CNC Punch Press Machine For Work

March 23 [Mon], 2015, 12:04
CNC punch press is a term used in metalworking, it is the process of creating a hole in a workplace by using a punch press machine. The punch press pushes a punch into a die creating the desired hole. When the punching takes place the scrap known as a slug is pushed out into the die where it can be discarded, reused or recycled. The most common material this is used on it metal an is actually the cheapest method of creating holes in high or medium production where sheet metal is involved.
C-frame Inclinable punch press/power press machine/press machine
The punch is usually made from carbides or hardened steel and it works by the press forcing the metal punch in to the surface of the material workplace and creating a hold, the size of the hole will depend on the diameter of the punch. Different diameter punches are available and the excess created from the hole falls into a container to be disposed of.

Punching can be done manually bu hand but more than often it is now computer numerical controlled (CNC punching). A computer gives instructions to the machine plotting where the holes must be punched. This is all done automatically and does not require human supervision. CNC equipment is becoming more and more popular with metal work due to its precise accurate results.