Hank is not only one of the prisoners

March 22 [Fri], 2013, 18:15
Naturally, it is not full of wonders and Uesugi qianhui relationship framed relationship that the two most only hostile relations. But, when full of wonders carefully from the Uesugi qianhui that truncated arm wrist at the sight of that brass bracelets, he immediately found both size that bracelet, or on the pattern and Hank dying entrusted to their own bird identical. So, no odd heart surprised, this suddenly remembered Hank deathbed during last words. "Little brother,Nike Jordan High Heels, if you get out, if they can one day see my long-lost granddaughter, hope you can this thing handed her hands, and this is my only wish, hope you can help me finish , "with the voice sounded minds, full of wonders as if they see Hank in his arms, only this saying half on Qijueshenwang screen. In fact, at that time, no odd does not mind too much of this thing, because he did not think he could have the chance to meet Hank's granddaughter. Hank is not only one of the prisoners, and the strength is not very strong. And ordinary people has been very strong, but this is already reached compared to the master of the realm of a master, or worse too. Plus Hank died did not disclose who his granddaughter is why he will be separated from and granddaughter, so do not feel odd help was on the other side. Of course, it may Hank would say, did not have time to say. Of wonders bracelets income in the hands of Hank, in fact, the more accurate, just to commemorate Eisenburg who laid down his life to rescue his friend. He did, to remind ourselves every moment, do not forget Hank. But for Hank, he would have died at the hands of the crowd kill ninja. Even if he can come back from the dead, and can not go all the way now into bumps in the road, and setbacks, but eventually he succeeded to save the life of the partners, and to resolve the crisis. This is full of wonders has been well maintained Hank bird brass bracelets real reason, but also he impressed the only reason of this brass bracelet. However, from Hank killed the moment, no odd intend never to this thing as a secret, buried deep in their own hearts,Jordan Son Of Mars Sale, forever, forever. However, just now, he stared find, the Uesugi qianhui Brokeback wrist also has a brass bracelet. At first glance, he looked not what it feels like, after the second eye, he immediately stunned. After a moment of silence, immediately minds like a sudden bolt of lightning general, there has been a company of his own some could not believe the idea. Do this many times and caused themselves to death, they even do not know the name of the Kunoichi, is the the Hank of long-lost granddaughter? No odd smile. If it is true, not to mention others, he can not accept the fact that the first. But can not accept, but he still have to save each other. Because he wanted to find out, the the Uesugi qianhui bracelet, and in the end is a young age, she went with her, or She later obtained from other sources. This is the key thing, so the the Wizards first time choose to save each other. But he did not expect, he just heal the Uesugi qianhui tongue reconnect on the other side just because of recovery breath, open your eyes, and have not yet had time connected to the other arm, Uesugi qianhui eyes of just a loss of color, thrown up immediately rich extremely Nuse replaced. The next moment, she simply ranging odd questioning eyes tightly stare wonders, then mouth again a heavy one to just fix a good tongue and biting down. Then, her eyes over the pages, just restore the weak breath all of a sudden like clouds dissipate completely. It all comes to fast, no odd was about to stop, but it was too late. So helpless without odd only sigh soon after, repeat the previous action, the other connected to the tongue. However, this time, in order to prevent the other wake up again to bite tongue suicide, he had just one the Uesugi qianhui tongue cured stuck his index finger and thumb on the first time, the layers of a button in each other's cheeks. The after Uesugi qianhui woke up, it really can not bite tongue suicide again. But her eyes tightly staring wonders more and more concentrated gaze of the eyes of contempt and hatred intertwined. Although the mouth is no odd hold down the cheeks unable to speak, but also can not be closed, but inwardly are immediately Yungong asked: No odd acoustic of wonders! What do you want? No odd surprised a moment, his face suddenly emerged surprised colors echo Road: Oh? Do you know me? Hmm! How could you not recognize. Known today fall on your hands, you abuse, when I should have listened to the master's command you cut to pieces fishes! Abuse? When did I say to abuse you? I obviously save you. Save me? Hmm! That is really beautiful, do not think I do not know what you have done those acts. Her Royal Highness will like you, she just a moment to look at missed it! Wonders, listen Uesugi qianhui even say anything, the other, then he heard the more baffling, heard the more confused. No odd fear of the other endless on this tangled quickly acoustic, interrupted the Uesugi qianhui acoustic, said: This topic aside temporarily. I do not want to go on and argue with you. I just want to know who is the master in the end you just