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March 25 [Mon], 2013, 9:45
Cap. 515 see consonance bell, the Liang Xi seems to be really angry, and Xue rain the coagulation suddenly face the wronged. To see Xue rain condensate expressions, Liang Xi suddenly surprised a moment: "Grandma, look at her like how did seem to me to bully her?" You idiot, so fierce you what to do! "Xue rain condensate mouth flat, hand out arms took out something toward Liang Xi lost. Saw a shadow coming, Liang Xi hand catch. A cool palm, at the same time came the burst clear and melodious ringtones. "What is this thing?" Liang Xi curiously begin a glistening yellow bells. Liang Xi thumb length size of the bell, pudgy and looked very cute. Liang Xi held it to his ear gently shook his burst jingle bell sound coming from the bell, though not as wonderful song, but also gives a refreshing feeling. "This is the bell ah stupid." Condensate lying on the bed of the Liang Xi Xue rain feebly against Liang Xi explained, "bells you first in her power to Akira toward the front, and then back Kozo, and then left Akira , and finally the right Akira looked. "" This is what to do? "Liang Xi carrying bells asked, puzzled. "You did before and I'll explain it to you, fool Fuxin Han Xue rain WHITENING Liang Xi an," Are you afraid I hurt you? "" I'm afraid my son. "Himself beam eve, in accordance with the Xue rain condensate that order around, shaking, murmuring: "one thousand three hundred fourteen?" heard Liang Xi Xue rain condensate inexplicable look tight, but saw Liang Xi goes and nothing happens, she suddenly lift the heart fell down, sigh Road: "ah yes, you have to get that done yet?" listening to the melodious ringing in the ears, Liang Xi nodded: "Well, now you can tell me what this is? also Why do you call me a libertine, to know that I'm your savior, if I had not, you would have to be double-headed old ancestors raped and murdered, killed after rape, edge rape and kill a "Xue Rain condensate Staveley Liang Xi, then disagree, then smiled and clapped his hands and said: "The bells you from now on, every day, not at the waist, not allowed to throw it away, even if it is dinner bath toilet, also must be hung in the waist." Why? "beam Xi looked Xue rain coagulation jumped from the bed to go to their waist plug grabbed his hands bells past, strange asked. "This is me all the way to bring to your gift, you do not like it?" Liang Xi has been in Dodge, Xue rain condensate looked up, blink of an eye blink play delicate and charming authentic. Xue rain condensate Liang Xi understanding is weird, hot temper, and now she was obediently Qiaoqiao cute, suddenly the body cells are mobilized, Big World ears. "Conspiracy, there must be a conspiracy!" Liang Xi Look around, ready to monsters may appear a fatal blow. See Liang Xi warily Look around, The Xue Rain condensate strange and said: "What are you looking for?" "I'm looking for pubic hair." Carefully after scans it did not find any problems,Nike Lebron 9, Liang Xi restore this normal, Xue rain condensate said. The Xue rain condensate Pooh a bang, the bell hung in Liang Xi waist and tugged sure you do not fall, this: "Remember what I say, the future, no matter what the time, twenty-four hours must worn on the body, and if you did not then. "" I do not follow suit how are you? "Liang Xi under looked Xue rain condensate," in addition to the chest than I, ass than me Alice, other than too I? Xue rain condensate is not ignored Liang Xi molested suddenly faces the prospect of hung his head and said: "Liang Xi, the next I asked you the question you must seriously answer Oh, I tell you, the bell called consonance bell." heart have a meaning? "Liang Xi fingers pinching bells looked carefully and found the bell engraved below a very obvious symbol, symbols like missing half the way, this is a pair of bell?" ah! "Xue rain dignified focus head,air jordan uk sale, face full of smile, "Liang Xi, I want to start to ask you questions, you should seriously answer, the answer goes, I will give you a reward." "and so on and so on! "beams the eve of a walk away interrupted Xue rain coagulation of, then asked," Are you not say this bell have one pair of this? still one do? "See Liang Xi suspicion underground survey her, Xue rain condensate simply importune them:" Your first answer the problem, the answer is over I'll tell you. "Xue rain condensate lying in the bed, leg stretched straight, slightly mentioning skirt, exposing part of delicate white calf and ankle. Liang Daguan people secretly pharynx saliva, nodded and said: "Good, you say hello to the. Xue rain condensate of eyes blinking little stars, watching the Liang Xi Road:" Liang Xi I ask you, you also remember my sister does not? " your sister? smelly Ah - the SIT Yurou? why I will not remember? "Liang Xi Xue rain coagulation asked strange," I am old and not to old can not remember the others name it! "" I did not meaning. "Xue rain coagulation hastily waved his hand and explained," Now you remember why you came Sang Qu River so long, did not think about my sister? does not write her a letter? "" what? how do you know I do not think, in fact, the name of their understanding before I sleep every day people to read, in particular, say, in alphabetical order. "Liang Xi Mozhuoxiaba interesting like looked Xue rain condensate. "This girl asked these questions is what does that mean? Did not know the cause others Lenovo? If others hear, maybe thought your sister crush on me." Hsin Tao Liang Xi. "Really? Why do you not write?" Xue rain condensate obviously does not believe Liang Xi just said. "Hey lady, you know do not know how busy I am here. Internal I want building our houses, grow food to appease the villagers, foreign, I would like to deal with the all-pervasive robber, side occasionally appear they reveal busy to dawn to take a break almost every day,Jordan High Heels Outlet, you see my arm. "Liang Xi spoke his own with a splint clamped arm lift to the coagulation of Xue rain, continued:" months just robbers siege the tomato the city practically destroyed, the other more than a dozen people, particularly ferocious they reveal my broken arm is not good. boggling every day, can not wait to own divided into two so that where there is time to do things write so show love, Miss, you really thought I was on holiday? "not people robber Legion Well -" see Liang Xi yet healed arms, Xue rain condensate not help believe Liang Xi, but many small voice suddenly: "You're a cheater, simply do not know my sister how much I miss you." "What did you say?" Liang Xi aloud. Xue rain condensate voice suddenly smaller, almost like the sound of mosquitoes, Liang Xi slightly surprised a moment of God under is not even hear. Xue rain condensate see the beam eve face filled with questions, suddenly, the gas does not play a: "dead libertine you are really on purpose!"
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