disciples have a congregation stood aside, eyes are toward the four weeks to go look! If the eyes away from the palace in the crowd who also glanced over, the mind is suddenly up some doubts, since it is illusion, then the chaos of the heart has been broken. The source of this illusion should be no support, and fantasy should not hold it much longer will automatically be broken, if it has its own wait here, will not be able to wait until the illusion disappear? If you leave the palace immediately shook his head, denying his own ideas, he think of the outside of the gray sè mist, it is these mist, to the heart of chaos provides a source of strength. Today, although the chaos of the heart broken, but most likely did not lose spirit xìng, those gray mist sè it will still be driven by the remnants of a trace of Reiki, constantly gathering, which supports the entire illusion. Consider between the chest came a warm feeling, so the palace if a move away from the soul, from the thinking being recovered instantly. The heat coming from the chest, is impressively universe Taiji distributed out of jade, jade Tai Chi universe at this time, and constantly exudes a faint gray sè halo. "Brother, your chest is how is it?" Flower splash tears also discovered this strange phenomenon, at once in the chest, pointing away from the palace if asked. If the chest away from the palace to speak, Yu Tai Chi universe of what seems to be summoned by the general, he passed a very urgent mood, anxiety beating in his chest. "You want me to take you into this Tianfu what? Is not this illusion?" Palace if if did not hear from words like flower splash tears, said to himself. "Om -" universe Tai Chi Yu suddenly emit a faint hum of the sound,Mens North Face Down, so that if away from the palace can not help but suddenly startled. All along, the universe has never happened Tai Chi Yu had some psychic thing, sometimes even from the palace are some doubts if their feelings. Is Tai Chi Yu universe is an ordinary storage space spiritual device it? But this time, he was deeply felt spiritual universe Tai Chi Yu plummet presence. But, this is some spiritual weakness, it can not communicate with the palace if off,Mens North Face Outerwear, only through the most primitive state, to tell if the palace from their emotions. "We come from the same place, you can say that you are the only one to know me more. Regarded man!" Palace If centrifugation smile: "So I believe you, no matter what's inside, I will go, since all people are waiting, do not want to do that stands out, then let me first come on! "Palace if the universe from stroking his chest Tai Chi Yu, heart suddenly feel comfortable a lot, so there must be a universe Taiji Yudu very concerned about something else, then it is impossible to have such a strong response. Thought here, if from the mouth can not help revealing Palace smile toward the flower splash tears and said: "Joan, you take care of the next courtesy, kindness without saying thank, this palace, there I am a very important thing, So, I will first go in! "" But ... "flower splash tears put demon openings, but has been away from the palace if Tianfu sideways toward the door flapping in the past, like a meteor, fast action, the crowd did not have time to reaction from the palace if the figure is already being put into the Tianfu. "If from my brother!" Flower splash tears did not expect from the palace if the speed is so fast, no time to react, shadows flash, but also from the direction toward the palace if the chase. She eventually with a keen sense of depth and jīng Heaven repair, felt from the palace if the true identity. "If from my brother?" Xuanming heard next to her can not help but frowned, what seems to be remembered, but soon they saw flower splash tears away in the back, toward the door to the subconscious is snatched! But everything happens in a split, so that the crowd had just woken up. "Oh, someone wants to gain an advantage!" It was still waiting to see the crowd, it was the first one to see into them, where also willing to delay, the doors have been hurtling toward Tianfu past! "Is that bastard, is simply seeking death!" Kim Henla eyes flash, which Tianfu so great that there is necessarily complex terrain, when we must take the opportunity to mysteriously kill this damn kid. Crowd figure has disappeared in the door of Tianfu among who do not know, on the last one, when flying into the shadow, the original gold sè open the door quietly shut up, particularly on the door two characters obvious. Impressively, "life", "death"! ps: I wish you all a Happy New Year! ! ! !
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