said? Is not Balk? Hmm! I said no, then, to find an excuse to change the subject. Of wonders, you really let me down, and even did not recognize the courage of their own crimes. Want to know me who the owner? Do not you just kill me! Better. If so, then we make a deal how? Transactions? The Uesugi qianhui heard this, his eyes suddenly emerged in the color of the deep doubts Echo asked. Odd gently nodded continue acoustic Road:. As long as you answer my next few questions truthfully, no matter what your answer, as long as the true, and I for you to cure the injury, and then put you to go back and Zhu Liya, you see, how? You would be so kind? God can be seen! Then you come to the hands off you so, I am very hard. Better. See the deal, under no odd heart of a hi immediately let go. He was just going to calm and dialogue with each other, and he suddenly found, Uesugi qianhui look suddenly changed, his eyes suddenly flashed two appalling cold. Upon seeing the inner panic and immediately had a premonition that something of wonders. Sure, almost just out of his hand while the other cheeks, Uesugi qianhui, immediately Hanmang flash, shot the first time on their own, did not want killed several killed successfully, but at the moment the past in their own right close goals. However, Uesugi qianhui just a Yungong, he suddenly found that his injury is not only heavy, and the atmosphere was restored a little bit, only part ninja knife missing, can not think in general, such as heart shot. A Mindful of this, the Uesugi qianhui face again a change the eyes of Hanmang instantly replaced by a deep sense of sorrow. But she did not cry, just deep remorse looked to the distant Zhu Liya, while inner acoustic Road: Sorry, Her Royal Highness Princess. Chieko today it appears unable to complete the task! The Chie Sorry master and His Royal Highness Prince exhortations only dead apology. Acoustic finish this sentence, the Uesugi qianhui color of the eyes of sorrow suddenly swept away in favor of the eyes look to pull off the wonders Leng Heng said: "wonders! Do you think I could easily believe what you say? Hum! Although I do not know what you want in the end What the hell, but I absolutely will not let your machinations succeed. want intelligence sets out what you want from me, dreaming! "voice of landing an instant, I saw Uesugi Chieko the mouth a pick, his face instantly thrown a trace of contempt for and proud of the coexistence of the sneer, her mouth suddenly one, both eyes at the same time a closed immediately necessary to bite tongue suicide again. And, not only that, her mouth at the same time, parts of the body the bones as if suddenly fragmentation in general, "bang bang" issue Cui Xiang. No odd Uesugi qianhui know this time, the real thing. She not only in front of their own tongue biting himself, and also blew died, did not intend to give any chance to save her. However, the other side of the speed is still too fast, he even reaction far more than ordinary, and the other the distance is so close, but to then shot extremely accurate to withhold each other's cheeks are still too slow. Thus, the wonders of the heart suddenly anxious like fire, and sometimes I do not know what to do. However, he is after all the mind extraordinary facile imagination, just thinking about the moment, the minds immediately flash. The next moment, wonders eyes suddenly light up, but soon his heart immediately embarrass them. How to do? If they did, it would certainly be stricken deeper misunderstanding. However, they have at the moment there is no other way to stop her, her eyes closed, even if the Eye with hypnosis can not do anything now. If I hesitate, then eventually really even her body is not found, then continue to wait, and so only to never be able to make up for the regret and regret. Unable to manage so much! I do! Ultimately, no odd finally make Sense and Sensibility into selection. At this point, the Uesugi qianhui open mouth seeing should close, blew a prelude to "pop" sound instantly expanded more than double, no odd seeing this, apart from anything else, immediately leaning forward suddenly under a rushed, hurried Uesugi qianhui acoustic: Do not! ! ! At the same time, he ranged the Uesugi qianhui mouth completely closed, and the first to step up blocking the mouth. The next moment, when the lips tightly touching when odd is the first time to put his tongue out into the other's mouth, simply not care if he did, Uesugi qianhui, will instantly own tongue snapped together, he and Zhu Liya together to learn the technology on its own, and Uesugi qianhui to once affectionate and extremely tongue kiss. Perhaps is Uesugi qianhui tongue is too soft, fragrant and natural body comes out of each other and too intoxicating sake. At this moment, no odd was just thinking rely on this trick the other opened his eyes, the first time to display their hypnosis Eye hold each other, but unexpectedly he has not stabilize Uesugi qianhui that he had been the first step Uesugi qianhui The body naturally exudes a unique body fragrance, jade generally soft, cool lips, and that just opened,Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses, although surprised, but fascinating eyes fascinated.
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