Fukien exports shoe Qi to get to measure a body to make to order a low carbon environmental protection of shoe label

July 04 [Mon], 2011, 11:47

Recently, convene at the river of
Jin of shoe environmental protection label and shoe industry low carbon economic
special subject seminar up learn of, recently, the national shoe examination
center cooperated to save the shoe industry export base board of trade and
southern Deutsche group in Germany and reached three parties agreement, will
measure a body to make to order a low carbon environmental protection of shoe
aiming at Euro-American laws for exported shoe Qi in Fukien province label.

Negotiate according to the three parties, Fukien province will lead into
international authority in the grounds, such as Pu farmland and Jin river...etc.
examination southern Deutsche group in organization Germany, establish
examination to order, the large shoe Qi can examine nearby,But the West View
parent handbook is silent on Chapstick, though it does say medicated lip balm
requires a medical form, much like other over-the-counter drugs that children
might need at school. The letter Boyd received, from white lacoste
, simply said, "Do not send Chapstick or cough drops to school with
your child." after passing the reviewing that a series match the rules
international standard test and factory, the shoe Qi will acquire related low
carbon label.

The shoe industry is Fukien province important of
traditional exit profession, export near 30% that shoe occupied a whole country
export total amount,Since there are many kinds of air max
wright shoes
in the market, you are highly recommended to learn about the
difference of the replica one and the authentic piece if you are going to buy
one of high quality and formed gathering of several big shoe cluster to produce
area, among them Jin river with produce athletic shoes is lord, the Pu farmland
mainly produces athletic shoes and travels shoe, some peripheral area counties
take the production export sandy beach slippers, plastics shoe as a lord.