then dawn Everybody get up after the uncle's daughter

January 21 [Mon], 2013, 10:38
The Cap 353 satisfied "Mom, since it has been coming with us around it? Mianmian also buy Chanel skirt to wear in military training, the last day of the party, moms with some advice, good or bad?" Ningning feeling Zhangsao the dress is very up to her face, they to recommend Zhangsao together with them again around. "To accompany baby daughter around, Mian Mian, not too aunt followed annoying?" Zhangsao overflowing smile on his face, his heart was bitter daughter because she could not bear to invite her, she delighted, but the daughter was the clothes on her true passion, does she not as good as a suit of clothes? "Mom, your clothes turned PORTS Nike Air Max LTD Mens? Expensive this brand of clothes, mother, aunt want a set of Ports skirt, my father has not promised her!" Just by Mian Mian universal clothing brand Ningning exclaimed surprised. Clothes the Ye Zi to send Zhangsao, Ports dark blue skirt, she, and Lisao, Wangsao set per person, but the color and style is slightly different, each set of more than 3000 yuan price for them is precious, clothes the Ye Zi gave three gift, a bottle of Chanel No. 5 perfume, she also brought to intend to give her daughter, want to make her happy it! Zhangsao smiled: "Ningning, clothes gift from a friend and she also gave the mother a bottle of perfume, her mother brought you!" Said the perfume from the bag and pulled out and handed daughter. Ningning looked for a look, take in the past have not had time to say what Mianmian a grab of the past: "Chanel No. 5? Timeless classic, strong perfume as memorable as a slap in the face? Aunt, your Ning prefer nice! "" this perfume good famous? "the Ningning puzzled looked at Mian Mian. "Ningning, you remove the 'you' word, this fragrance is indeed a well-known, brand-name popularity you not to perfume, another day I good to you knowledge of the universal popularity of perfume, a how modern women perfume do not understand it? "Mian Mian Then sighed:" I think this fragrance, but thought for a long time, but unfortunately, my mother gave me money not really take into account, for better and for worse, your aunt is good to spend so my dad, but just give your money to buy your sunscreen suit, even made Chanel perfume envy me! "" you pretty good, and your aunt gave you 2000 yuan repairing clothing cosmetics? I was 300 dollars, or my mom! "Ningning said, grabbed Zhangsao:" Mom, give me to buy a set of clothes, right? you wear PORTS, I buy a set of Chanel head office, right? "Zhang Sao some embarrassing looked at her daughter: "Ningning, Chanel suits, how much?" she heard her daughter said Mian Mian 2,000 dollars heart on home equipment fees in Ta. Mianmian smiled and replied: "Auntie, this indefinite number, you have a few thousand million, several hundred dollars cheaper girl series in general is a few hundred dollars!" Zhangsao ingratiating watching her daughter: more anxious Ningning mother out did not take too much money, now about left 600 dollars, the price will buy you, okay? "her life no longer have children. in any case she would try to narrow and daughter relationship Fortunately, she is now a month to 1,500 yuan wages also meet some of the requirements for her daughter's need be daughter is happy! Ningning satisfied smile: "Yes, my mother work very hard, have the right to buy, not suitable not buy!" She was just showing off in front of their classmates mother how hurt she just did not produce find count let Zhangsao really buy her! Now Zhangsao told her with so much money, so she really quite unexpected, Does the mother said she made a more than 1500 yuan really nanny? There as employer's foolish? Several people went to the Chanel store shopping for a while, eventually bought a set of 600 girls skirt Mian Mian, and Ningning buy a 500 yuan skirt, two people buy a satisfying clothes, feeling very Happy bounce out of the mall. Ningning mother gave my welfare, also earn full face. The mood is very good, the mall doors looked at the time, is already more than 22:00, then concern and asked: "Mom, so late, how are you going back? Do you want me to send you Canada Goose Langford Parka Outlet?" Zhangsao Longlong loving daughter amount before bangs: "Ningning, Mom ** friend let her driver for her mother to come, the drivers have been waiting a mother first you sent back, and then to go home!" Ningning excited looked Zhangsao: "Mom, really? mom you really let me surprise!" Ningning first did not mind her mother gave her bangs rope to the ear, the image of the father of her face is somewhat narrow forehead pear shape, so do not particularly like the forehead exposed. Silly girl! "Zhangsao affectionate hug hug for better and for worse, in this moment, she felt that her daughter become so good, the daughter of former cold only know to learn, whether she used any way related to her not close! It seems the daughter into this Mianmian not unrelated, just way to talk to, she already knew, Mian Mian from Shanghai, father and mother jointly operated a computer company to do wholesale brand machines and compatibles, his family was good Mian Mian and Ningning belong to 98 second class of the Department of Finance, bunk beds, enrollment know, a few days to get along, the two children became good friends. "For better and for worse. Mianmian to!" Zhangsao said Lakaichemen, two children went up first, she sat down the black war next to the copilot position: "Mr. Black, to keep you waiting, I am sorry! Black war smiled: "all right, little princess gave orders, Zhang sister do not