summertime guys 

July 13 [Sun], 2008, 12:55
Itz been quite an itz like already.
6months, 2 seasons til 19th bd.
itz so like summer.
the words dont seem to gush now..

String Springs 

April 04 [Fri], 2008, 2:17
ya know
start dash
smash from the trash

ready for that
dont wanna be late


The Last Orzy Class Org. Party. 

March 18 [Tue], 2008, 1:22

Hey dude, tz up?
Had class party today all at sudden.
Would curse it 4ever..anways
twas sort of fun& sort of boring.
&the only reason for I decided to go was
coz twas the last one.
last one. Sounds great?

Ate monjara.
Nasty but yummy.

I prinked up like a bastard.
Kinda for bois u know, I mean I servred for em.
just as thy do for all.
ya.. txe was thr br
don't think ez my target anymore somehow.
&in'it sad as hell?
I mean you've been having crush on him for 8months,
& found twasn't a real 'love'!?
Gosh struth, gimme a break for godamn shit face sake.

Reckon am in luv wiz yuta.
br izit okay on earth?

Yeah yeah ah
went to karaoke as well as hell for 2nd one.
I mean the party-after-the-party.
only 3girls attended to that& around14boys attended.
Bois are mopre ambitious& enthusiastic.

Sung "Holiday" live ver.
Awe cool. Super wonderful. Rock Star.
Shined like a silver lined sparkling.

one-forth of the guys were stunned
one-forth of the guys were gutted
one-forth of the guys were shocked
one-forth of the guys laughed or liked it

I'm a offcial 'Shocker'.
I've gotta 'Gap'.

Here you go
thr's a RIOT!☆

I go my way.
I go the way I wanna go.
&tht's the way it goes.
&tht's the thing all I get all I want.

Here comes Spring Vacation.
Ya know. Ya gotta plan& follow.
Get your dreams.
Take away all your dreams.
What are you fucking living for.

wow, yeah.
Reminded tht I went to PARCO before we
gather infront of hiloshi.
'twas awesome.
I mean the new 'Hysteric Glamour'

wut can I do?
I can't help my desire.
It's now outta my controll again& again.
Wanna have them so bad.

Didn't feel so lonesome.
Guess I made quite right decission after a long time ago.
At last?
Ya know what?
I talked to txe:

-wasn't it cold?

Hey man, that's why I can't. aw.
Just laugh it off.
It's over.

It was such a shiny fresh spring day
that somehow made me so sad.
& don't wanna talk about today anymore.
That's up all I gonna say.


February 22 [Fri], 2008, 23:52

Wanna wanna go to NY♪ Hell yeah I'm gonna gonna
I will pass the entrance exam and go to BKL!☆
Massachusetts Life what I have been dreaming.
It ain't far from here!誓


January 09 [Wed], 2008, 1:55

Went to Sch, ha?
Could xpedate the work somehow.
B'r t's not the thang am gonna really tell ya 'bout.

Met txe...yeah met him
Guess he at least likes me than any other girls!!
Love was in the air, I could feel that! Knowing it only in my mind.
He makes me happy. He always gives me hopes.
I'd love to say so much thanx with a biggest hug he's ever had(!) lolz

Ych was there also, the one beated me, but not anymore.
Chemistry tears me apart, falls me apart.
w'y can it be so mean to me?

Anyways he at least likes me coz he passed near me
like a cat a really cute sweet cat.
&We really belong together...
We hung our swanky foppish coats next to next.
B'r still can neither see nor read his xpression on his fascinating face..
Know it's really negligible, it's kinda trifle, b'r I sometimes wonder
if he does even reallise my exsistance?
Am I on your mind? Do you think about me all the time?
Bet you gorgeous, nah...not lolz!!
Or maybe....baybe....

I heart him. xx
Not so deadly than I used to?

An I heart whatshisname. xx
He kinda looks like him on this pic somehow.
Makes me wanna scream so loud.
Makes me blush pink& tickle me pink to death.
Coz you know what?
He's super cute as him.
Yeah... boys, you guys drive me crazy,
crazier than any nuts than anything elses like the craziest nuts.

Guess am so in love....!

Er, shiiiit, you saw her, you saw him, right?
Guess they 've ever gone out together or
have they lost their virginity?
Also he's NOT my type FUCK all for FUCK sake!
B'r don'tcha think tht the megabitch changed a bit like
as if she's a girl, the way she looks apparlently,
none of my business, but the power of love or whatever.
B'r he hasn't changed at all in contrast to her.

So the funiest thing!! Here comes!
You remember, one day you prinked like gorgeous bastard like
the buffest girl in the whole school,then
you know A asked me if I've got the one, or I'm trying to pick the one.
I mean a boyfriend.
I was nearly damn puked when I recalled about that.
Seriouslly I cracked up to myself!
I really wanna get the one though... lolz

&wanna get some undies...hell yeah
Started to see the thangs from boy's view point,
b'r can't help goin' my way& that's probably the way goes...


