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Originality within the same state, away from the the Official Road more than a decade in the jungles of the north shore of the Weishui, Luyuan Zhi, cattle vigorously just experienced a life and death fight hero, is reclining on a tree trunk exceedingly rest, the silk clothing brethren everyone debilitated, four Xiangfu guards also kill became blood gourd, armored leaves the gap where the blood has not solidified, with his own blood, and more is the blood of the enemy! This four year edge the Army jīng sharp, dressed in the double heavy armor bloody fights, Thorein the power of the sword into the body of heavy armor is not deep, the fight in time and try to avoid the body vital body has been dozens of creators, just off the battlefield on the near-collapse, silk clothing and brothers they pack to come back ō.ńéτ alone Zhebie led by six Mongolian warrior on horseback battle when I do not know how many bow pull,Air Jordans V, and lift up sword rush ahead to grab four guards armed with a knife, it is still bows looked jǐng quit, the the stocky broad body seems never bored. The an the silk clothing Academy holding bladders Gulp Mengguan, finally punched a burp contentedly noted that Mongolia warriors this point has not dripping dip, they embarrassed bladders handed over: "Zhebie Brothers a drink of water. "with Qin Lin arm, but the silk clothing Academy can not quite think much of this gang of" Mongolian Tartars had experience alongside bloody fight in naturally different. Zhebie look at the shriveled down bladders, grinned chuckled: "Anda, I thirst, first to make the injured brothers Drink Men Mongols used to hunger and cold, 23 days without food or drink can also boil down. "Mongolian warrior force of resistance to war deserved reputation, they get used to the harsh environment for the survival in the grasslands, to drink the ice and snow, hunger meal of raw meat, day and night Quchi around the clock, are unusual things Seoul. The silk clothing Academy startled by startled, and then they punch pound Zhebie chest laughed: "You animal! Your friends pay fixed it!" Yin Bin supplier Upon seeing secretly nod. The Zhong Guan school previously followed Qin Lin northward Guihua. Maneuvers off. Beiting, conversations inevitably see the Mongolian warrior light, the Mongolian warrior rule the roost in fact beyond the Great Wall is definitely not luck. At least that boil the strength to fight, and even the Frontier Force jīng Rui also more than keep up with it. The rampant north of the Great Wall of the string people, Tomoto control, two hundred thousand, all yellow Daikichi. It can be really a scourge of the Great Ming, the Qin Lin willing to take the odd risk Runner Jiangong, assistant into this powerful enemy, there really is not the world's outstanding service. "Mr. Yin Yin," Luyuan Zhi shouts interrupted by thoughts of Yin Bin, fat just slow breath, sweat are not dry, it grabbed the shoulder of Yin Bin. He kept urging: "Qin brother can not leave! Let's turn back to find Qin brother Nyaya! Old Tulv call a, he was covered in iron and can play a few nail!" Cattle vigorously also bite the bullet. Leaning Bin iron Broom stick to stand up. The dark stick body stained with foul blood, brains and unsolicited viscous liquid, becomes the the terrible Zihei sè. Said also poor. Living in District the two decades No. combat power of Puzhou this metal matrix,Jordan Flight 9 Sale, Qin Lin pieced together, both own silk clothing and brothers also the Mongolian warriors headed by the Xiangfu guards, Zhebie, Zhang Zixuan brought, non-system is Qin Lin identified only one, so he strictly everyone must obey Yin Bin provider conductor in the case of his absence. YIN Bin the supplier thought, but slowly and firmly shook his head: "can not go back, go back is to re-shoe the danger, we already lost the initiative, with On this vote and they can not Yingpeng ......" you! Lu Yuanzhi the angry, fat face, muscle twitching, a Yin Bin provider folder neck mentioning again, spittle Star Direct Injection: Qin brother over, Weed old Tulv kill him, you want to kill Qin brother ?! fat Lord kill you! "let go! is only more than 20 people, is a self-contained military, being warned of Qin Changguan letter re-granted Yinmou commanding the right, surnamed Yin is an Army coach you dare Ling forced coach, a Israeli law discretionary "Yin Bin provider eyes coldness Senleng terrible forced to seize the Luyuan Zhi momentum impressed mouth ho ho gasped, and eventually let go and release him. Yin Bin suppliers God sè moderate some one finger toward the west: "White Lotus main counterparts, Qin Zhangguan will be able to flee danger, we need to do now, not go back in vain to get killed, so Wade the Holiness concentrate kill Qin Executive, but to chaos of their mind, scrambling its action, played the role of containment to coordinate Qin Changguan successfully get out! "How to coordinate? Lu Yuanzhi and cattle vigorously all too familiar with an open mind. The providers from Yin Bin in the 10 janissaries XiaoWei, pick a morphology Qin Lin vaguely somewhat similar, and ordered him to change disguised as Qin Lin looks like, and then they re-embark with the state government in the north of the Official Road, horseback riding east The ran. The gang twips riding clothes soaked with blood, almost everyone Injured Along the way, whistling Benz, I do not know how much business travel pedestrian look in the eyes of each Canaanite endless. The Lu Yuanzhi also know that the practice