pvc sheet application in the decoration

September 27 [Fri], 2013, 9:55
Plastic decorative sheet is impregnated with resin or resin material as the substrate , the use of certain production processes into a sheet having a decorative function . Its light weight plastic decorative plates , decorative, production process is simple , simple construction, easy maintenance, suitable for use with other pvc rigid sheet characteristics of composite materials obtained in the decoration works more widely used.
Plastic decorative sheet according to different raw materials can be divided into plastic -metal composite panels, rigid PVC board, melamine laminate, glass plate ~ pvc sheet polycarbonate lighting board , plexiglass decorative panels, composite sandwich panels and other types. According to the structure and the cross-section can be divided into flat , corrugated sheets , solid shaped broken panels, hollow profiled broken panels , lattice panels, sandwich panels and other types.
Rigid PVC sheet is mainly used for rigid PVC board siding , roof peaceful roof . There are two kinds of transparent and opaque , transparent panels are PVC -based material, mixing pvc clear sheet plasticized criminal , anti-aging punishment, by extrusion and molding . PVC board is opaque to the substrate, doped with fillers, stabilizers Jing , pigments , etc., by kneading , mixing , pull tab , pelletizing, extrusion or calendering and molding. Rigid PVC sheet can be divided into sections according to their flat , corrugated sheets and shaped panels.
( 1 ) Tablet
Rigid PVC flat smooth surface, bright color float , no distortion, easy to clean. Waterproof , corrosion-resistant , but also has good workability , sawing, planing, pvc board drilling , nailing , commonly used in interior finishes , furniture table decoration. Common specifications for the 2000mm X1000mm, 1600mm × 700mm, 700mmX 700mm , thickness of Imm, 2mm and 3mm.
( 2 ) corrugated sheets
Rigid PVC wave plate is a plate with a cross-section of various waveforms . This waveform section can increase the bending rigidity , but also to the waveform distortion by the cross section to absorb large expansion and contraction of PVC . Its waveform waveform size and general asbestos cement tiles, colored steel pull other identical waveforms to be pvc foam board used in conjunction with its necessary .
Rigid PVC wave plate has two basic structure, is a longitudinal wave plate of sheet width of 900 ~ 1300mm. Length is not limited, but in order to facilitate transport . Generally up to 5m, another wave plate for the horizontal width of 500 ~ 800mm, a length of 10 ~ 30m, because of the smaller lateral dimension , and storage can be supplied in rolls . Thickness of the sheet of 1.2 ~ 1.5mm.
Rigid PVC corrugated sheets can be any color , commonly used are white, green and so on. Transparent corrugated plate transmittance up to 75% to 85%. Colored rigid pvc film corrugated sheets can be used as wall decorations , especially the balcony railing , window decorations and wall between simple architectural roofing . Transparent PVC wave plate can be used as light-emitting flat . Transparent PVC wave plate because length is not limited 11N, appropriate lighting made ​​arched roof, in asking no seams , water tightness .
( 3 ) shaped plate
Rigid PVC shaped sheet has two basic structure shown in Figure 10.3 . One is single- shaped sheet , and the other one is a hollow shaped plate . Single cross section pvc sheet shaped sheet forms, generally square cross, so that clear lines facade . With aluminum buckle similar were made ​​on both sides of the groove and insert edges. Waterproof seams can achieve the purpose , but also to cover fixing screws. Each profile side fixed , the other side into the flexible connection . May allow a certain lateral deformation to accommodate lateral thermal expansion . Single shaped sheet – like a width of 100 ~ 200mm. Length of 4000 ~ 6000mm. pvc rigid sheet Thickness is 1 . o ~ 1.5mm. pvc film Shaped hollow grid plate is profiled bi book , the kinds of plates have closed due to internal air chamber , so there is an excellent heat and sound insulation properties. Meanwhile, the thin-walled spatial structure also greatly increased rigidity. Flat or single sheet than it has better flexural strength and surface dent resistance ,
Rigid PVC profiled plate surface can be printed or composite pour all kinds of imitation wood, imitation marbled decorative geometric patterns , good decoration,
And proof , smooth surface, easy to clean , simple installation , commonly used for wall and ceiling panels humid environment .
( 4 ) lattice panel
Rigid PVC lattice panel is rigid PVC plate in an oven pvc board and heated to pvc clear sheet soften the chopsticks in vacuum , using an air pressure difference board hard board suction molding . Then spray cooling stereotypes , and then by stripping, dressing made ​​of three-dimensional rectangular plate .