Daredevilkin xx

Party's Over 

December 22 [Sat], 2007, 0:10

No why I should be with you
Only if I didn't play the devil's advocate
Why did I have to twist it& get it comlicated
Where I guess got it so wrong
Got no sympathy with me
But I can't comprehend the way you guys went

Guess I estimated so high
Are we the only ones didn't go
Oh c'mon now
why did I have to be so nasty
why did I have to be so disgusting

If your arms were where I belong
That I can be with you
Or only if I could chill out& chit chat
Being able to be so comfy with that
Was that that hard to set the thing like that

If my hands were in your pocket what
you feel so tickling& put some warmth in
Or only if I could make the things happen
I would ever been with you&
Got it with you

I didn't mean to regret&sink in miserable excuse
Sounds nothing but like my crap pride
Why I couldn't look around
Before I get lost
Got apathy in my mind
But I still can't comprehend the way you guys chose

I'm walking the empty street all alone
Under the skies where there're nothing but stars
With nowhere to go

There's no sign of hope but not for so long
I sometimes even wish you'd get off from my head
But I'm nothing with that
You're in my mind

If your arms were where I belong
That I can be with you
Or only if I could chill out& chit chat
Being able to be so comfy with that
Was that that hard to set the thing like that

If my hands were in your pocket what
you feel so tickling& put some warmth in
Or only if I could make the things happen
I would ever been with you&
Got it with you


November 25 [Sun], 2007, 20:00

Y? (Why?)
VK(系)っすから --。

Sunnyday under the heavy cloud 

November 04 [Sun], 2007, 14:20

Nth'z goin on&on...
I'd better off that way to get the better way.

2channel was quite reliable anyways(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!),
Now I regret why I didn't try to memorise the answer for Christ's sake.

Wonder wtf the guys doin' 4now...
Hell, well, am gonna try to get with em.
B'r how cum the place went so wrong?
I don't give a damn coz if I really do,
it's just gonna be a waste of time+
pathetic excuse.

Reckon I can do 'em up coz I've done 'em in my dreams.
Yeah, am gonna take it easy so snappy

De raison why I'm so A.A 

November 02 [Fri], 2007, 18:31



I hate it when the fucker try to inhibitt my super wonderful riot.
They are more than idiots, they've simply got no brains!
Megabitch! how loathsome they are indeed!
They'd better off dead anyway.
The troble is they don't even know that I more than hate them.
How I wish they were dead!

&It's not problem that I sure as fuck gonna win the grand prix of "fuckmiss2b",
wherther or not, just let it be me!
Hell yeah I AM the one MEANT to be.
I'll take the lead can't you see!
I've got my voice to raise!
Coz I'm fucking filthy gorgeous!
I'm smarter&witty than any of those shitty fuckers,
I know I can do much more fuck better!

Hell yeah dunno.
I miss the guys, but I'm gonna work it out, make it alright.
Space is no that trouble for you.

If I write fuck keisai page now,
the rankings gonna be like;
Who I really wanna kill,
The real pain in ass,
Someone better off dead,

&the paramator's gonna be,
bitch120% and else10%
for sure.
I hate the megabitches, they're totally nothing but wrong!
& I found the reason why I can so get along with the gorgeous guys
among the girls.
I'm quite boyish, nice, funny and all.

It totally sucks when it comes to.....
this fucking.....ew!

I just wanna have a friend right over here by me
someone's got poisonous charactor
just like white polka dots spots on the black& cute as a red shining
strawberry with a bit of cream or maybe an apple or cherries
& listen to me, or so.

I am truely hard-core.
You can never stop me,
I'm gonna go my way I want to go,
& tht's the way life goes, as I want!

I'm promise God, never gonna compromise.

My Sweet November Only 1month to finish A Year 

November 01 [Thu], 2007, 23:03

Hello Fella...!

Today was the worst day I went through hell
I wish I could remove it from my mind
Two months away from you but I couldn't tell
I thought that everything was gonna be just fine

The postcard you wrote
with a stupid little note
Something wasn't quite right about it
It smelt lke a cheap perfume
and it didn't smell like you
There is no way you could get it around it
Because you wrote

I wish you were her
You left out the e
You left without me
And you're somewhere out there with a

Hey hey psycho babe
I haate you why are guys so lame
Everything I gave you
I want everything back but you!

You know how goddamn bogus dubious bustard eez...
His eyes itself just tell that he's so fake, the shine inside,
he smells like a lie. Hey you remember;
Real eyes realise real lies
That's when I realised about it.
He totally looked like an fox from that angle I peeked
& that got shivered me thru. Coz I could read that eez sly as fox in a flash.
He's so lame he's the onr to blame...
Yeah he's gotta sin. He gets under my skin.
He acts like a heartbreaker but looks so stooooooooooooooopid,
hey hon, don't make a fucking ass outta of goddamn yourself, moron!

But here's big trouble.
He's fucking phoney whereas fucking horny.
Seriously, It sounds psychedelically ludiculous, I know for that,
but he REALLY is.
Yeah, trouble.
He's nothing but a trouble

I see that look in your eyes
It tells a million lies
But deep inside I know why
You're talking to them

I know what you're all baout
I really hope she figures it out

He's one of the boys, nothing but trouble
Just one look, and now you're seeing double
Before you know it he'll be gone
Off to the next one

He's so good that you won't see it coming
He'll take you for a ride and you'll be left
with nothing
You'll be broken he'll be gone
Off to the next one

We recently had lousy goddamn change seat for fucking hells sake...
& here we go
the seat, the scene, the space,
'twas so nostalgic& destolated...
'twas so lousy& lonely...
The space became more insane& insecure,... God, save me.
I miss horinho so much like hell.
I actually luv him so everyone does, cor I miss him.
Strange melancholy pervaded me.
But but but
Here I recognize it as a trial that would help me to leap& fly.
Yeah, you can never ever defeat me, you can neverget the fuck rid of me.
I know my life's full of chance.
I just can't waste all these& those.

But here's he's my dead cert.
I love him.
I just can't hold back an force or so.
What are you waiting for?
He might be expecting for a riot for his super funky happy fabulous youth.
& it's me it's gonna be me. I'm the right one for you.

Er I just can't hold it back.
I have no time for loocking back coz I'm faster than the speed of time.
Yeah, goddamn weekend again.
I just wanna ask him out with me.

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