extra-2 What is Love? 

2005年07月11日(月) 16時57分
  What is “Love”? This is an eternal theme that human beings continue to consider. I think “True Love” is a situation where no one suffers from a lack of mutual communication and, at the same time, we support each other in every way.

  “Love” is what makes us happy and comfortable. Real love is not a question of self-satisfaction, but of mutual satisfaction. “True Love” is taking care of what will happen for relatives when we communicate with them and not do what makes them depressed and hurt.

  It is common sense, but difficult to put in practice naturally. We, human being, are not perfect. This incompletion being would tend to lose mind. As a result, sometime we make crucial fault in every situation, even for our partner.

  To resolve on this failing, I mean through continue to live with partner, we should always take care of partner’s mind in line of common sense about human relationship. Lastly I want to remark one, we should never drift our mind in any situation whether united with blood ties or not. Whether bloody tied or not, human being has an emotion, value and heart.

extra-1 TANABATA 

2005年07月07日(木) 15時48分
In Japan, July 7th's twilight is called "/TANABATA/" (in Japanese written as 七夕 ) , and we Japanese people pray our own personal favors to the night sky by hanging strip of papers written notices to bamboo grasses.

It seems that this event become as traditional thing of Japan. Surprisingly I revised my recognition about TANABATA during research of this topic! Since A.C.763(or more previously) TANABATA would be held as something shrine ritual of imperial family!, however, basically factor of this event, praying to lustrate the ugly vice to Gods named TANABATATUME, is oriented to China!

The day is annual meeting of one god couple, KENGYU and SYUKUJO. You couldn't get what I explained, but it is easy understanding tale when I apply both 2 gods to 2 names of astronomic objects. KENGYU is Altair and SYUKUJO is Vega.

Yes, in China(also Japan), July 7th, the day of annual meeting of Altair and Vega, have been used as the measure to the season of agriculture!

Both of that old traditional way for agriculture and old Japanese ceremonial to TANABATATUME was carried as present TANABATA(legendary once-a-year rendezvous of two stars in the Milky way), just praying human dreams soaking in the romantic embellished story of HIKOBOSHI and ORIHIME(Altair and Vega).

I hope that this peaceful tale would heal our emotionally hamstrung minds all over the world.

Love and Heat with Imperturbability, Tomohiro.


2005年06月30日(木) 15時14分
As I introduced at CAWM, I love comic

I don't care the genre, I read comic for boys, girls, young and midle guys and even children


Using this blog, I recomend Japanese comics for ROM (read only members) from tomorrow

long time blank. 

2005年06月28日(火) 10時44分
Hello again, how do you do?

I'm fine, so fine!

I'v had a job

From where?

(Do you know? This is one of the biggest cosmetic and total beauty company in the world.)

So, I was released from the stressful and future-blind stituation

From now on, I start to post the article continually
Well then, see you tomorrow

The First Memorial Entry☆ 

2005年06月18日(土) 6時50分
good morning(at Japan, now)

good afternoon(if you look at this page in the afternoon...)

good evening(if you browse this widow in the evening...)

good night(if you want to fall asleep...)

I wanna sleep...

this is the first memorial entry, but now I'm sleepy...

then, I'd like to enter decent one the next time

just keep your fingers crossed for what I could dream a beautiful dream

OK, have a nice weekend
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