Gasol brothers majestic twin towers

September 18 [Sun], 2011, 17:38
Spanish style, sort of like the Lakers in 2009: Gasol brothers majestic twin towers, but not agile; Pau Gasol to play within its gorgeous bobbin coordinate; attack ten steps consummate skill to kill one thousand miles without leaving line shooting guard (of course, different styles and Bryant Navarro); poor anti-pick and roll and dribble; pass with brilliant-cut and small, when the world Mo enemy.

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France's routine, the basic U.S. team in Europe. Defensive end did not stop the extension of delicate precision and rotation, but strong anti-single, edge attack, a large number of rotations; the offensive end is often within two or three things all around an inner dynamic attack, or sudden points, or singles, in short, adaptable , match the in NBA, the Nuggets bench on a little of the large ones in 2009: Parker's breakthrough Bartum the raid, Dior and coordinate flexible pace, and even dare to play around and singles NOAA, Graham Bell, Pete Ruth (microblogging) are waves.

So in the end, this may be a European army VS American Legion showdown. France in the past were not good, not because of lack of talent. They always have a large number of NBA players for the beck and call, but less understanding. This year's strengths, the tactical layout properly: these wild horses bolted to the opportunity to make their dynamic offense and defense. Semi-final played in Russia, is set at such a mistake, domineering hijacking, the AK47 and Bike Fu who stick up. Today, to meet France this NBA Attack of the Clones, Spain is the last bastion of.

NBA Civil War:

Rudy Fernandez might want to place Bartum. Just two seasons ago, they both still work together for the Portland 3-bit output.

NOAA and Pau Gasol may not place, but as a team inside their own trump card, basically the two of them on behalf of their team's strength of character: Gasol's a goodly gorgeous, ferocious tyrants, defended by NOAA.

Of course, the deepest enmity and Pau Gasol brothers, or Tony Parker. Paul and San Antonio not to mention tired after years of war, and Parker, Marc Gasol was just four months ago to send a black eight.

Super guard vs. MVP level:

Semi-final, Spain were once Macedonia stalker. Mike Culler stronger than the sudden, Andi Qi turned Zhundiwaci the coordinate, has been bitten by the third quarter to score, then Navarro played: a Kobe-style horseback archery record pointers, a record rea London-style cut-pointers, to solve the problem. On the spot, Navarro 35 points. The other side, Parker 22 points for Russia.

Two of them are style poles. Navarro had and Manu Ginobili, Luis Scola, Ashcroft, maintenance, like Sri Lanka, climb to the pinnacle of pure skill, but he is pure European-style monster: supernatural empty cut swimming, signs of right-hand man projectile, bomb like three-pointers, the top two-guard suddenly points, the perfect fusion of the team. And Parker is more like an American product: ball, break, even in the NBA is the top European-step layup.

Navarro Parker If there are points and basket ball sudden destruction, if there Navarro Parker empty cut and long-range? Peak of the two guards in Europe, yet the coin has two sides.
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1 / 4 finals and semifinals, Navarro H under 61 minutes total. If Spain win, he has great hope to become this year's MVP. Of course, Parker into the final with France is legendary. If Parker can win with the French? MVP naturally people want to do the second. In fact, in addition to Paul Gasol, the little people They can be the MVP of the competition in this European Championship.

Europe's first defender, who is the current MVP, European-style swimming long-range VS American-style basket, remains to be seen in the final.
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