have to thank me!" poked Ningning Mianmian sit down: "Ningning, your mother ** friends can be really rich, which is BMW's latest car, my uncle had this car, my dad can envy! "Ningning whispered:" is not it? expensive this bike than my father's Santana 2000 how much? "this car , you can buy the car of your father ... "Mian Mian Then just count: about 7-8 cars, maybe more than this number, more!" ah? "Ningning spit tongue:" I am old ** friends kinda money thing! "thought, poking sitting front of her Zhangsao:" Mom, you change the location it! "Zhangsao dissatisfied with a take a look at the daughter:" Why, you do not sitting in the back of a good to accompany your classmates, naughty what? "she attempts to meet the daughter, but the car is a little princess, and I heard the black war black just brothers Mr. Fang driver and bodyguard for the little princess, please status than she can must be high, she will not be so arrogant as to think they can be commanded black war. "Mom, Mian Mian said this car is particularly expensive, you can buy my dad car for 7-8 cars I want to experience the feeling, I sat by my father's car to take the co-pilot position has always been!" Ningning spoke gently The pound pound black war: "The driver brother stopped the car and let me sit in the past to try it, okay?" Ningning! ...... shouted "Zhangsao gas. Black war did not say parked down Ningning happy to get off came to Zhangsao next Lakaichemen, she sat over there is a purpose, listening to black war mentioned previously little princess, she suddenly thought from the telephone heard that tear down mom **, my mother called little princess, since this is the arrangement that little princess, she'd be able to talk to him two. The condoms the truth. "This girl is really disobedient!" Zhangsao said, embarrassed look black war: "Mr. Black, I am sorry to trouble you!" Black war waved his hand and did not say anything, although he Zhangsao practice do not agree with. Little princess confessed he give Zhangsao face, which he did it wants! Is Ningning sit closed the rear door red black war smiled: "Black President, Hello, my name is Sun to Ning lets you today on the outside for so long, I'm sorry!" Black war drove deadpan: "Nothing!" Ningning black war attitude somewhat full, but in order to satisfy their own curiosity, sweet smile and asked: "Mr. Black, you and your little princess is the relationship?" black war aim Ningning one: "This is your relationship?" Ningning choke the half-day did not say the words to the big moment Samsam said: "No, I'm just curious." There are some things or not curious good! "said the black war looked cold Ningning one, it lacks a good impression on his Zhangsao daughter, his mother as a caregiver, she has lived such a life of luxury, too naive a. "Oh!" Ningning had to shut their mouths, she now is regret and Zhangsao of adjusting the position, knew the black war is so boring, she and her mother will not transfer over it! The truth of the matter did sets out (on her level want to "set" black war then? Silent ......), also for no reason savagely training to know the identity of her mother, chaos, and others may not dare talk back, in case the her mother ** identity leak, shameful or her. Listening to talk back in full swing Mian Mian and Zhangsao of Ningning regret it, in case the mother, then to slip of the tongue, leaked the identity of how to do? Suddenly her heart like a mess Timberland Mens 3 Eye Shoes! This case was about to enter the mall parking a car on a middle-aged woman with the car at the bright light to see Ningning was sitting in the car a look of chagrin of color, then pinch pinch his driving bit on the middle-aged man: "Monkey, that's not Ningning it?" This little girl, just go to college a few days to find a boyfriend, and does not look wrong Ningning! "middle-aged man talking open high beam The car in front of the steering wheel stuck in a dozen black war. "Ouch!" Ouch! "Ouch!" "It Do not want terrible?" Black war looked low car three rubbing the head of a woman scolded loudly, pushed open the door and get off just saw drilled car a middle-aged man: "how do you drive? prepared to die?" warm requirements pink! mid, and parents who have the votes would be awarded to efforts codeword warm, warm mother there are still about five days may be discharged this will be found, to warm will add more chapters to follow. warm seen today told pro (of course, self-seeking pink down the number of words are not money reassure parents), is they looked reality the brain remnants there drops! that can be naughty uncle's daughter came in 4:00 hospitals, awakened by the warm, listening to their conversation to know, uncle, and his daughter-in-law wanted daughter dig hospital expenses ( I do not eavesdrop, they said I had to listen to), his daughter said meter money, the rent must be borrowed, and that she Yantai Mayor friend birthday, she is only 1,000 yuan, to take gifts (his head and warm, the mayor will 1000 see the eyes?), then dawn Everybody get up after the uncle's daughter began to loudly show off her open Accord car, notebook and then deliberately laid out before then two mobile phones placed in a foam mat on the ground floor, next to the notebook, and started blowing special blow her to go to Shanghai Beijing go local travel quarreling noon and forthright to buy delicious _ pretenders, I no language, and that it is only 1,000 yuan dry it? 36-year-old woman! brain damage Think of this person, do not think that the brain damage after parents who saw in the book! 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