Li Ji three good friend sees

December 31 [Mon], 2012, 16:25
"You, you don't have to be so sad, all of these people is the wind a dog, you kill them is for the people.Bubble - Book _. "(.Posh8 Li Tianyu sees hurriedly beside quiet comfort."Yeah, I know, Lee brother, my heart is very uncomfortable."The wind spirit I nodded, continue to tears.Li Tianyu sees that secretly sighed, this girl is very kind."Well, you, you just follow me, do not have to kill."Li Tianyu loves the wind spirit, naturally do not want to see her sad, he would rather own pressure heavier, also do not want to let the wind spirit heart."Good."The wind spirit I nodded, Xun to pikes aside, closely follow behind Li Tianyu Li Tianyu, looking back, the wind spirit feel good practical, very safe.By the late archaic masters a bayonet in the shoulder, he screamed with pain Heartbreakers, this guy was just going behind theatre, do not want to move, but not by him, if he does not sell them, will be the strength of low many of his men to kill."Me and you."The body was wrapped in a white gauze, action is less flexible archaic raised right hand, clenched into a fist, hard toward the master later people hit."Mahler Gobi, see you this bear kind, also want to kill me?"The man named Li Ji, she disdains the sneer, hands with front lines to the ancient full big hole, Zhaozhao is venomous deadly game.The archaic injury, only reaching thirty percent on the strength, the Li Ji, there is an overwhelming tendency, should be a sentence "depressed by the dogs"."Clicking" Li Ji in the hands of pike and stabbed his right waist position, suddenly appeared a large thumb hole, the blood poured out of crazy.The ancient face suddenly became very fierce, he is a good man not to eat anything, is now Li Ji another three damage, has let this guy has a dying mind.Antique suddenly up hard, fast use up all the energy in the rest is not much, lightning to Li ji."Grass, this kid how to become so fast?"Li Ji got slightly one, the God of antiquity, foot to kick his nakedness Timberland Mens Splitrock."Peng", Li Ji's lifeblood is archaic kick off, along the forehead large drops of perspiration rolled, Li Ji face painful twist like lance, hands with landing, he stretched out his hands to hold the burst's nakedness."While you sick to your life" archaic this villain putting this principle to perform very thoroughly, she did not hesitate to blow hit to hold the body of the Li Ji head Canada Goose Snow Mantra."Bang" loud, Li Ji's head suddenly flowers, be archaic a fist into bad watermelons."Ah, he killed li.Brothers, ah, killed him to avenge li."Li Ji three good friend sees that all be filled with righteous indignation yelling toward Li Tianyu, all of these people is master realm, the strength than the archaic by tens of millions of years, but now archaic, embittered, was so three small-time beat had to travel from place to place, the body wrapped in gauze to all into blood red, that is his wound re-opened."Ah, help me, uncle, save me ah."Archaic the sad look that much like male, there are more distressed, who hung out white gauze, with blood dripping from blood, like just scooped up Kids Timberland Boots, it is really lost this guy, he does not know where there is so much blood, until now has not died.Archaic to countless cuff and kick and a few swords, finally before hand washed up near Gu Tiangu, call for help.Gu Tiangu's eyes flashed a distaste for fast color, he can't from ruin, he rushed to the hard pressed by the three person, a person to a fist, immediately to the three guys to hit fly."Thank you thank you, thank you."Antiquity it secretly relieved, confused not urgently need to thank.Look out.Gu Tiangu suddenly shouted, scared by a fall of archaic quickly posture lying on the ground, just a pike from his head to head can can fly, archaic bun to thorn fell on the ground, this guy was the spread of, like the movie ghost man, full body blood, long down, without makeup, directly to play the devils on the line."Ah, thank you thank you for saving my life."The archaic struggled to climb up from a sound, thanks again."Cut the crap, be careful, otherwise it will be dead."
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