of Yin Bin is correct, but the total can not help but look back frequently West Gu, after all there is Qin Lin and hoarfrost escape direction! "Mr. Yin" Luyuan Zhi eyes with Aiken. "Surnamed Yin was convinced Qin Changguan safe, not only is the Evil leaders in his side, but also the situation today rì Qin Zhangguan otherwise rely Yin Bin provider looked Mongolian warriors on horseback broad the back thoughtfully ... Yin Bin suppliers large at no material wrong, after all he is not martial arts, fine at it slightly different, and now something is not Qin Lin, but White Lotus main emergency. Evil leaders imposing directions, like a weak woman like soft without depend on soft volts the Qin Lin back, never as proud and high-spirited, such as Swan neck, soft droop to his shoulders, ice face pale, pair of eyes, so many rivers and lakes hero, cold heart gall bladder is gradually fading away. Qin Lin in both hands hoarfrost China thigh, summer rì, hot dress thin, and his skin is no different, to speak, at the touch delicate creamy the hoarfrost Chinese chest two groups nephrite Wen Xiang is also close to his spine, and even can feel the touch two points cherries. But Qin Lin carrying a live sè of aroma beauty tip hearts but did no blasphemy intended, but anxious foot deep shallow kick through the thicket, the hoarfrost China injury looks too serious, serious have to let him jumpy, wished he could have sustained internal injuries behalf the Qin Lin Dangxia beat up, the body instead ...... just hoarfrost China risking his own life, to hold his speeding Yuandun the flee Wade Holiness chase, overdrafts of more than twenty years ordered to pay repair xìng Yuan Qin Lin is not silly, of course, know that she is doing more than just to fulfill Duyue. Behind the distant cries came: "said the old man, the Rebels Qin Lin collusion Evil leaders, captured First Shangyin million two, with the activation of the money beauty official position to pick any!" Bite, do not go Rebels! "surnamed Qin, do not run it, Wade Holiness in this, you get away!" the Weide His Holiness is not in the forefront cease, but far behind, a small division of House caravan over one hundred escort name, amount toward Nima headed dozen Tests showed he needed the tie On Jinding Temple, the second generation of younger brother, each led ten escort cast search, who found Qin Lin and hoarfrost China, will report to flag spend rocket jǐng, Weed His Holiness will rush ahead toward that direction in the past! This measure of net catch Tiger, Weed His Holiness is really a set of. Qin Lin Xinsi rotation pole, see the other chase momentum guessed Wade Holiness intention Pooh a cry bitterly toward the ground: the grass his grandmother, Wade the old Tulv I do not know where is, bias is less division gang the House the Han jiān of dog slave thrust with the butt behind, not old bad luck! Hear was feeding the sound, he not only did not stop, but add speed, negative hoarfrost China Jixing forest. Zhou Yi Can Tong Qi Qin Lin physical than average better fills, carrying a long Benxing individual thick, followed by another pursuers, too tired to his severe breathing foot deep shallow kick marching Jinian blight Jixing sticks and dry leaves, I do not know how many times tripping over tree roots stones can every time he would prefer to throw a mouth eating mud should China Guzhe Baishuang, let her knock bumped. See hoarfrost China time not a word, the Qin Lin Sutherland heart of a tight, he turned his head to see the look, she saw Zhenshou leaning against his shoulder, eyes closed, long eyelashes quivering, seems to have been unconscious . The Qin Lin distraught, quickly shouted: "guru sister, woke up, something woke up! Let's go to the doctor, the old will not let you have something!" "Call me Shuanghua" frost Chinese Didi replied, gently open eyes open eyes of Ice and Fire intertwined, but a deep sense of attachment,Oakley M-Frame Sunglasses, such as iceberg-like face of indifference, but also with a rare blush. In fact, her injuries did not imagine serious can fell on the shoulders of Qin Lin, speak, has never been so weak no one to depend so dependent on him - hidden beneath the cold mask, after all, is a frozen over twenty years daughter heart ah! "Today's tragic, they might we need to do on The Eternal Love" Qin Lin see hoarfrost China woke up suddenly joyful, smiling jokingly even Kuzhongzuole, squeezed her delicate and gentle thigh. The hoarfrost China but Ce Zhaotou stared he looked: "so much the better." Hey, the leader of the sister you can not take it seriously, right? Qin Lin frown, look at the momentum is not good, and quickly change the subject: "how your injuries?" "I did not think of the Weed old Tulv actually excel at six cycle," hoarfrost China mentioned martial arts, suddenly jīng God pick The bitterly quite dissatisfied, "You put his Bai Yulian spend to me, excel at of the Bailian toward rì magic the ninth goods lotus, afraid of him! holy church, magic is abstruse, now find a place to exercise our powers to heal as long as , I will be able to recover ... "Here. The hoarfrost China resentfully, quite unwilling, Weed the Karmapa xianwei chase Naken left her healing recovery time? "Not necessarily, Yin Bin provider that guy should think of a way of" Qin Lin recruiting time short, but he never suspected Zhang Zixuan vision. Unwittingly, the cries came from behind gradually low down, and then farther away. Qin Lin and hoarfrost China invariably laugh ... to be continued
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